10 Gym Pet Peeves


I have to admit.. I do read my Kindle on the cardio machines…

I’m being super Judgey McJudgerson today.. but I know most if not all you guys reading this have had some or all of these occurrences while at the gym/working out. I understand that I too have been the exercise newbie and didn’t know the etiquette or have the knowledge base I have now regarding fitness. But sometimes.. you see things.. and you are just screaming in your mind about them lol. Here’s a bit currently on my list…

1- The person who comes into yoga class and puts their mat next to yours and on the same plane.

I understand if it’s crowded and you have to be close.. but really? You can’t stagger your mat in front or behind mine? OR, you have your mat staggered, but choose to stand smack in the middle, next to me.. who is at the TOP of the mat like you’re supposed to be. No, I absolutely have no shame smacking into you when I bring my arms up pre- swan dive.

2- Bad Form

I’m sure my form needs to be corrected from time to time… but honey, you are not getting a full work out laying all over holding on to the treadmill as you speed-walk or run. You look silly… and you might hurt yourself.

Squats and lunges are fun to watch too…  and clean & presses.. you can always spot a newbie by their clean & press. What really gets me is the instructor tells/shows you how to do it (in Bodypump class) and they still do it wrong. Sigh.

3- Believing the calorie count the cardio machine spits out.

“I burned 900 calories on the treadmill today!” Um.. no you didn’t. I burn a little over 1,000 calories during a half marathon.. that’s 13.1 miles.. over two hours of running.. without stopping.

4- Women who come to the gym with perfect hair and make up, and gently stride the lowest setting on the elliptical.

It’s not a beauty contest. If you still look glamorous after your workout.. you were not working hard enough.

5- Poor wardrobe choices.

Pajamas are not work out attire. Neither are scrubs. Or jeans. And yes, you look stupid wearing a normal (brightly colored) bra under your boyfriend’s white wife-beater shirt.. which is too-small for you. OH, and let’s not forget the giant hoop earrings that are so big they sit on your shoulders.

I once saw a woman in cardio kickboxing class not wearing shoes. I think the instructor even looked at her and muttered “oookkkkkk”

6- Back to yoga… wearing socks.

I’m not talking the special yoga socks with the stickies on the bottom.. which I still don’t feel comfortable in, but go for it.. I’m talking the newbie who comes to class thinking they are going to not take their socks off. If everyone around you has them off.. take the hint.

7- People who wear those plastic “sweat suits.”

You will not lose weight wearing that. You will lose water. And dehydrate. And possibly pass out. Not to mention it’s really gross when you take it off.. and whatever pounds you seemingly lost you put right back on the next time you drink a glass of water.

8- The girl running next to you on the treadmill.. wearing Nikes.

*rolls eyes*

9- People who say they don’t want to join a gym because there’s a lot of fit people there.

Fit people got fit GOING TO THE GYM! We’re not there to admire each others “super fit” bodies (well.. most of us aren’t lol) and scoff at the unfit people! We’re there to work towards our fitness goals! I actually feel really good when I see heavier people at the gym.. I admire them for taking their health in their hands and trying to improve their lives through health and fitness.  And you’d be surprised.. most people are so in their own zone anyways, they don’t care or notice what others are doing. So get to it!

10- People not wiping off machines when they are done.

OMG.. eww. Especially the neanderthal men who leave a puddle and their smell behind. REALLY!? I’m guilty of giving the stink eye to people when they do this… I think I’ve even asked people (a lot of the times it’s younger males) to wipe down before they leave. Be considerate people!

I meant to give only 10… but I had to add the bonus-

11- Resolutioner Season.

Encompasses all of the above for a 2-3 month duration at the beginning of every year.. only it adds lack of parking.. and the taking up of space in classes and on equipment. GAH. I even had a woman once move my stuff around in the shower stall I was warming up while I was changing to take said shower. REALLY!? Who touches other peoples stuff in a shower!?!? Obviously it’s in use! There are seven other stalls! Not to mention all the people who take up the lockers without putting locks on them.. so you have to open 10 of them before you find a free one.

If you are going to join a gym.. don’t wait for January. Do it this week, tomorrow.. today! Listen to/read and follow the facility rules.. take cues from other members.. sign up for an orientation to learn how to use the equipment, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Make a plan and stick with it! Everything else is purely common sense. Clean up after yourself.. avoid other people’s space.. don’t take/touch other peoples stuff or equipment they’re using. Not hard.

Welp.. that’s my dose of negativity for the day. Sorry if I offended anyone. But I’m a fairly non-confrontational kind of person.. so I tend to see things and not say anything. I figured I’d use this platform to vent some frustrations. I’m sure there’s a ton of other things out there that have bugged you in crazy ways.. and I’m probably guilty of some of them (Like grammar… or spelling :-p)

This is my CRAZY face!

This is my CRAZY face!



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