Fitness Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!

I wanted to write a post about my fitness efforts as of late.

In September, I decided to try getting back to running a little bit using my Bioskin Q Brace and taping my knee with KT tape. It definitely helped, but there were still some aggravation in the knee. I started using C25K to try and ease back into it. After taking so long off.. my ankles and legs HATED me. My legs felt so heavy and fatigued very easy. But the more I followed the plan, the better it started to feel. I soon found though that downhill really hurts and knocks my knee out of alignment. But uphills feel wonderful. I feel strong again and have zero pain. (Except.. that hills are killer cardiovascular wise.. and I feel like I’m running in sand, but zero pain.. yay!) I made it through week 7 of the 8 week program, getting to about 3 miles without stopping. But, my knee was starting to hurt more and more, so I backed off and didn’t complete the last week. This was about 2 weeks ago. I think I’m going to give it another week and see what I can do from there. My husband wants me to run the YMCA Turkey Trot with him on Thanksgiving.. I think that should be fine, and if I have to walk, I’ll walk.

In the meantime, I had my revelation that I wanted to take the 21DF more seriously, as I started putting on more weight. I realized that my workouts lacked structure. I was doing weight training, but I would skip days here and there, and I was having a hard time being consistent. I was keeping up with my HIIT training, following a Bodyrock 30 day challenge, but felt like it wasn’t enough cardio. (Although, I have to say, my knee was not bothering me so much when I did these workouts.. which was a huge plus for me.) I was skipping out on weekend workouts, giving into my laziness. I realized that it wasn’t really my will not to work up to my potential, but rather, I needed a program, a schedule.

In 2011 I was supposed to be in my cousin’s wedding. I bought a bridesmaid dress based on what I tried on in the store, but when it came in, it didn’t fit. It was the right size and everything.. and I hadn’t really gained weight in the few weeks it took for it to come in.. but it absolutely didn’t fit. I realized I needed to MAKE it fit. Around the same time, I found Sparkpeople. This website REALLY took my interest- it was a huge health resource and weight loss community. I’ve never seen people who were nicer and more supportive to people on the internet. I found a group doing a program called Supreme 90 Day. It was a P90X type workout program, without the P90X price. People were liking the workouts much more (because they were shorter than P90X) and were finding great results from it. I decided that I wanted to do it, and purchased it at Bed Bath and Beyond for about $20.

I followed the program to a T.. except for the eating part, because it seemed too far fetched at the time.. the concept of “clean eating” was new to me, and I felt like I ate pretty healthy and tracked my calories, so I was good. My results… fairly good!

S90D progression, Summer 2011

S90D progression, Summer 2011 (Sorry a little grainy.. but you get the jist)


Me fitting in the bridesmaid dress

Me fitting in the bridesmaid dress

I think I lost 7 lbs total over the course of 90 days. But again, I hadn’t really been following any kind of meal plan other than tracking my calories. So, I decided to use this program to keep me in a fitness regimen, and adding the benefit of lifting with heavier weights than I have at home by doing the strength training workouts at the gym. So I watched the first few videos, wrote down the exercises, put them into spreadsheets that I print and take with me to do my workouts at the gym. I do the cardio based workouts at home because they do not require heavy weights.. and my husband has even been joining in!

The schedule looks like this:

S90D schedule

S90D schedule

I’m on Day 20 as of today. I’ll do it later after work. Next week will be a little tough- we are traveling to NY to visit friends and family, and I won’t be taking my weights with me. I’m planning on bringing some body weight workouts I can do while I’m there to keep my strength and metabolism up, and then pick up where I left off when I get back (probably around D24).

In addition to S90D, I’ve been trying to work in my morning HIIT workouts from Bodyrock to give my metabolism a quick boost. Unfortunately, life gets in the way, and sometimes sleep is more important than doubling up my workouts. But, all this effort seems to be working, as I’m down about 8 lbs from when I started round 4 of the 21DF and the S90D program. I won’t go into too much result detail, as I plan to write a post after I complete the first 30 days, but I’m feeling pretty good lately.. and think I’ve finally found my way to my goals.. as long as I stick to it!


