Dopey Training Week 21

Usually, if I miss a weekly training update, I’d just lump it in with the next one. But Week 22 was a doozie.. so I’ll do a quick Week 21 update on it’s own.

Week 21

Week 21

Week 21 was pretty uneventful as far as they go. I was coming off my back-to-back 8/18 miler and this was my cutback week. I did get a good amount of cross training in. I was scheduled to have a follow-up metabolism screening the day before Thanksgiving, so I wanted to get in as much activity as possible. You know.. to mask my lack of progress over the past couple months.

I managed hitting up Bodypump class, two yoga sessions, 1 weight machine circuit (3 sets), a kickboxing class and 4 HIIT workouts. Along with my usual Tuesday/Thursday maintenance runs, I also squeezed in a 4 mile run on Saturday with the husband. Sunday I met up with Dawn (and Randi! Her IT has been feeling better) to do our 8 miler. 8 miles goes oh so quick after 18!

Week 21 long run

Week 21 long run

Total mileage in Week 21: 20.7 miles (4 hrs, 28 minutes of running!)

Total Dopey training miles: 288.24

Week 20 Activity Report:

Cross training included

Week 21: Total workout time: 10 hrs 11 minutes. Cross training workout time: 5 hrs 43 minutes.


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