What I’m Eating… Friday

No, I haven’t abandoned WIEW… or my blog for that matter :-p It’s just, I eat a lot of the same things and I didn’t feel like posting every week. BUT I’m venturing into a new method of meal planning that I’m hoping will help me better organize and plan proper portions and proportions of my marcos.

I’m sure a lot of people reading this have heard of the 21 Day Fix program from BeachBody. OK.. first.. if anyone of you reading this is like me.. you’ll be rolling your eyes right about now. I’m not a big fan of the BeachBody company. Not because I don’t think their programs work or are bad… quite the opposite. I’m a hug fan of the concept of workout programs where you have a schedule and play a different workout each day. I think it’s really great that you can get really good workouts at home with minimal equipment. That being said… I feel like the company over hypes their products and make people think that they’ll go from flabby to incredibly toned in 30-90 days. YES there ARE some people out there with incredibly responsive bodies that may see a huge improvement over the course of the program.. but as the fine print always says *results not typical*. So many people are out there for a quick fix and a lot are disappointed with their slow or lack of progress and give up or discontinue after finishing. There programs are highly effective.. but fitness and changing your body takes time… lots and lots of time. There’s ups and downs, and ultimately, it’s the choices you make every day for the rest of your life that will determine your success in reaching your goals. I love exercise, and that’s something I will continue for as long as I physically can. I do not expect magical results to come out of a 30-90 day program. Doesn’t work that way for me.

Another thing I dislike about BeachBody is how they push their products ALL the freakin’ time! Just do one of their workouts and at the end the instructor is gushing about how much they love Shakeology.. followed by company commercials pushing Shakeology and other BeachBody programs and products. Shakeology is way over priced in my opinion… there are plenty of other protein powders and supplements out on the market that don’t nearly cost as much. (I know, I’ve done my research on this.) BeachBody’s angle on Shakeology is that it’s “the healthiest meal of the day!” Yes, the product is fortified with vitamins and minerals.. but you can also get them from other sources in food and/or supplements.. and it won’t cost you $4/glass. If Shakeology works for you.. that’s great! But if you are shopping around for a protein powder or supplement.. do your research and look outside the BeachBody box. Do what works best for you… not what a company says is best for you. (And again.. it’s not a magic pill or quick fix… a shake alone contains nothing magical to make you lose weight! It’s just a supplement!)

The last thing I dislike about BeachBody are the coaches. (Not personally, of course! lol Just the concept.) BeachBody pretty much lets anyone become a coach. There’s no certification or training needed… you want to be a coach.. BAM welcome to the club. Course.. “coach” in this case is just another word for salesman. I hate salesmen. If you try to sell something to me unsolicited, I am immediately suspicious of you. My Facebook feed is constantly bombarded by BB coaches who have this wonderful new amazing opportunity that they want to share with you! Then someone will comment “ooohhh.. what is it!?” and the response is “I’ll PM you!” How about you just tell people what’s going down and maybe they’ll be interested enough to buy into it. I may like and want what you are offering… but I don’t want to fall into a sales trap and suddenly I’m on your radar where you will try to sell me things. No thanks. All that being said… I’m sure there are some wonderful genuine coaches out there.. people who have experience and success with the programs and have researched nutrition/science behind it and truly want to help people get excited and take control of their lives through fitness and nutrition. I GET that… I’m a runner.. I’m ALWAYS talking about running and encouraging people to do it! But I’m not trying to sell anything.. I don’t make a commission off what I gush about. That’s the difference.

Before I end this rant (because this post really wasn’t intended to be a giant hate-on-BeachBody rant!) I want to give a little disclaimer. I do not hate people who use BB. I do not hate the coaches personally. If you are using the programs and are finding success, WONDERFUL! I’m really happy that you found something to work for you! I think it’s great that they have a lot of workout programs to choose from with many styles to fit everyone’s level of fitness. I (as in ME… my opinion) simply despise pyramid style marketing companies that love to push their products using the angle that it’s a miracle cure that will totally work for you in only 30-90 days. Fitness doesn’t work like that. Don’t buy in for the hype.. buy in because it fits with your goals. End rant/.

ALLLL that being said… I’ve been looking into the 21 Day Fix program. I’ve read a few blogs.. real people not affiliated with BB.. and I really like the concept. I’ve mention in previous posts how I was trying out IIFYM style eating combined with mostly clean eating.. but I’ve been struggling. I find planning is a bit difficult to coordinate.. especially as I go to summer BBQs, wedding showers, weddings, vacations. I feel like I’ve just been incorporating protein/carbs/veggies in every meal.. but the proportions may not be correct. Enter the 21 Day Fix program.

If you haven’t heard about it.. the 21 Day Fix program incorporates the use of color coded containers in order to implement portion control and proportion control. You simply fill the containers with the intended food group using an approved food list, and eat the recommended amount of containers designated for your target calorie range for weight loss. This is a great simple concept for beginners to learn how to portion control and still eat the foods they want to eat. I eat plenty of wonderful foods.. I simply have a portion control and proportion control problem. I feel like this concept will help me meal plan more efficiently.