Motivational Monday: Get Back Up

I haven’t posted one of these in a loooonnnngggg time.. BUT… after my gym stand-down last week due to illness and, well laziness, and my sugar binge this weekend (not to mention all the other lovely indulgences I ate during a cookout on Saturday) I think I need a little motivation to get back on the right track.


So, yeah. What’s done is done.. and what’s important now is to get back into watching my food and getting in my workouts. It honestly could have been worse (I actually didn’t do too bad yesterday minus the sugary foods I ate), but it’s time to put it behind me and keep moving forward. I’m sure many of us working for a better version of ourselves have lapses in judgement.. we are all human after all, and life should be lived. But here’s to a better week!

Metabolism Test = Wake-Up Call

This past week I had an appointment with our wellness center at work to have a metabolism follow up done. The last one of these I had done was in November 2014. I was not happy with the results at the time and had to deal with the knowledge that my metabolism was pretty slow.. and I had to eat a painfully small amount of calories to shed weight. I tried that for a little while, but then Christmas came.. and Disney followed. Needless to say, Dec/Jan is not the easiest time of year to restrict calories. PLUS.. I began slacking/going light on my workouts because I was limited due to my knee injury. I did a post about a month ago about giving IIFYM a try, but I also made an appointment with the wellness center. It’s one thing to have calculators come up with your calorie needs, it’s another thing to actually have it measured.

SO.. knowing that I haven’t seen much scale change despite my efforts to being more careful about my food.. I went to my appointment begrudgingly.. knowing that I probably reverted back to where I was last Aug when I had my first analysis.

Well.. the results were a little worse than expected.

Metabolism wise…it decreased slightly. From a RMR (resting metabolic rate) of 1190 Kcal/day, to 1159 Kcal/day. A slight decrease that basically can be interpreted as staying the same. Unfortunately.. it also makes the results from the November visit more valid (ugh.. and here I was hoping it was all a fluke. Bummer.) Adding in a lifestyle (sedentary) count of 348 Kcal/day and the weekly average 66 Kcal/day for the 30 minute walk breaks I’ve been taking at lunchtime.. this puts me at 1573 cals for maintenance. YUP. My crazy slow metabolism means if I eat over 1573 cals/day.. technically I’ll gain weight. FUN. (And YES, that is what normal people eat when they are cutting calories.) Subtracting 250 calories from that number gives me 1323 cals. That is where I need to be eating to lose 1/2 lb per week (technically).

BTW.. in addition to this wonderfully slow metabolism I was blessed with… I also was born with a ravenous appetite. I’m pretty much hungry all the time. (Or think I am at least.)

And if anyone wants to buy me this shirt.... I won't complain ;)

No, seriously.. someone needs to get me this shirt.

Once I was all kinds of good and depressed by my metabolism results, we moved on to part two of the torture truth session- body composition. I stepped out of the space-capsule-like BodPod expecting some disappointing results… well, I got them alright. My body fat percent increased to 31.2%, and my lean mass decreased to 102 lbs. So much for being bloated.. it’s fat baby. I actually surpassed where I started in August, when I was 28%. Sigh. Damn this stupid knee injury.

My Metabolism test results

My Metabolism test results

My body composition results

My body composition results

So, I left feeling depressed, but also knowing that I really need to step up some things in order to get all this back down and beyond to reach my goals. I had said in a previous post that I wanted to increase my strength training. So far, I really haven’t. I’ve picked up my PiYo workouts in the mornings, and I’ve only been doing my weight machine circuit once or twice a week. I HAVE been walking during my lunch hour… so I made that positive change.. but walking alone is not going to get me where I want to be.

Reading up on it a little bit, I realize that I need to commit to lifting weights.. and not just the weight machines. I haven’t been able to do the Bodypump class I used to do because they were filled with squats and lunges- which I’m not supposed to do right now due to my bad knee. But there are plenty of other leg exercises that I can do.. and in fact, have been doing in PT that can replace those. I also can work my upper body like there’s no tomorrow. So I did a little research and came up with a new workout plan.

Monday- Legs (I usually go to PT on Mondays, which will serve as my workout.. considering that’s exactly what I’m working out… my legs!)

Tuesday- Yoga class & Back/Chest

Wednesday- Cardio, 30-60 minutes. I’ll probably do elliptical intervals for 30 mins and add in some cycling and incline walking.

