Fitness Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!

I wanted to write a post about my fitness efforts as of late.

In September, I decided to try getting back to running a little bit using my Bioskin Q Brace and taping my knee with KT tape. It definitely helped, but there were still some aggravation in the knee. I started using C25K to try and ease back into it. After taking so long off.. my ankles and legs HATED me. My legs felt so heavy and fatigued very easy. But the more I followed the plan, the better it started to feel. I soon found though that downhill really hurts and knocks my knee out of alignment. But uphills feel wonderful. I feel strong again and have zero pain. (Except.. that hills are killer cardiovascular wise.. and I feel like I’m running in sand, but zero pain.. yay!) I made it through week 7 of the 8 week program, getting to about 3 miles without stopping. But, my knee was starting to hurt more and more, so I backed off and didn’t complete the last week. This was about 2 weeks ago. I think I’m going to give it another week and see what I can do from there. My husband wants me to run the YMCA Turkey Trot with him on Thanksgiving.. I think that should be fine, and if I have to walk, I’ll walk.

In the meantime, I had my revelation that I wanted to take the 21DF more seriously, as I started putting on more weight. I realized that my workouts lacked structure. I was doing weight training, but I would skip days here and there, and I was having a hard time being consistent. I was keeping up with my HIIT training, following a Bodyrock 30 day challenge, but felt like it wasn’t enough cardio. (Although, I have to say, my knee was not bothering me so much when I did these workouts.. which was a huge plus for me.) I was skipping out on weekend workouts, giving into my laziness. I realized that it wasn’t really my will not to work up to my potential, but rather, I needed a program, a schedule.

In 2011 I was supposed to be in my cousin’s wedding. I bought a bridesmaid dress based on what I tried on in the store, but when it came in, it didn’t fit. It was the right size and everything.. and I hadn’t really gained weight in the few weeks it took for it to come in.. but it absolutely didn’t fit. I realized I needed to MAKE it fit. Around the same time, I found Sparkpeople. This website REALLY took my interest- it was a huge health resource and weight loss community. I’ve never seen people who were nicer and more supportive to people on the internet. I found a group doing a program called Supreme 90 Day. It was a P90X type workout program, without the P90X price. People were liking the workouts much more (because they were shorter than P90X) and were finding great results from it. I decided that I wanted to do it, and purchased it at Bed Bath and Beyond for about $20.

I followed the program to a T.. except for the eating part, because it seemed too far fetched at the time.. the concept of “clean eating” was new to me, and I felt like I ate pretty healthy and tracked my calories, so I was good. My results… fairly good!

S90D progression, Summer 2011

S90D progression, Summer 2011 (Sorry a little grainy.. but you get the jist)


Me fitting in the bridesmaid dress

Me fitting in the bridesmaid dress

I think I lost 7 lbs total over the course of 90 days. But again, I hadn’t really been following any kind of meal plan other than tracking my calories. So, I decided to use this program to keep me in a fitness regimen, and adding the benefit of lifting with heavier weights than I have at home by doing the strength training workouts at the gym. So I watched the first few videos, wrote down the exercises, put them into spreadsheets that I print and take with me to do my workouts at the gym. I do the cardio based workouts at home because they do not require heavy weights.. and my husband has even been joining in!

The schedule looks like this:

S90D schedule

S90D schedule

I’m on Day 20 as of today. I’ll do it later after work. Next week will be a little tough- we are traveling to NY to visit friends and family, and I won’t be taking my weights with me. I’m planning on bringing some body weight workouts I can do while I’m there to keep my strength and metabolism up, and then pick up where I left off when I get back (probably around D24).

In addition to S90D, I’ve been trying to work in my morning HIIT workouts from Bodyrock to give my metabolism a quick boost. Unfortunately, life gets in the way, and sometimes sleep is more important than doubling up my workouts. But, all this effort seems to be working, as I’m down about 8 lbs from when I started round 4 of the 21DF and the S90D program. I won’t go into too much result detail, as I plan to write a post after I complete the first 30 days, but I’m feeling pretty good lately.. and think I’ve finally found my way to my goals.. as long as I stick to it!