21 Day Fix program

21 Day Fix program

I considered buying the program (which is a little pricey at an average of $75 for the package including the workouts, the nutrition guide, and the containers.) I like the concept of the containers.. but I’m not a beginner at this. I feel like I can use the program concept by simply using the food list and recommended proportions, and measuring out my food. I have tons of containers at home and really don’t have any room for more… plus.. who wants to be cleaning out all those containers all the time? I also don’t really need the workouts, as I A) frequent my gym 3-5 days/week and B) am limited to what I can do b/c of my knee issue. So I did a little research and found the program principles.

There are 6 different color containers that come with the program-

Green = Veggies (1 cup volume)
Purple = Fruit (1 cup volume)
Red = Protein (6 oz- 3/4 cup)
Yellow = Carbs (5.3 oz- 2/3 cup)
Blue = Healthy fats (2.7 oz- 1/3 cup)
Orange = Seeds/dressings (2 oz- 1/4 cup)

 For my needed calorie range (based on my own measure metabolism test results) I should eat 3 green containers, 2 purple, 4 red, 2 yellow, 1 blue, 1 orange, and 2 tsp of oils daily. When you list it out like that.. it doesn’t seem like a lot… but actually.. some of the container sizes are way bigger than I would have allowed myself to eat of certain foods. I would never really eat seeds.. and I usually only give myself 1 tbs of dressing on a salad. I would only give myself 2 tbs of guacamole with a meal.. when according to this.. I can have 1/3 cup! (80 g instead of 60 g).

Approved food list.. found on Pinterest, but believe it comes from www.thefitnessfocus.com

Approved food list.. found on Pinterest, but believe it comes from http://www.thefitnessfocus.com

I found a blog that had a calendar made out for her 21 day fix meal plan for a week. I thought that would be a wonderful way of organizing the foods (giving I’m not buying the containers) to make my meals and make sure I can stick with the plan. I made one for this week, including my meals I already ate up to this point (which was on Wednesday.) I discovered that while I was eating good healthy foods, I was lacking in the vegetable department, and over-doing my carbs and fruits. This got me real excited because I realized this would be a wonderful method to help me plan my food for the week and get all the proportions I need to stay on track. And if anyone has ever tried to meal plan… you know it’s hard to stick with it if you don’t plan way ahead. Winging it is bad, and I think I’ve been doing that way too much.. which is why I’m not seeing changes. (That and sneaking into the ice cream before bed was probably not helping :-p)

My meals this week.. Made this on Wed.. was able to plan ahead for Fri and Sun. Sat we're going to a wedding.. which is why it's not really filled out. The green color highlighting means I hit the goal for the day, red means I did not, yellow means I didn't, but it's inconsequential.

My meals this week.. Made this on Wed.. was able to plan ahead for Fri and Sun. Where it says “(1/2)” next to a food means half a serving. Sat we’re going to a wedding.. which is why it’s not really filled out. The green color highlighting in the bottom table means I hit the goal for the day, red means I did not, yellow means I didn’t, but it’s inconsequential.

I was then curious about recipes. I love to play with new recipes.. I usually do a new one every week for my husband and I. But if I was going to follow this method of eating.. it would be hard to make a meal for both of us and get the proper proportions. My husband isn’t interested in monitoring his food. And being Italian.. he likes to eat. I make healthy meals for us, but he always wants me to double the recipe and eats very large portions. It’s not uncommon for us to buy 2-3 lbs of ground meat for tacos. (despite my wanting to only buy 1 lb.) I decided to check out Pinterest for some meal ideas and found a lot of recipes specifically for this program… complete with container counts. This makes recipes super easy! and I can pick one out and plan to make it over the weekend, filling in the rest of my day’s meals around it. YAY!

Next Week's meal plan... Fri-Sun is not filled in yet b/c I'm not sure what we're doing yet. I'll probably figure it out by mid week.

Next Week’s meal plan… Fri-Sun is not filled in yet b/c I’m not sure what we’re doing yet. I’ll probably figure it out by mid week.

I logged my meal plan for next week into MyFitnessPal. I found that not only am I very close to my calorie goals.. I’m also very close to my macro ratios. Sweet!

MyFitnessPal stats for next Monday

MyFitnessPal stats for next Monday

I’m real excited about trying this out. And I’m more excited that I’m not paying money for it- just using my own measuring devices and my food scale. My husband thinks I’m kinda nuts. His response was.. “but you already measure stuff.. so this isn’t going to do anything for you.” Maybe maybe not… but at least it’s free and I’ll be eating healthy proper portioned & proportioned foods 🙂 I want to add- I do not think that this will be a magic solution that will “fix” me in 21 days. I plan on using it way longer than just the 21 days. I do feel like it may help me reach my goals of reducing my body fat percentage and overall weight… but I know it will be a few months at best before I get there. I just want to use the principles of this program to help me keep my nutrition on track!

One thought on “What I’m Eating… Friday

  1. Using the free info on the Internet to help achieve your goals is a great plan. There is no one method that works for everyone so I think it’s good you choose the aspects that are best for you. I can’t see myself weighing my food but it’s good to evaluate portion size. It’s really easy to underestimate how much you really have on your plate.

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