Thursday- Arms/Shoulders

Friday- Legs again

Saturday/Sunday- rest and /or light activity

I also plan to continue walking at lunch for 30 mins (as long as the weather agrees) and doing the PiYo workouts in the morning. Eventually I want to transition to HIIT training in the morning, once my knee is doing better and can take the jumping and squats/lunges again. And of course, once I can start running again, I’ll have to re-arrange to accommodate that. It will probably involve 30-45 mins of running on Tues/Thurs and eliminating the second leg day… adding the long run, of course. But.. that’s still a ways away right now.

I sort-of started this week, although I couldn’t get to the gym on Tuesday (I went to a Poster gallery walk presenting the capstone research projects for high school students at the Science and Math Academy- a magnet program for gifted students through a local high school. I got to be a mentor to one of the seniors this year, who came and worked in our lab for her project. It was cool to see all the students’ work and to know we gave them an invaluable experience that they will be able to draw from in college and beyond. So proud of my student!) Anyways, I did PT on Monday, only PiYo and walking on Tues, cardio on Wed, and yesterday I ventured in the the land of the free weights for the first time and worked my arms and shoulders.

It was intimidating at first.. the free-weight area are where the big muscle head guys hang out to lift weights heavier than me, grunt, sweat, throw down their weights and drink from gallon containers. (Cue the I pick things up and put them down guy) I do see a few women over there occasionally, but for the most part it’s guys. BUT.. it’s not like I’ve never used free weights before or not know how to do the exercises.. so I just had to suck it up and do it.. and you know.. wasn’t that bad. Granted it was less crowded on a Thurs evening than say, a Mon or Tues, but mostly everyone kept to their own workout and didn’t really care I was there. Kinda like when people go to the gym for the first time.. you just gotta jump in, get your feet wet, and do your thing. and so I did… and my arms are SORE today. (Yay!)

I’ve cut my eating back too. I’m trying not to go over my 1322 allotted calories with a few acceptations… but trying overall to be under 1600, regardless of how much I burn in exercise. I’m also now eating in more of a 40/30/30 macro ratio.. or at least close to it. Today was my weigh-in day, and as I’m not surprised, my weight hasn’t moved. While it is a little de-moralizing.. it’s not and end-all be-all measurement of success, just a side effect.  Hoping my metabolism speeds up a little as I start building more muscle… but just going to do the best I can in the meantime.

Why can’t we all be pugs and just sleep all day?

Dopey Training Week 20


Week 20! The 8 mi on Sat was not checked off.. but I did that too!


This was a great week for me! In my last Dopey training update, I was mentioning my foot pain, my visit to the PT, my worries about it. All of that seemed to dissolve by the end of the week!

Monday I had a dentist appointment in the evening, which prevented me from getting to the gym, but I did get in a HIIT workout in the morning. Tuesday we were off for Veteran’s day. My husband wanted me to run outside with him, so that’s what we did. My foot wasn’t really sore, so I was thankful for that. We ran at random intervals.. following mostly a run with walking up hills. After my husband’s 30 minutes were up, I told him I was going to get in my extra 15 to make 45 mins. He decided he felt good and wanted to stick with me. So we both ended up running 46 minutes. (He’s getting so good at this ;))

Wednesday I finally made it to a kickboxing class. I thought I felt my foot a couple of times, but over all it was ok. Afterwards I did 3 sets on the new weight machine equipment. The coolest thing about them (besides being brand spanking new!) were that they had built in cup holders and towel holders.. some even had a little slot to put phones. I liked them a lot.

Thursday I made it to yoga, then hopped on the treadmill. I started to feel my foot a little bit running 4:1.. but not until the end of the run really, and there was no lingering soreness afterward.