Metabolism Test = Wake-Up Call

This past week I had an appointment with our wellness center at work to have a metabolism follow up done. The last one of these I had done was in November 2014. I was not happy with the results at the time and had to deal with the knowledge that my metabolism was pretty slow.. and I had to eat a painfully small amount of calories to shed weight. I tried that for a little while, but then Christmas came.. and Disney followed. Needless to say, Dec/Jan is not the easiest time of year to restrict calories. PLUS.. I began slacking/going light on my workouts because I was limited due to my knee injury. I did a post about a month ago about giving IIFYM a try, but I also made an appointment with the wellness center. It’s one thing to have calculators come up with your calorie needs, it’s another thing to actually have it measured.

SO.. knowing that I haven’t seen much scale change despite my efforts to being more careful about my food.. I went to my appointment begrudgingly.. knowing that I probably reverted back to where I was last Aug when I had my first analysis.

Well.. the results were a little worse than expected.

Metabolism wise…it decreased slightly. From a RMR (resting metabolic rate) of 1190 Kcal/day, to 1159 Kcal/day. A slight decrease that basically can be interpreted as staying the same. Unfortunately.. it also makes the results from the November visit more valid (ugh.. and here I was hoping it was all a fluke. Bummer.) Adding in a lifestyle (sedentary) count of 348 Kcal/day and the weekly average 66 Kcal/day for the 30 minute walk breaks I’ve been taking at lunchtime.. this puts me at 1573 cals for maintenance. YUP. My crazy slow metabolism means if I eat over 1573 cals/day.. technically I’ll gain weight. FUN. (And YES, that is what normal people eat when they are cutting calories.) Subtracting 250 calories from that number gives me 1323 cals. That is where I need to be eating to lose 1/2 lb per week (technically).

BTW.. in addition to this wonderfully slow metabolism I was blessed with… I also was born with a ravenous appetite. I’m pretty much hungry all the time. (Or think I am at least.)

And if anyone wants to buy me this shirt.... I won't complain ;)

No, seriously.. someone needs to get me this shirt.

Once I was all kinds of good and depressed by my metabolism results, we moved on to part two of the torture truth session- body composition. I stepped out of the space-capsule-like BodPod expecting some disappointing results… well, I got them alright. My body fat percent increased to 31.2%, and my lean mass decreased to 102 lbs. So much for being bloated.. it’s fat baby. I actually surpassed where I started in August, when I was 28%. Sigh. Damn this stupid knee injury.

My Metabolism test results

My Metabolism test results

My body composition results

My body composition results

So, I left feeling depressed, but also knowing that I really need to step up some things in order to get all this back down and beyond to reach my goals. I had said in a previous post that I wanted to increase my strength training. So far, I really haven’t. I’ve picked up my PiYo workouts in the mornings, and I’ve only been doing my weight machine circuit once or twice a week. I HAVE been walking during my lunch hour… so I made that positive change.. but walking alone is not going to get me where I want to be.

Reading up on it a little bit, I realize that I need to commit to lifting weights.. and not just the weight machines. I haven’t been able to do the Bodypump class I used to do because they were filled with squats and lunges- which I’m not supposed to do right now due to my bad knee. But there are plenty of other leg exercises that I can do.. and in fact, have been doing in PT that can replace those. I also can work my upper body like there’s no tomorrow. So I did a little research and came up with a new workout plan.

Monday- Legs (I usually go to PT on Mondays, which will serve as my workout.. considering that’s exactly what I’m working out… my legs!)

Tuesday- Yoga class & Back/Chest

Wednesday- Cardio, 30-60 minutes. I’ll probably do elliptical intervals for 30 mins and add in some cycling and incline walking.

Thursday- Arms/Shoulders

Friday- Legs again

Saturday/Sunday- rest and /or light activity

I also plan to continue walking at lunch for 30 mins (as long as the weather agrees) and doing the PiYo workouts in the morning. Eventually I want to transition to HIIT training in the morning, once my knee is doing better and can take the jumping and squats/lunges again. And of course, once I can start running again, I’ll have to re-arrange to accommodate that. It will probably involve 30-45 mins of running on Tues/Thurs and eliminating the second leg day… adding the long run, of course. But.. that’s still a ways away right now.

I sort-of started this week, although I couldn’t get to the gym on Tuesday (I went to a Poster gallery walk presenting the capstone research projects for high school students at the Science and Math Academy- a magnet program for gifted students through a local high school. I got to be a mentor to one of the seniors this year, who came and worked in our lab for her project. It was cool to see all the students’ work and to know we gave them an invaluable experience that they will be able to draw from in college and beyond. So proud of my student!) Anyways, I did PT on Monday, only PiYo and walking on Tues, cardio on Wed, and yesterday I ventured in the the land of the free weights for the first time and worked my arms and shoulders.

