Dopey Training Week 26- Christmas in NY!

Happy New Year everyone! I’m starting mine off right with a 45 minute run.. my second to last Dopey training run! How crazy is that!? But, that’s for my week 27 post.. I’m here to go over week 26!

Week 26!

Week 26!

My husband and I arrived in Farmingdale NY for Christmas vacation on Monday. We made great time for the 200 mile trip. Since I ran so much in the previous 4 days for my second Dopey trial, I of course took the day off to rest. We did our annual tradition of hitting up Starbucks for lunch and coffee, then went to visit one of my husband’s friends. It was a really nice visit. We got to see the house they purchased earlier in the year and got to meat their 4 month old daughter, Quinn. (SUCH a cutie!) Later. we enjoyed a nice dinner with my father-in-law and his girlfriend.

Tuesday my husband and father-in-law did a brake job and oil change on my husband’s car. While they were working I went out for a run. Surprisingly, after all the running I did the previous week, I felt pretty good and wanted to try and get out. At the end of my 23 miler Sunday, my left knee was hurting and I walked the last 5 miles. At this point, my knee felt pretty good, so I decided to venture out without my knee brace. It felt pretty good for a while, but then after 2 miles, the pain was creeping in. By mile 3, I was walking. It wasn’t that bad as I wasn’t too far from the house and knew I could just finish out whatever time it took me to walk.. although I knew I needed to use my brace from now on. I felt pretty positive about it though.. I was very pleased with how much it had healed in only 2 days.. kept me optimistic that I’ll be ok during Dopey.

Tuesday night we visited my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law. Nothing super eventful, but it was nice to spend some time with them. My husband’s grandmother had suffered a pretty bad stroke close to Thanksgiving and spent a long stint in a rehab facility. she’s doing much better right now and has been staying with my mother-in-law. It was scary, but she seems to have most of her functionality back. She is a little out of it, I must say, due to the meds she’s on.. but it was great to see her up and about, and for the most part, with it 😉

Wednesday, I rested. We spent the day and evening at my father-in-law’s house. My husbands other grandmother and his aunt came to stay a few days and we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas eve dinner with the family. After dinner we talked a while and visited with my brother and sister-in-law. They had to leave early to go to another dinner, but we got to watch them open their gifts. Later we had dessert and played cards before retiring to bed late.

Wednesday was Christmas! My husband and I got up, had a quick [cookie] breakfast, then headed out for a run. It was a pretty morning, overcast at first, but the sun came out for a bit. It also was pretty warm, and I only ended up wearing one layer to run in. We ran around the neighborhood for a while, getting in a good 45 minutes. I wore my knee brace this time and I hated it. It made my leg heavy and wore it out fast. BUT I had zero knee pain the entire run.. so I’ll go with it!

After our Christmas morning run!

After our Christmas morning run!

When we got back, we showered and gathered with the family to open gifts. My Father-in-law gave me a wonderful Ravens zip up hoodie! We also got a carbon monoxide detector (we already have one, so this one is extra protection!) a figurine from Willow Tree, some spending money, and my husband got a ridiculous heavy duty HEAVY shop vice.. which we nick-named “the anvil”.

My new hoodie goes with my hat ;)

My new hoodie goes with my hat 😉

Me, my husband and brother-in-law

Me, my husband and brother-in-law

My husband and me with his father grandmother and aunt.

My husband and me with his father grandmother and aunt.

After gifts we got ready to head to my husband’s aunt’s house for Christmas with his mother’s side of the family. This year, the family decided to use a website called Elfster to do a Secret Santa gift exchange. It’s a really cool website- it allows you to invite participants and set up a wish list. Then the website will randomly assign you a person and you get them something anonymously from their list. Worked perfectly, and it was fun to see who had who and who got what. My husband’s Aunt had me… and I got a Fitbit One! It’s really cool! I’ve even taken it for runs and it’s pretty accurate. It also has a sleep monitoring function to let you know how much and how well you sleep at night. Very cool little tool. I’m even able to link it to my Sparkpeople account so the steps and other data gets imported.

My husband got new Bluetooth enabled earphones, a medal rack to display his medals from the Baltimore 5K and Disney 10K (when he gets it) and a new long sleeved tech shirt. I had my sister-in-law, and she only had one thing on her list- an Amazon TV box.. so that’s what she got! My husband got his mother. She requested a gift card to Kiehls, a beach house, and a million dollars. at first we rolled our eyes because she wasn’t taking the wishlist seriously.. but then we came up with a clever gift to give. We ordered a sand-dollar ornament with the picture of a beach house painted on it, as well as a blank check ornament, which we wrote out to her and put 1,000,000 as the amount. She loved them!

beach house ornamint

beach house ornament

check ornamint

check ornament

After the gifts, we had dinner.. which was impressive because we were sitting around eating appetizers before the gift exchange. We had so many yummy things.. meatballs, eggplant rollatini, baked ziti, chicken Marsala, salad, and garlic bread. I’m not sure why the absence of veggies, but it’s Christmas, and tis the season to indulge right? Everything was fantastic and I was so full by the end. I did manage to squeeze in a mini cannoli and a little homemade red velvet cake for dessert. Definitely over did it, but it’s only once a year.

setting up for dinner!

setting up for dinner!

Friday we relaxed and took it easy. Eager to test out my Fitbit (and wear down a little post Christmas eating guilt) we took a walk down into town to a great little Thai place for lunch. I wore both my Garmin and my Fitbit. For the walk down, my Garmin logged 1.74 miles. I checked the steps and mileage on the Fitbit and it came out to around 1.6 miles. Cool! For the walk back, I logged 1.75 miles on the Garmin, and the Fitbit logged around 1.7 miles. Great! We spent the afternoon and evening watching a couple movies.

Fitbit steps

Fitbit steps (after our run on Saturday)

Fitbit miles

Fitbit miles (after our run on Saturday)

Saturday my husband and I did our long run. This was my husband’s peak week, and longest run to date. I was scheduled for 6 miles- he was scheduled for 6.5. We settled in the middle and did 6.37. We started out in the neighborhood, but made our way to a local bike/running trail. It took us a little over a mile to get there, then we followed the trail for about 2 miles. It wasn’t as nice as the NCR trail, but it followed a stream and gave us a little taste of nature out in the crazy crowded suburbs. My husband was NOT excited about this run.. and kept telling me he didn’t think he could make it. But we just kept trodding along… and the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful. Bright and sunny.. and in the 50’s! Amazing for late December on Long Island! I did wear my brace and it felt a little less cumbersome this time around. Near the end I was feeling a little pain, but not the same pain I had been feeling previously, so I wasn’t too concerned. My husband said he struggled during the last mile, but he pushed through. Couldn’t be more proud!

Post 6.3 mile run!

Post 6.37 mile run!

Week 26 long run

Week 26 long run

We showered and did some laundry. Then we packed up a bit and re-organized our stuff. We spent the next couple of hours relaxing on the sofa and taking naps. One of my husband’s friends were having a Christmas cocktail party in the evening, so we got ready and headed over. It was so nice to see friends and catch up. I talked a lot about Dopey and running.. a few friends were very interested in attempting to get back into running and/or training for longer distances. We cut out around midnight, as we were heading back to MD early in the morning.

So, not too much exercise last week, but we had a pretty great trip! ONE more training week, then we get to head to sunny Florida!

Total mileage in Week 26: 13.46 miles! (3 hrs,  6 minutes of running!)

Total Dopey training miles: 421.92

Week 26 Activity Report:

Week 26

Week 26: Total workout time: 4 hrs 9 minutes. Cross training workout time: 1 hr 3 minutes.

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