Friday I woke up.. and my foot was sore. WTF. Really getting frustrated and worried at this point, because I was supposed to have double long runs over the weekend. I hadn’t run more than 6 miles since my last long run in mid October where this mess all started. (My 16+ miler at the Baltimore Running Festival) I iced it and it seemed to feel worse. I massaged it quite a bit.. and my husband pointed out that I hadn’t been doing my foot exercises lately and that maybe I should start doing them more regularly. I agreed, as I was thinking the same thing. I threw some Tiger Balm on it, which helped, and determined I would test things out on Saturday when I would do my first long run. I also found a Pin I had pinned to Pinterest before I started Dopey training, of this anti inflammatory cream on Amazon that had 4,330 reviews and was rated very high. I decided to order some (despite it being $20 for a 2 oz jar!) figuring it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Saturday, I ran my first long run. I started out with my husband- as he was scheduled to run 4.25 miles that day. I figured I would go slow (90:90 intervals) and get through at least the 4 miles and go from there. I put some more Tiger Balm on my foot and wore my new Brooks Adrenalines and headed out. The day was cold and a bit breezy, but nice and sunny. I found that as I ran the slower intervals, it kept the soreness from creeping in. I felt it a little, and it did get a little worse over time.. but overall, it felt ok. I started to believe I could get through my run after all.  After my husband was done his run (and he did and felt great!) I decided to add on a few miles. My goal was 3- 4 more miles, depending on how my foot felt. I continued on with the 90:90 intervals, and it seemed to be helping. I decided to go for it and finished with a total mileage of 8.02. I also didn’t feel worn out or too tired, which was good because I had to do my second long run the next day.

My new Adrenaline GTS 15's

My new Adrenaline GTS 14’s

Week 20 Long Run 1

Week 20 Long Run 1

When I took my shoes off.. my foot was pretty sore. I focused on stretching and did my foot exercises and it felt much better after that. I took a hot bath with Epsom salts and put some more Tiger Balm on it afterward and it was feeling much better. I decided Sunday’s run was a go, and hoped that it could go as well as Saturday’s had been.

Sunday I met up with Dawn and we started our second long  run. I was supposed to do 20 miles (after re-arranging my schedule to fit in my 10K the previous week) but there was no way that was happening. The last longer run I did was a month prior, and I had only been running sporadically since. So I set my minimum for 16, with hopes that I could hold out and push the last 2 for 18. We continued with the 90:90.. which I felt bad for subjecting Dawn to.. but she said she wanted to take it easy anyways because she was still nervous about her MCM episode. We finished the first 8 mile loop and stopped to stretch. I have to say, I felt my foot occasionally.. but for the most part, I had less soreness than the day before. We got 4 miles into the second- 8 mile loop when I decided to go for the whole 18 and we headed in the direction of our 10 mile loop. We stopped at McDonalds around mile 14 (one of our usual pit stops for bathroom breaks and water re-fills.) I was feeling fatigue in my legs, but my foot was still no worse off than before. I was starting to feel everything falling into place. I was starting to realize that I just might be able to get through this Dopey thing.

We finished all 18 miles in just under 4 hours. Although it’s very slow.. I feel like the 90:90 intervals will get me there. (and I’m still on target to PR.. lol which is not hard to do.. but this time I’m so happy to be able to do it without being crippled.. knock on wood.) I has started developing a pain on the outside of my left knee (most likely IT band pain) but I took care to stretch and massage the area. But I made it.. and my foot definitely felt better than the previous day.

Week 20 Long Run 2

Week 20 Long Run 2

When I got home, I found my package with the anti-inflammatory cream had arrived. The cream is called Penetrex. It’s supposed to be applied 3-4 times a day and relief should develop in 10 or less days. Let me tell you.. I’m pretty sure I felt instant relief. I walked around all day Monday without the hint of soreness in my foot (even after running 8 and 18 milers over the weekend!) I highly recommend this stuff.. it’s pretty amazing.

Total mileage in Week 20: 33.75 miles (7 hrs, 12 minutes of running!)

Total Dopey training Miles: 267.54

Week 20 Activity Report:


Week 20: Total workout time: 10 hrs 41 minutes. Cross training workout time: 3 hrs 29 minutes.

Cross training included 1 kickboxing class, 1 yoga class, 1 weight machine circuit (3 sets), and 3 HIIT workouts.

Dopey Training Weeks 13 and 14

Weeks 13 and 14

Weeks 13 and 14

Funny how things get away from you when you’re having fun.

Due to a small vacation planned for last weekend (when I was scheduled to run 15 miles) I did some schedule shifting in my training plan. I decided to switch Weeks 13 and 14 to accommodate a lighter training schedule while I was away. It didn’t quite go as planned.. but it served it’s purpose anyways.