It was intimidating at first.. the free-weight area are where the big muscle head guys hang out to lift weights heavier than me, grunt, sweat, throw down their weights and drink from gallon containers. (Cue the I pick things up and put them down guy) I do see a few women over there occasionally, but for the most part it’s guys. BUT.. it’s not like I’ve never used free weights before or not know how to do the exercises.. so I just had to suck it up and do it.. and you know.. wasn’t that bad. Granted it was less crowded on a Thurs evening than say, a Mon or Tues, but mostly everyone kept to their own workout and didn’t really care I was there. Kinda like when people go to the gym for the first time.. you just gotta jump in, get your feet wet, and do your thing. and so I did… and my arms are SORE today. (Yay!)

I’ve cut my eating back too. I’m trying not to go over my 1322 allotted calories with a few acceptations… but trying overall to be under 1600, regardless of how much I burn in exercise. I’m also now eating in more of a 40/30/30 macro ratio.. or at least close to it. Today was my weigh-in day, and as I’m not surprised, my weight hasn’t moved. While it is a little de-moralizing.. it’s not and end-all be-all measurement of success, just a side effect.  Hoping my metabolism speeds up a little as I start building more muscle… but just going to do the best I can in the meantime.

Why can’t we all be pugs and just sleep all day?

10 Gym Pet Peeves


I have to admit.. I do read my Kindle on the cardio machines…

I’m being super Judgey McJudgerson today.. but I know most if not all you guys reading this have had some or all of these occurrences while at the gym/working out. I understand that I too have been the exercise newbie and didn’t know the etiquette or have the knowledge base I have now regarding fitness. But sometimes.. you see things.. and you are just screaming in your mind about them lol. Here’s a bit currently on my list…

1- The person who comes into yoga class and puts their mat next to yours and on the same plane.

I understand if it’s crowded and you have to be close.. but really? You can’t stagger your mat in front or behind mine? OR, you have your mat staggered, but choose to stand smack in the middle, next to me.. who is at the TOP of the mat like you’re supposed to be. No, I absolutely have no shame smacking into you when I bring my arms up pre- swan dive.

2- Bad Form

I’m sure my form needs to be corrected from time to time… but honey, you are not getting a full work out laying all over holding on to the treadmill as you speed-walk or run. You look silly… and you might hurt yourself.

Squats and lunges are fun to watch too…  and clean & presses.. you can always spot a newbie by their clean & press. What really gets me is the instructor tells/shows you how to do it (in Bodypump class) and they still do it wrong. Sigh.

3- Believing the calorie count the cardio machine spits out.

“I burned 900 calories on the treadmill today!” Um.. no you didn’t. I burn a little over 1,000 calories during a half marathon.. that’s 13.1 miles.. over two hours of running.. without stopping.

4- Women who come to the gym with perfect hair and make up, and gently stride the lowest setting on the elliptical.

It’s not a beauty contest. If you still look glamorous after your workout.. you were not working hard enough.

5- Poor wardrobe choices.

Pajamas are not work out attire. Neither are scrubs. Or jeans. And yes, you look stupid wearing a normal (brightly colored) bra under your boyfriend’s white wife-beater shirt.. which is too-small for you. OH, and let’s not forget the giant hoop earrings that are so big they sit on your shoulders.

I once saw a woman in cardio kickboxing class not wearing shoes. I think the instructor even looked at her and muttered “oookkkkkk”

6- Back to yoga… wearing socks.

I’m not talking the special yoga socks with the stickies on the bottom.. which I still don’t feel comfortable in, but go for it.. I’m talking the newbie who comes to class thinking they are going to not take their socks off. If everyone around you has them off.. take the hint.

7- People who wear those plastic “sweat suits.”

You will not lose weight wearing that. You will lose water. And dehydrate. And possibly pass out. Not to mention it’s really gross when you take it off.. and whatever pounds you seemingly lost you put right back on the next time you drink a glass of water.

8- The girl running next to you on the treadmill.. wearing Nikes.

*rolls eyes*

9- People who say they don’t want to join a gym because there’s a lot of fit people there.

Fit people got fit GOING TO THE GYM! We’re not there to admire each others “super fit” bodies (well.. most of us aren’t lol) and scoff at the unfit people! We’re there to work towards our fitness goals! I actually feel really good when I see heavier people at the gym.. I admire them for taking their health in their hands and trying to improve their lives through health and fitness.  And you’d be surprised.. most people are so in their own zone anyways, they don’t care or notice what others are doing. So get to it!

