It’s Not Okay.


It’s not often I speak my mind publicly on controversial issues that social media seems to highlight more and more these days. I take the high road and keep my mouth shut. No one needs to know my opinions, and no one is going to change my mind about them. They are mine.. for me. They direct what I believe in in life, and how I choose to live my life- with respect, dignity, and moral decency. I’m not perfect.. and sometimes, no matter what I believe in- I too have been a victim of social conditioning. I have been guilty of stereotyping, passing judgement on people, side-eyeing groups of people.. but I will NEVER show it.

People are people. They are you, they are me. We all go though hardship. We all go through pain. We all have moments of intense joy, and intense sadness. We celebrate. We mourn. We bleed. We have desires, ambitions, plans, goals, hopes, dreams. We may have different ways of thinking about the world… but we are all human.. and we all deserve a chance in life.

So many messages from so many groups of people… so many groups singling out and targeting other groups.. spitting their venom, hate and disdain. It literally makes me sick to my stomach reading what people post online about each other. Sick. What people post about our leaders. What “leaders” are now posting about people.

Is it right to discriminate against someone because of what color they are? How about what God they believe in? What their gender is? What their heritage is? Where they were born? Where their parents were born? Who they choose to love? A disability? Social status? NO. No on all accounts. without exception. Period.

Have we learned NOTHING from the past? So many instances of hate and fear spurning mass genocides for thousands of years. This hate that people perpetuate has got to STOP. And yet.. we have people, who are in leadership positions (or vying to be) “praying” for one community of people, while expressing hatred, disdain, and persecution of another group of people. How can one as a leader honestly sit there and say that they feel sadness and at the same time turn around and persecute… when it was persecution that cause such horrifying event in the first place.

I’m also seeing more and more that there are people who will hide behind their religion- an institution that is supposed to support pacifism, honesty, loyalty, and morality, among other attributes- and end up being the most hateful out of anyone! How can you sit there and say you are Christian (for example)… when all I see is people hating on other people for not being Christian? Or.. not being Christian enough? Um, last time I checked- just because you call yourself a Christian.. doesn’t mean you can do no wrong. (Please don’t take me the wrong way.. I have NOTHING against any religion or belief… I just don’t understand how people are brought up in religion- an institution that teaches you to love, to respect, to lead, and to spread peace- and then turn around and spit fire on people who don’t live the way you do.)

News flash… it is not up to you to judge people. It is not up to you to try and change them. It is not up to you to tell people they are wrong for what they believe in. It is up to God. Whoever God may be.

I’m so tired of seeing people on this side, or that side. I’m tired of the politics. The conservatives said this… the liberals say that… these monkeys, those goons. And it’s all Obama’s fault. REALLY!? Because last time I checked.. the President of the United States does not wield absolute power people. You elect a congress too. They make decisions together to decide how this country is run. AND the President doesn’t act alone… he has a cabinet full of advisors who all confer with him to make decisions.. to provide guidance and input. The presidency isn’t one person. Stop making this about your own political convictions. Go to work, make your money, feed your children, love your partners, volunteer for a cause you believe in.. live your life and stop worrying about everyone else.. So the guy next door is gay… it has nothing to do with you. The woman down the street is Muslim. Good for her. You are Christian. You do you.

The only thing that’s going to “Make America Great Again” is people doing what they need to do in their own lives, respecting others for their opinions, and living honestly and healthfully. Enough with the politics, enough for the bigotry, enough with the hate! It is garbage! It is poison. It is embarrassing.


America was founded on freedoms. Freedom from persecution. Freedom of religion. Freedom of speech. We are supposed to live in a country where we can be and live how we choose, without the threat of retaliation or consequences. We are supposed to live in a country where we can choose to believe in anything we want. NO…. Christianity is not the ONLY religion. It is NOT the supreme truth.. and NO America does not need to be brought back to Christianity. That is not what we were founded on. It is not what our flag stands for- and anyone who perpetuates this is wrong.. and very un-American. Be grateful you can speak your dissent about the government, choose your religion, your lifestyle, where and how to work, whether or not to pursue education,  or whatever else you choose to do in life. So many people in this world do not have this liberty. Learn from the past, and go forth with love and respect, and wisdom.

On a final note, I’m personally so moved by the countries around the world paying homage and support to victims of the tragedy in Orlando. Even though, these posts too have people commenting with hate and political nonsense, it brings me peace and hope knowing other people around the world feel the pain of this unspeakable crime. The same pain we felt for France when it had it’s terror attack last November, or Belgium this year, or the flight that was brought down by the Russians. Or the Syrian bombings of their own civilians, or the girls kidnapped in Africa. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I don’t care where you are or how distant you are from the situation… you feel pain. You hurt because these people are us. They are you. They are everyone. And if you don’t feel it, you are a pretty crappy human being.. and I’ll pray for you.




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