Week 13 (aka week 14)

Tuesday and Thursday I ran outside with my husband. We did his 90:90 intervals for the first 30 minutes, then I finished off my extra 15 minutes at a 4:1 interval. Have to say the runs go pretty quick and smoothly this way. Either that, or the longer mileage is making my shorter runs feel easy. On Thursday it was a bit chilly and drizzly. The rain picked up a little while my husband and I were running, so I grabbed my water resistant jacket as I left the house for my last 15.

What it looks like when you train in the rain

What it looks like when you train in the rain

Friday I was scheduled to run 5.5 miles. I ran the first 2 with my husband (as this was his scheduled long run) and then I completed the last 4.5 on my own. I ended up being a little over, with 5.68 miles.

The original schedule had my long run set for 15 miles. I downgraded this to 14 miles to accommodate the lack of a cut back week. Week 12’s long run was 13 miles and without a cut back week, I didn’t want to jump 2 miles for the following week. Dawn had texted and said she had just gotten off of work at 4am, so she wouldn’t be running. Randi and Aaron said they would meet me for 14 after they had done 10. When I got to the trail parking lot, I had to wait a few minutes for them. I saw Aaron running up the street behind me, but he was alone. When he got to my car he said that Randi had pretty severe knee pain and would not be able to run anymore. When she caught up, her and Aaron apologized, but decided it was best if they went home. Bummer. I do not like to run the streets of our town alone. We have some pretty narrow roads we have to travel down.. some with very little shoulder, and we even have to cross the highway twice. Running passed businesses and intersections are a bit dangerous too, due to drivers not paying attention and trying to pull out into traffic without looking. We also run in some low profile areas, and I’d rather not give anyone looking for a crime of opportunity a chance. So this left me with two choices.. go home and try to run local neighborhoods for 14 miles or… run the trail. Twice.

Ah the Ma and Pa trail.. a bit of nature in the suburbs.. and home to some seriously wicked hills. To run the trail once is to suck all the energy out of you.. to run it twice.. well now you’ve jumped on the crazy train. It’s ironic though that this was not my first time running the trail twice… I had done it once before in my 2013 Disney marathon training- my first ever 14 miler. Back then, I also was faced with the challenge of running by myself for 14 miles. I chose the trail because it’s pretty safe, lots of (pedestrian) traffic, and was pretty much 7 miles even end to end. I remember getting back from my first lap thinking.. “I could just get in my car and go home right now..” but I forced myself to turn around before I changed my mind. By mile 10 I was in tears.

This time around, it was different. I felt stronger, although I had to really push my mental barriers out of the way the whole time. I finished the first lap and felt ok.. a little tired, but definitely not as bad as in 2012. When I got to 10 miles, I was fatigued, but knew I could push 3 more. I was ready to be done, but there were no tears. I kept calm and focused on keeping things slow and steady. I really welcomed my walk breaks.. and even rested for 5 mins or so around mile 10.5 (the end of the trail before heading back.) When I finished, I didn’t feel like collapsing.. although I really enjoyed sitting down!

Elevation chart for Ma and Pa trail (ran twice)

Elevation chart for Ma and Pa trail (ran twice)

So this experience was much better than the last. I wanted to compare my Garmin running stats with the one from my last 14 miler on the trail. The results made me laugh.

14 mile trail run comparison

14 mile trail run comparison

My time/pace was pretty much the same for both runs. Am I consistent or what!? I think what made all the difference between the two runs and how I felt, is the interval training. The first year, I did not run intervals (though I’m pretty sure I did have unscheduled walk breaks here and there). This just goes to show how the intervals work on making your perceived effort- and thus, your run, a little easier.

Dopey Week 13 (14) long run

Dopey Week 13 (14) long run

Total mileage in Week 13: 27.69 miles (5 hrs 27 minutes of running!)

Total Dopey training Miles: 181.43

Week 13 Activity Report:

Cross training included 2 kickboxing class, 1 Bodypump class, 1 weight machine circuit (2 sets),  and 4 HIIT workouts

Week 12 total exercise time- 8 hrs 47 mins (cross training only time- 4 hrs 24 minutes)

Week 13 total exercise time- 9 hrs 43 mins (cross training only time- 4 hrs 16 minutes)

Week 14 (aka Week 13)

I took Monday as a rest day, as running those hills at the trail for 14 miles kinda wore out the legs, and I didn’t want to kill them in a kickboxing or Bodypump class.