10- People not wiping off machines when they are done.

OMG.. eww. Especially the neanderthal men who leave a puddle and their smell behind. REALLY!? I’m guilty of giving the stink eye to people when they do this… I think I’ve even asked people (a lot of the times it’s younger males) to wipe down before they leave. Be considerate people!

I meant to give only 10… but I had to add the bonus-

11- Resolutioner Season.

Encompasses all of the above for a 2-3 month duration at the beginning of every year.. only it adds lack of parking.. and the taking up of space in classes and on equipment. GAH. I even had a woman once move my stuff around in the shower stall I was warming up while I was changing to take said shower. REALLY!? Who touches other peoples stuff in a shower!?!? Obviously it’s in use! There are seven other stalls! Not to mention all the people who take up the lockers without putting locks on them.. so you have to open 10 of them before you find a free one.

If you are going to join a gym.. don’t wait for January. Do it this week, tomorrow.. today! Listen to/read and follow the facility rules.. take cues from other members.. sign up for an orientation to learn how to use the equipment, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Make a plan and stick with it! Everything else is purely common sense. Clean up after yourself.. avoid other people’s space.. don’t take/touch other peoples stuff or equipment they’re using. Not hard.

Welp.. that’s my dose of negativity for the day. Sorry if I offended anyone. But I’m a fairly non-confrontational kind of person.. so I tend to see things and not say anything. I figured I’d use this platform to vent some frustrations. I’m sure there’s a ton of other things out there that have bugged you in crazy ways.. and I’m probably guilty of some of them (Like grammar… or spelling :-p)

This is my CRAZY face!

This is my CRAZY face!



Dopey Training Week 27

Hi everyone! I’m back from Disney Marathon Weekend and what a trip it was!!! I can’t wait to tell you all about it! But first, I wanted to get this post out there. I’ve been writing weekly training posts since July 2014.. and I didn’t want to skip my very last training post! Sorry it’s so late… but I wanted to finish my streak!

Week 27 was my second and last week of taper/recovery. I really don’t see it as a taper exactly, as I ran a 6 mile long run in week 26, and a 7 mile long run this week. Also- I didn’t like how the Galloway training schedule only gave us 2 weeks for taper/recovery. I would have preferred 3 weeks and it may have helped me  on marathon day.. but we’ll talk about that later.

Monday the 29th was the first Monday back from vacation. I elected to work, but my husband took off. After work, my husband picked me up (because I still had no car) and brought me over to the shop when my car had been sitting for more than a week. The plan was for me to drive it 10 miles to the dealership, and my husband to follow me in case I had another breakdown. At first, the car drove ok, with minimal noise. I was feeling a little bit guilty at first, because maybe I didn’t *need* a new car after all. But, as we got further down the road, the clanking/vibrational noise was steadily getting louder, and the car shuddered a little while idling at traffic lights. Yup… making the right decision.

We made it to the dealership, and long (like, 5 hours long) story short, I dove away in my brand new Mazda CX-5!

was a couple of days before I could get a daylight picture... but here she is!

was a couple of days before I could get a daylight picture… but here she is!

Monday night, we were up pretty late arranging car stuff. I think I was worrying about only getting 4 hours of sleep, which made it hard to actually get any sleep. I think I might have gotten 2 hours. Needless to say, I was exhausted Tuesday, and a workout just did not happen.

I was going to run Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday to make up for my lack in activity in the beginning part of the week, but my husband wanted me to run on Thursday with him. So, I just took Tuesday as a loss, and carried on. Wednesday, of course, was New Year’s eve, and the gym was closed in the evening. I did get in a HIIT workout in after work though.

Thursday was my official start to vacation! I took off Friday as no one was going to be in the office anyways, and wouldn’t be returning to work until the 14th! I got a nice 3 mile run in with my husband.

Saturday was pouring rain all day, so I elected to used the day to take down Christmas decorations and begin packing for Disney. I worked on my costumes a bit too. My dad ended up visiting us for lunch, to see my new car, and to show off his super nice brand new Lexus SUV (which we had no idea he had bought the day before!)

