Motivational Monday: Get Back Up

I haven’t posted one of these in a loooonnnngggg time.. BUT… after my gym stand-down last week due to illness and, well laziness, and my sugar binge this weekend (not to mention all the other lovely indulgences I ate during a cookout on Saturday) I think I need a little motivation to get back on the right track.


So, yeah. What’s done is done.. and what’s important now is to get back into watching my food and getting in my workouts. It honestly could have been worse (I actually didn’t do too bad yesterday minus the sugary foods I ate), but it’s time to put it behind me and keep moving forward. I’m sure many of us working for a better version of ourselves have lapses in judgement.. we are all human after all, and life should be lived. But here’s to a better week!

Motivational Monday: Closer


I have something similar to this as my phone background. Never forget where you’ve come from and what it took to get there. Never forget how much closer you were to your goal than yesterday. do the work, follow the road. It’s long, but every day a bit closer.

Motivational Monday: Today is Tomorrow


I saw this last week and it struck a chord with me. In 2007 when I first started going to my gym.. I was tired, I was sore, and I didn’t want to go. It’s almost hard to remember what it was like when I had to convince myself to go to the gym. I do remember trying to talk myself in (or out!) of it, but I don’t remember how it felt to even question it. Now, working out is just something I do.. like hygiene. But one particular thing did click one day; I had convinced myself to go to the gym one afternoon, and I really didn’t want to be there. I realized that, yes.. it was hard. Yes, it was boring. Yes, it hurt. But it wasn’t going to get any easier. It hurt yesterday and I survived. It will hurt tomorrow, and I’ll still go. Today is tomorrow. today is yesterday. No matter what, this is what it takes. but if I gave up and just stopped, nothing would get accomplished. It just wouldn’t. So I trudged on. I survived yesterday, I’ll survive tomorrow too.. just keep putting one foot in front of the other and eventually I’ll get there.

So here I am.. and I did a workout yesterday.. and I did one today too.. and I’m pretty sure I’ll do one again tomorrow. Because giving up is not an option. No one can do it for me.. I have to do it.

Motivational Monday: Better Than Yesterday

This is a great mantra when you feel like you are doing your best and you are not seeing a difference. There are differences, even if you can’t sense them. Sometimes I like to peruse sites featuring before and after pictures (MotiveWeight being one of my favorites) just to gain some perspective and motivation based on the success of other individuals. It always amazes me when I read a story about how the person didn’t feel like they had made any progress.. then compared a recent picture to an older one to realize, they had in fact made great improvements. Keeping this mantra in mind will remind you that even though you can’t see it, doesn’t mean you’re not improving. You may be getting in extra reps, or can increase the weight. You might feel less tired on a run, and are able to run that extra mile. You may even be able to hold plank longer, or reach a new yoga pose variation. Whatever you do, keep going, don’t give up! You are better than yesterday.. and think how much better you’ll be in a week, a month, a year! The sky is the limit!

Motivational Monday: All About The Finish

Every Time!

Every Time!


So I figured that since I’m up and running again, I’d post a Motivational Monday pertaining to running.

Hard to believe, but I have a love-hate relationship with running. The act of doing it isn’t really the most fun in the world. Weather extremes, sore joints and muscles, new distances, early weekend wake-up calls, and endless hours of physical activity doesn’t exactly thrill me. BUT it’s how I feel AFTER I run (or exercise in general) that keeps me coming back for more.

The feeling of accomplishment, of renewal, the sensation that I just climbed a mountain (sometimes, literally lol) are all things that get me moving and out the door after work or early on a Saturday morning. A feeling of belonging to the running community- one of the most supportive communities you could ever find, keeps me moving when I feel like stopping. And of course, being able to eat that extra cookie helps too.

The act of running’s not all bad though.. I love being out early, before the rest of the world is awake and moving. The air is the cleanest and everything is refreshed from the day before. Everything is still and peaceful.

I never feel as strong as I feel at the end of my runs. I walk a little taller, I feel a little more bad-ass. It’s the biggest confidence booster in my arsenal, and it’s what keeps me coming back for more!

Next time you are struggling in a run, remember the finish, and how wonderful you will feel when your done!

Motivational Monday: 3 Months


Not seeing progress? Having a hard time seeing the forest through the trees? The magic happens when you are not looking. Don’t give up all your hard work and dedication.. think about where you will be in 3 months from now.. how all the hard work will pay off. Use that as your fuel to keep going. You may be stuck now.. but where will you be in 3 months? Keep going!

Motivational Monday: Look to the Future

Ever think to yourself.. “wow.. I wish I did such-and-such better two months ago” or “I really wish I could go back and tell myself to spend time doing this-and-that.. I’d be in such a better position than I am now.” Maybe if we all visualized how what we are doing right now might affect us one, two, three months down the line.. we might not embrace the little failures that makes us want to quit. This is the key to achieving goals. Focus on the end result, not how long or hard it takes to get there. Every step we take towards our goals brings us closer and closer. Setbacks are inevitable, but should not make you lose perspective. The time passes anyways, might as well make something of it!