My husband decided to run early in the day before I got home on Tuesday, so I ended up going to the gym for the first time in a while. I finally made it to a yoga class, then set myself up on the treadmill. I ran my 10:2 intervals.. but man I really wasn’t feeling the run. I don’t know if it’s because I hadn’t been on the treadmill a while, or if it’s because my body was still recovering from all the extra running the week before, or if it was the longer intervals.. but my legs felt like lead. I stuck it out, but decreased my speed a little for the last interval. I finished feeling pretty drained.

Made it again to the gym on Wednesday and got through kickboxing and 2 sets in my weight machine circuit. Thursday, I ended up taking off half a day at work. We were leaving for our trip early Friday morning and I needed to get a bunch of stuff done before we left. I picked up a few things at Walmart, took Zeus to the vet to have his stitches out, then dropped him off at my mom’s so she could watch him over the weekend. hen i went home to do some laundry and pack. By the time we finished it was a little late to run or go to the gym, plus I was really tired from all the running around. So.. I skipped it.

Vacation was wonderful. I won’t go into a lot of detail, because I plan to write a post about it, but it was pretty great. There was a lot to do at the resort we stayed at.. including paddle boats on the lake, tennis, table tennis, a nature trail, billiards, and even just walking around. Being in the Poconos.. the place was pretty hilly. We had to huff it back up a pretty large hill just to get back to our room in most cases, so we were pretty much active the whole time. But I never ended up running. BOO me, I know. I felt a little sick on Saturday and Sunday morning. Plus we had other events we wanted to see/do, so we never really got around to it. Meh, call it a bye-week.. it happens sometimes!

Total mileage in Week 14: 4.40 miles (50 minutes of running!)

Total Dopey training Miles: 185.83

Week 14 Activity Report:

Cross training included 1 kickboxing class, 1 weight machine circuit (2 sets), 1 yoga class and 5 HIIT workouts. (And I know Sunday is left off the calender here.. but nothing happened and I didn’t feel like pasting the extra day.)


Week 14 total exercise time- 4 hrs 19 mins (cross training only time- 3 hrs 29 minutes)

Motivational Monday: Today is Tomorrow


I saw this last week and it struck a chord with me. In 2007 when I first started going to my gym.. I was tired, I was sore, and I didn’t want to go. It’s almost hard to remember what it was like when I had to convince myself to go to the gym. I do remember trying to talk myself in (or out!) of it, but I don’t remember how it felt to even question it. Now, working out is just something I do.. like hygiene. But one particular thing did click one day; I had convinced myself to go to the gym one afternoon, and I really didn’t want to be there. I realized that, yes.. it was hard. Yes, it was boring. Yes, it hurt. But it wasn’t going to get any easier. It hurt yesterday and I survived. It will hurt tomorrow, and I’ll still go. Today is tomorrow. today is yesterday. No matter what, this is what it takes. but if I gave up and just stopped, nothing would get accomplished. It just wouldn’t. So I trudged on. I survived yesterday, I’ll survive tomorrow too.. just keep putting one foot in front of the other and eventually I’ll get there.

So here I am.. and I did a workout yesterday.. and I did one today too.. and I’m pretty sure I’ll do one again tomorrow. Because giving up is not an option. No one can do it for me.. I have to do it.

Dopey Training Week 9

Week 9

Week 9

Last week was a little nerve wracking. Due to the discomfort I had been feeling in my right foot.. I cut back on my usual workout routine. My mid week runs were done on the Arc Trainer (elliptical) but I did do my long run, since it was a cut back week.