Sunday, I got in my long run. I knew Dawn was working, so I ran by myself. It was a damp, cool, foggy day, and I just kept reminding myself that it would be warm and sunny in FL! I ran without my brace, but I felt pain creeping in my knee towards the end. I knew then that I would just have to run the half and full marathon in the brace- there would be no alternative at this point.

Foggy, soggy long run

Foggy, soggy long run

Total mileage in Week 27:  10.79 miles! (2 hrs, 15 minutes of running!)

Total Dopey training miles: 432.71

Week 26 Activity Report:

Week 27

Week 27



Dopey Training Week 25

I’m back from Christmas vacation and hope everyone had a great holiday and is ready for the new year! My week leading up to our vacation couldn’t have been more stressful.. and I fear I’ve been feeling the effects in the form of anxiety for the past couple of days. (bear with me.. this post is kinda long!)

Week 25 was my big peak week! 5 days of running, including a 4 day Dopey simulation, my second Dopey trial, culminating in my highest training mileage yet! 44 miles done in 4 days. Just another 4.6 and we’re completely Dopey!

Week 25!

Week 25!

Monday, I decided to stay home and did a 53 minute HIIT workout. It was killer to go that long, but I did burn almost 440 calories (based on my heart rate monitor) so I would say it was a pretty successful workout. Tuesday I went to Yoga and ran my scheduled 45 minutes on the treadmill. I noticed my heart rate monitor was acting up while I was running. During the first interval, it was telling me my heart rate was 160. (A little high for just starting the workout!) By the end of the workout, it was telling me I was around 110-120 bpm while I was still running. This has happened a few times before.. but only recently. I even tried to change the battery in my HR band, but it’s still acting up. After 45 minutes (and over 4 miles) my watch told me I only burned 280ish calories.. a very low number for this workout. I’m not sure what is going on, but it might have something to do with the treadmill. I know my kindle will re-boot spontaneously on the treadmill.. a lot. I think it has something to do with the electromagnetic field and static charge the treadmill puts off. I’m wondering if it has something to do with my HR monitor acting up. It does seem to be wonky only on the treadmill.

Anyways, sorry for the tangent. Wednesday I made an appointment at the vet for Zeus.. he has some kind of skin condition that has discolored the skin on his belly. I think it’s just allergies, but since we were going away the next week, I wanted to make sure he would be ok. I had the intention of heading to the gym after the appointment, but that was before my car broke down. Ugh. So I made it home and that was that. I had to cancel the vet, and we had my car towed to a shop for diagnosis.

Thursday we learned that the repair for my car would be more serious than we’d hoped. We had to make the decision to have it repaired (which, we weren’t even sure what repairs it still might need at this point) or look for a new car. We decided that we didn’t want to sink money into my 10 year old Pontiac.. so we started looking for a new one. Meanwhile, I’m now without car. I was able to get a ride home from work on Thursday, but obviously wasn’t able to go to the gym. so I wore the brightest colored shirt I owned and ran a 3 miler outside. I’m not a fan of running in the dark, but the cool thing about running in the dark in mid December is you get to tour the neighborhood and see everyone’s Christmas lights. It was pretty and peaceful, so it worked out well.

Day 1

Day 1

Friday I hitched a ride from a coworker to work, and had her drop me off at the local Enterprise car rental on the way home. My husband and I decided it was best for me to rent a car for the weekend because I needed to get around in order to do all the running I needed to. Plus, we were leaving on Monday morning for NY, and if anything happened to our remaining car, we would have problems. So I reserved a car for rental. When I got there though, I was told there were no compacts left, so they gave me a 2015 Chrysler 200, a twice-over upgrade. I wasn’t a fan of how it drove, but it was a pretty smooth car. It had all the bells and whistles.. and gave me a taste of some features I was going to have in my new car- back up camera, touchscreen interface, key-less entry, and remote start. Ah remote start.. I’m in love.

I got home from the rental office and my husband and I did a quick run. My husband only had to run for 30 minutes, but I had to do 6 miles as part of my Dopey trial. By the end of 6 I was having a little bit of knee pain and my legs were pretty tired. I thought that strange considering 6 is a short run compared to the longer ones I’ve been doing.. but I had no time to dwell on it. I showered quickly and my husband and I headed out to a dealership to check out the car I wanted.

Day 2

Day 2… yes, I spelled “Trial” wrong :-p

We spent a while at the dealership looking at the car, test driving it, going over numbers and details. We ended the night deciding to talk about it some more, but with a 1:30 pm appointment at the dealer for the next day. It was 9:30 by the time we got to eat dinner, and tired was an understatement.

