Dopey Training Week 22

Week 22

Week 22

Week 22 was a big one. I had it highlighted on my schedule because it was my first big Dopey trial. 4 days of running, each day with progressively higher mileage, culminating in a 20 miler. Yikes.

Most of the week, I took it pretty easy. I did minimal cross training, but that was mainly because Thanksgiving was thrown in the mix. Probably not a bad thing to make sure I rested up this week. I did squeeze in two HIIT workouts and a yoga class. I would have done a HIIT workout on Wednesday morning, but I had a follow up metabolism screening, and they don’t want us to exercise up to 9 hours before. Tuesday, I did my easy treadmill run, as scheduled. Wednesday I wanted to rest.. I knew what was ahead of me.

Thursday, Day 1 of my Dopey trial, my husband and I ran our local turkey trot. It was a cold morning, but not nearly as cold as last year. Lots of people came out, as usual, and it was fun to see all the families and Thanksgiving costumes. (More pics from that on my Facebook page if you care to look!)

Turkey Trot!

Turkey Trot!

After the race, we cleaned up and had Thanksgiving dinner in PA with my mom’s boyfriend’s family. Much better than just cooking for the two of us… although we had to leave Zeus behind and he didn’t get a plate this year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Zeus’s Thanksgiving- 2013

Friday was Day 2 of my Dopey trial. My schedule had me walking 4 miles, but I wanted a more authentic test and up-ed it to a 5 mile run/walk. All went pretty well, although it was a bit windy at times. I felt pretty good, but decided to be proactive and took a nice Epsom salt bath anyways.


Saturday, my husband was scheduled for 5 miles (his longest run ever!) and I was scheduled for 10. I invited Dawn to come run with us so she could get her day 3 in as well. She showed up with her boyfriend Tony and their dog Brooklyn. We all set off to do the first 5 miles together. My husband soon learned the power of running with friends.. the conversations are distracting and makes the time go by! He was tired by the end of it, but didn’t think it was as bad as he anticipated. I think he’ll do just fine in the 10k! Dawn and I took Brooklyn and ran our second 5 miles together. I have to say, I was looking forward to the end of the run. My legs were fatiguing somewhere between mile 7 and 8, and I was starting to dread  Day 4.

After the run, we all cleaned up and My husband and I met up with Dawn at the theater to see Mockingjay, followed by some Don Pablo’s for dinner. The movie was good, the food was better, and I was trying to get into the mindset of what was to come the next day.

Day 3, 10 miles!

Day 3, 10 miles!

I didn’t sleep very well. I kept feeling my legs throbbing. They weren’t really that bad, but I was worried all the same. The last time I trained for 20 miles, I hurt myself. It was not a fun run either.. it was hard, grueling and painful.. and I hadn’t run all 3 days leading up to it either. I just kept trying to convince myself that the 8/18 miler went pretty smoothly, and just to take it slow and listen to my body.

I was tired after the first 10 mile loop- tired, but not hurting too bad. I really just wanted to skip the rest.. get back in my car and go home to eat.. but alas, I had paid a crazy amount of money to run Dopey.. I had to do the work. Once we got back out there, we started counting our mileage down instead of up. It’s so much easier to say.. only 9 miles left! only 6 miles left! I also started associating our mileage with where we would be on the course at the time. Mile 14, we’re leaving Animal Kingdom. Mile 18, we’re in Wide World of Sports. It was a fun little game and kept the conversation going.

At 20 miles, I felt pretty beat up. My left knee was hurting, my right calf was hurting, my quads were mush. But I had made it. All the pain I had felt like general training pain, I had made it through injury free. My first ever injury free 20 miles. I honestly don’t think I would have made it without the 90-90 intervals. Maybe if I hadn’t run 14 miles in the previous 3 days, but not for Dopey, at least not for me. I also can’t fathom how I’m going to make it another 6.2 miles (not to mention, I didn’t run the race distances the 3 days before) but I know there will be a little magic involved 😉

Day 4- 20 miler! Wore my lucky marathon shirt from 2013... only 5 weeks left!

Wore my lucky marathon shirt from 2013… only 5 weeks left!

Total mileage in Week 22: 42.24 miles (8 hrs, 52 minutes of running!)

Total Dopey training miles: 330.48

Week 22 Activity Report:


Week 22: Total workout time: 10 hrs 19 minutes. Cross training workout time: 1 hr 27 minutes.

I have two cut-back weeks, then I get to do a second Dopey trial and go a little further. Hoping these two weeks will heal me up good and I can make it through the next one!

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