Monday, my foot was still sore. I did go to the gym, but I nixed my usual kickboxing and Bodypump classes and elected to do the seated weight machines. I usually do the weight machine circuit once a week (to get my two strength training sessions in) but they are not my favorite. I know that they are not as efficient for strength training as free weights (we use a bar with various weight combos in Bodypump) or HIIT bodyweight/resistance training.. but since I didn’t want to add pressure to my foot.. seated machines would have to do. After the weight circuit, I found myself an Espresso bike. if you are not familiar with these.. they are kinda neat. They have a screen on them and you choose your level and scenario. Then the bike is programmed to ride whatever scenario is chosen. There are many different courses to choose from all with varying distances and difficulties. I don’t usually do the Espresso bike (I would rather use the recumbent cycles due to a better/more comfortable seat) but I was craving something different. I managed to rack up 7.5 miles in about half an hour just playing with different courses (under the easy level.. I’m not a seasoned bike rider, so easy is my starting place) Overall I enjoyed it.. though I’ll reserve it for when I can’t do my normal stuff.

Espresso bike

Espresso bike

Tuesday, my foot wasn’t really hurting. I had some discomfort so to say, but I can’t really call it pain. I did yoga class and besides a couple of twinges here and there, my foot felt alright. I decided to try out the Arc in lieu of running. I chose an “Interval” setting to mix things up. A typical Arc trainer workout for me is 30 minutes with 4 minutes easy intervals, 1 minute sprint interval. Again I decided to try something new and play with the interval workouts. I set it to level 1 (not knowing what I was getting into) and it was surprisingly easy. The machine varied in resistance between 15 and 20 (I usually use resistance 30 in my workouts.) this made for an easy pace 45 minute workout that wasn’t too bad. Mileage came out to just over 2 and the calorie burn was about right. The foot felt ok on the Arc trainer.. There was some discomfort, no real pain, and I didn’t have to stop to get off before my workout was over, and no lingering effects afterwards.

Arc Trainer

Arc Trainer

Wednesday I decided to take a rest day. I headed over to our local running store to have them look at my shoes and see if there was maybe a reason for all the foot issues. They said my shoes looked fine, but they could tell I might benefit from some added support. The had mew try on some SuperFeet inserts the store carried and I was able to settle on the Berry insoles. Since they did not have my size in stock, (they had to get them from a different store location) I gave them my contact info so they could let me know when they came in. I got a call on Thursday and decided to stop in and pick them up before hitting the gym.

SuperFeet Berry insoles

SuperFeet Berry insoles

I picked up the insoles from the store, thinking I would try them out. I soon realized that I had to trim them, so I didn’t get to use them that night at the gym. I did a round of the weight machine circuit, then hit the Arc trainer again. This time I did level 2 for the intervals. The workout was much the same as before, some foot discomfort, no real pain. I wore my new shoes I bought from amazon to break them in a little and see if they made any difference for my foot. The shoes are the same brand and model as my other ones.. and while the older pair only have about 120 miles on them.. I wanted to cycle a second pair of shoes in so that I end up with two pairs for Dopey. That way I could alternate shoes and not worry too much about hot spots or rain soaking them and not having enough dry time.

My new Ravenna 5's (B-pair)

My new Ravenna 5’s (B-pair)

I met up with my friends on Saturday for our long run. The girls and Aaron had planned a 16 mile run, so I met them for the last 4. Poor Randi ended up getting sick and needed to stop about a half mile in, so she and Aaron left. Dawn and I ran our 3-4 mile course, and although I felt a mild discomfort pretty much the whole run, there was no pain. Took that to be a good sign. When I was normal walking, I felt nothing, but a little discomfort while running. I ran 4:1’s though and kept it slow. It was a cloudy morning, warmer than it had been, and fairly humid. I think not running all week had an effect, because it really wasn’t a fantastic run.. I just wanted to be finished and have breakfast already. Managed 3.75 miles in under 44  minutes.

Week 9 long run

Week 9 long run

I wore both my new shoes and the new insoles. Compared to the sock liner of the brand new shoe, the insoles felt rather stiff.. but they felt good while running.. so we’ll see how they do after a while. thinking about getting a second pair of insoles for my other shoes so I don’t have to keep switching them from shoe to shoe. I was also told that they should last through two pairs of shoes before needing to be replaced, so a second pair means these are the ones I’m taking to Disney with me.

Total [running] mileage in Week 9: 3.75 miles

Total Dopey training Miles: 100.27

aug 25-30

Week 9 activity report: Total running time: 43 minutes. Total cross training time: 296 min (4 hrs 56 min)