Saturday morning I met up with Dawn to run a 12 miler. My legs were still kinda tired from the day before, but I had to hurry and finish the run so I could make the 1:30 appointment. As soon as we finished, I jumped in the car, placed a pick up order from Panera Bread (coolest thing, the Panera App) and raced to the store to pick up some supplies I needed to make cookies (yep, because I wasn’t in enough of a time crunch, I still had to make cookies.) Now, “raced” is a loose term, because there was beyond belief traffic everywhere. The last weekend before Christmas is not the time to be trying to get anywhere in a hurry. I was amazed when I finally DID get home, that there were any cars in neighborhood at all, considering everyone and their brother was out on the roads. I scarfed down my food in 15 minutes, took a rushed shower, and was back out the door again to head to the dealership.

Day 3

Day 3

We spent a lot more time at the dealership, going over numbers, choosing colors and features, and trying to get the price down (but unsuccessful! Apparently, no one negotiates anymore! Least not for a new car.) Finally, we determined the only way to possibly get the price lower, was to have them appraise my old car and hopefully get more than the promised trade-in. (Haha.. good luck!) The problem was, my car was still sitting at the shop we had it towed to, and the shop had my key.. and they were not open on the weekend. Also, we knew there was not enough time to transfer our down-payment from the account it was in to the checking account, nor could we get a cashier’s check because the banks were closed late on a Saturday anyway. So, the buying of a new car had to wait until we got back from vacation. We headed home to finish wrapping gifts, do the laundry, and make some cookies.

Sunday was my big 23 miler, and I had to do it all by myself because Dawn had to work. (She finished her’s the day before after our 12 miles.) I don’t like to run around town by myself for safety reasons, so I dove out to the NCR trail. This trail is out in northern Baltimore County.. and it takes about 40 minutes for me to get out there. It’s a scenic drive, so it’s not that bad. Plus I was driving the fancy car, so I didn’t mind the commute.

When I started out, I was a little depressed. I guess as much as anyone would be knowing how far I had to go.. but a little more so because my legs and knees were already tired and sore from the three days before. I really wasn’t sure how far I could make it.. and knew if I ran out too far one way, I still had to make it back. I decided to play it by ear and take it a little at a time. After the first mile or so, I loosened up a bit and it wasn’t so bad. The weather was cool, but not too cold and the sun was coming out. The trail runs along a river and has large cliffs on one side, so it’s very pretty. There were people here and there, but most of the time I was alone. It was peaceful being out there and enjoying the nature around me. The trail itself is pretty flat.. and I think that helped me out a bit. Not sure how I would have made it on the hills near my home.

NCR trail

NCR trail



large rock formations

large rock formations

sun came out

sun came out


so peaceful

cliff side with icicles..

cliff side with icicles..



random weird gnome garden...

random weird gnome garden…

To get my mind off how far I had to go, I started playing a game in my head. I would get to a mile and immediately think about the next mile. At mile two, I was singing..”Three! Gotta get to three! Mile three, mile three, mile three!” As soon as I hit the next mile, I would move up. It helped me focus on the mile I was on, and not worry about how many more I had to go. There were some fast miles and there were some hard miles, but I just kept focusing on the next one and it kept me going. Between miles 7 and 8 there was a real bathroom. The water fountains along the way had been shut off, but the water was still on in the bathroom. I used the toilet and filled my water bottles in the sink, then I used a bench outside to stretch. The little rest stop definitely rejuvenated me a bit, and I felt better moving on.

I ran to 11.5 miles, feeling tired, but ok. Actually, I felt pretty accomplished considering I was not sure if I’d even make it this far. I sat on a bench to stretch and ate a cliff bar before heading back. I continued my mile-by-mile chant, but I needed to stop to stretch more frequently. I made it back to the bathroom stop and again, used the facilities and stretch. I was tired and sore, but I knew I only had 7 miles and change left, so I was excited to be almost done. I was also making pretty good time and was set to finish around 4.5 hours. Somewhere during mile 17, I noticed my knee twinging in pain a little. At mile 18, it was starting to really hurt. I scaled back my intervals from 90:90 to 30:30, but it was hurting before the 30 seconds were up. So I decided to walk a while. After I finished out the mile, I tried to run again. It still hurt. Mile 20, I tried again, it still hurt. I resigned to just walk the last three miles. I was kinda bummed, but I didn’t want to push either. I knew it would mean another hour out there, and that kinda sucked. It’s a lot colder when you’re walking. Plus, my legs were REALLY tired at this point, and even walking was hard. I had no choice though, as I had to get back to my car.

The pain as best I can describe it, feels like the sort of pain I had the last time I ran a marathon. Only this time, it was my left and not my right. It kinda starts on the lower outside and radiates under the knee. It feels almost like a cramping pain.. as it comes on gradually and gets worse over time. Could be my IT, but I thought that I would feel it further up on the knee. I can’t say I’m surprised.. I mean look how much I ran in 4 days.. but I also know I had very little time and effort in trying to recover my legs in between runs due to everything that was going on. I wasn’t particularly worried about it affecting my ability to race.. because I had some things I could do to combat the problem, but I will say it was in the back of my mind.

Day 4

Day 4

After I was done (and scarfed down an entire foot-long Subway sub!) I drove home, showered, and took Zeus to my mom’s.. his home away from home while we were away. I did all my packing and got everything ready to go for our trip. Monday morning we returned the rental car  and headed north.

Total mileage in Week 25: 48.53 miles! (10 hrs,  58 minutes of running!)

Total Dopey training miles: 408.46

Week 25 Activity Report:

Week 24: Total workout time: 6 hrs 15 minutes. Cross training workout time: 2 hrs 55 minutes.

Week 25: Total workout time: 13 hrs 44 minutes. Cross training workout time: 2 hrs 46 minutes.


Dopey Training Weeks 23 & 24

In my last training update, I had completed my first Dopey trial where I ran four days in a row, totaling 38 miles. Following that, I had two easy cut-back weeks.

Week 23

Week 23

Week 23

After my 20 miler… my knees were mad at me. Monday they were sore. I took a rest day of course, but by Tuesday, they were still weak. I went to yoga, but decided to walk my scheduled 45  minutes on the treadmill. I got the time in, so I counted that as a win. I did cross training on Wednesday, including kickboxing and weightlifting. Thursday I returned to running with a 4.28 mile run outside. I finished off my week with a 6 mile long run.. which felt ok, but my knees were much more worn out than they should have been after 6 miles.

Total mileage in Week 23: 13.08 miles (2 hrs, 58 minutes of running!)

Total Dopey training miles: 343.56

Week 23 Activity Report:

Week 23: Total workout time: 10 hrs 19 minutes. Cross training workout time: 1 hr 27 minutes.

Week 23: Total workout time: 6 hrs 13 minutes. Cross training workout time: 3 hrs 20 minutes.

Cross training this week included 3 HIIT workouts, 1 yoga class, 1 kickboxing class, and 1 weight machine circuit (3 sets).

Week 24

Week 24

Week 24

Week 24 was much like week 23. On Sunday, my husband wanted me to run with him. Since I was running less mileage these two weeks, I obliged. I did two HIIT workouts this week, but on Wednesday I noticed my calf was sore, and my left foot had been cramping up on the outside when I ran on the treadmill Tuesday. So I decided to rest completely on Wednesday. Thursday it felt better, and I made it to yoga and ran on the treadmill. I kept my treadmill runs to 4:1, being that they were shorter. I did my long run on Saturday with my husband. He ran his longest run yet- 5.77 miles! I was supposed to do 7.. bumped it up to 8 in my mind.. but Saturday was really windy and in the 30’s. I really didn’t want to do another 2 miles, so I stopped when my husband was done. I also had a party to go to on Sunday and wanted to get up our Christmas decorations, wrap gifts, etc. Time is at a premium during the Christmas season.. so I slacked a little on the long run.

Total mileage in Week 24: 16.37 miles (3 hrs, 20 minutes of running!)

Total Dopey training miles: 359.93

Week 24 Activity Report:

Week 22: Total workout time: 10 hrs 19 minutes. Cross training workout time: 1 hr 27 minutes.

Week 24: Total workout time: 6 hrs 15 minutes. Cross training workout time: 2 hrs 55 minutes.

Right now, I’m in the midst of my second Dopey trial.. 3 miles yesterday, 6 miles today, 12 on Saturday and 23 on Sunday. This is also my peak week! Next week begins my 2 week taper! Been a long time since July, but it’s so close now! Stay tuned!


Dopey Training Week 22

Week 22

Week 22

Week 22 was a big one. I had it highlighted on my schedule because it was my first big Dopey trial. 4 days of running, each day with progressively higher mileage, culminating in a 20 miler. Yikes.

Most of the week, I took it pretty easy. I did minimal cross training, but that was mainly because Thanksgiving was thrown in the mix. Probably not a bad thing to make sure I rested up this week. I did squeeze in two HIIT workouts and a yoga class. I would have done a HIIT workout on Wednesday morning, but I had a follow up metabolism screening, and they don’t want us to exercise up to 9 hours before. Tuesday, I did my easy treadmill run, as scheduled. Wednesday I wanted to rest.. I knew what was ahead of me.

Thursday, Day 1 of my Dopey trial, my husband and I ran our local turkey trot. It was a cold morning, but not nearly as cold as last year. Lots of people came out, as usual, and it was fun to see all the families and Thanksgiving costumes. (More pics from that on my Facebook page if you care to look!)

Turkey Trot!

Turkey Trot!

After the race, we cleaned up and had Thanksgiving dinner in PA with my mom’s boyfriend’s family. Much better than just cooking for the two of us… although we had to leave Zeus behind and he didn’t get a plate this year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Zeus’s Thanksgiving- 2013

Friday was Day 2 of my Dopey trial. My schedule had me walking 4 miles, but I wanted a more authentic test and up-ed it to a 5 mile run/walk. All went pretty well, although it was a bit windy at times. I felt pretty good, but decided to be proactive and took a nice Epsom salt bath anyways.


Saturday, my husband was scheduled for 5 miles (his longest run ever!) and I was scheduled for 10. I invited Dawn to come run with us so she could get her day 3 in as well. She showed up with her boyfriend Tony and their dog Brooklyn. We all set off to do the first 5 miles together. My husband soon learned the power of running with friends.. the conversations are distracting and makes the time go by! He was tired by the end of it, but didn’t think it was as bad as he anticipated. I think he’ll do just fine in the 10k! Dawn and I took Brooklyn and ran our second 5 miles together. I have to say, I was looking forward to the end of the run. My legs were fatiguing somewhere between mile 7 and 8, and I was starting to dread  Day 4.

After the run, we all cleaned up and My husband and I met up with Dawn at the theater to see Mockingjay, followed by some Don Pablo’s for dinner. The movie was good, the food was better, and I was trying to get into the mindset of what was to come the next day.

Day 3, 10 miles!

Day 3, 10 miles!

I didn’t sleep very well. I kept feeling my legs throbbing. They weren’t really that bad, but I was worried all the same. The last time I trained for 20 miles, I hurt myself. It was not a fun run either.. it was hard, grueling and painful.. and I hadn’t run all 3 days leading up to it either. I just kept trying to convince myself that the 8/18 miler went pretty smoothly, and just to take it slow and listen to my body.

I was tired after the first 10 mile loop- tired, but not hurting too bad. I really just wanted to skip the rest.. get back in my car and go home to eat.. but alas, I had paid a crazy amount of money to run Dopey.. I had to do the work. Once we got back out there, we started counting our mileage down instead of up. It’s so much easier to say.. only 9 miles left! only 6 miles left! I also started associating our mileage with where we would be on the course at the time. Mile 14, we’re leaving Animal Kingdom. Mile 18, we’re in Wide World of Sports. It was a fun little game and kept the conversation going.

At 20 miles, I felt pretty beat up. My left knee was hurting, my right calf was hurting, my quads were mush. But I had made it. All the pain I had felt like general training pain, I had made it through injury free. My first ever injury free 20 miles. I honestly don’t think I would have made it without the 90-90 intervals. Maybe if I hadn’t run 14 miles in the previous 3 days, but not for Dopey, at least not for me. I also can’t fathom how I’m going to make it another 6.2 miles (not to mention, I didn’t run the race distances the 3 days before) but I know there will be a little magic involved 😉

Day 4- 20 miler! Wore my lucky marathon shirt from 2013... only 5 weeks left!

Wore my lucky marathon shirt from 2013… only 5 weeks left!

Total mileage in Week 22: 42.24 miles (8 hrs, 52 minutes of running!)

Total Dopey training miles: 330.48

Week 22 Activity Report:


Week 22: Total workout time: 10 hrs 19 minutes. Cross training workout time: 1 hr 27 minutes.

I have two cut-back weeks, then I get to do a second Dopey trial and go a little further. Hoping these two weeks will heal me up good and I can make it through the next one!