Dopey Training Week 20


Week 20! The 8 mi on Sat was not checked off.. but I did that too!


This was a great week for me! In my last Dopey training update, I was mentioning my foot pain, my visit to the PT, my worries about it. All of that seemed to dissolve by the end of the week!

Monday I had a dentist appointment in the evening, which prevented me from getting to the gym, but I did get in a HIIT workout in the morning. Tuesday we were off for Veteran’s day. My husband wanted me to run outside with him, so that’s what we did. My foot wasn’t really sore, so I was thankful for that. We ran at random intervals.. following mostly a run with walking up hills. After my husband’s 30 minutes were up, I told him I was going to get in my extra 15 to make 45 mins. He decided he felt good and wanted to stick with me. So we both ended up running 46 minutes. (He’s getting so good at this ;))

Wednesday I finally made it to a kickboxing class. I thought I felt my foot a couple of times, but over all it was ok. Afterwards I did 3 sets on the new weight machine equipment. The coolest thing about them (besides being brand spanking new!) were that they had built in cup holders and towel holders.. some even had a little slot to put phones. I liked them a lot.

Thursday I made it to yoga, then hopped on the treadmill. I started to feel my foot a little bit running 4:1.. but not until the end of the run really, and there was no lingering soreness afterward.

Friday I woke up.. and my foot was sore. WTF. Really getting frustrated and worried at this point, because I was supposed to have double long runs over the weekend. I hadn’t run more than 6 miles since my last long run in mid October where this mess all started. (My 16+ miler at the Baltimore Running Festival) I iced it and it seemed to feel worse. I massaged it quite a bit.. and my husband pointed out that I hadn’t been doing my foot exercises lately and that maybe I should start doing them more regularly. I agreed, as I was thinking the same thing. I threw some Tiger Balm on it, which helped, and determined I would test things out on Saturday when I would do my first long run. I also found a Pin I had pinned to Pinterest before I started Dopey training, of this anti inflammatory cream on Amazon that had 4,330 reviews and was rated very high. I decided to order some (despite it being $20 for a 2 oz jar!) figuring it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Saturday, I ran my first long run. I started out with my husband- as he was scheduled to run 4.25 miles that day. I figured I would go slow (90:90 intervals) and get through at least the 4 miles and go from there. I put some more Tiger Balm on my foot and wore my new Brooks Adrenalines and headed out. The day was cold and a bit breezy, but nice and sunny. I found that as I ran the slower intervals, it kept the soreness from creeping in. I felt it a little, and it did get a little worse over time.. but overall, it felt ok. I started to believe I could get through my run after all.  After my husband was done his run (and he did and felt great!) I decided to add on a few miles. My goal was 3- 4 more miles, depending on how my foot felt. I continued on with the 90:90 intervals, and it seemed to be helping. I decided to go for it and finished with a total mileage of 8.02. I also didn’t feel worn out or too tired, which was good because I had to do my second long run the next day.

My new Adrenaline GTS 15's

My new Adrenaline GTS 14’s

Week 20 Long Run 1

Week 20 Long Run 1

When I took my shoes off.. my foot was pretty sore. I focused on stretching and did my foot exercises and it felt much better after that. I took a hot bath with Epsom salts and put some more Tiger Balm on it afterward and it was feeling much better. I decided Sunday’s run was a go, and hoped that it could go as well as Saturday’s had been.

Sunday I met up with Dawn and we started our second long  run. I was supposed to do 20 miles (after re-arranging my schedule to fit in my 10K the previous week) but there was no way that was happening. The last longer run I did was a month prior, and I had only been running sporadically since. So I set my minimum for 16, with hopes that I could hold out and push the last 2 for 18. We continued with the 90:90.. which I felt bad for subjecting Dawn to.. but she said she wanted to take it easy anyways because she was still nervous about her MCM episode. We finished the first 8 mile loop and stopped to stretch. I have to say, I felt my foot occasionally.. but for the most part, I had less soreness than the day before. We got 4 miles into the second- 8 mile loop when I decided to go for the whole 18 and we headed in the direction of our 10 mile loop. We stopped at McDonalds around mile 14 (one of our usual pit stops for bathroom breaks and water re-fills.) I was feeling fatigue in my legs, but my foot was still no worse off than before. I was starting to feel everything falling into place. I was starting to realize that I just might be able to get through this Dopey thing.

We finished all 18 miles in just under 4 hours. Although it’s very slow.. I feel like the 90:90 intervals will get me there. (and I’m still on target to PR.. lol which is not hard to do.. but this time I’m so happy to be able to do it without being crippled.. knock on wood.) I has started developing a pain on the outside of my left knee (most likely IT band pain) but I took care to stretch and massage the area. But I made it.. and my foot definitely felt better than the previous day.

Week 20 Long Run 2

Week 20 Long Run 2

When I got home, I found my package with the anti-inflammatory cream had arrived. The cream is called Penetrex. It’s supposed to be applied 3-4 times a day and relief should develop in 10 or less days. Let me tell you.. I’m pretty sure I felt instant relief. I walked around all day Monday without the hint of soreness in my foot (even after running 8 and 18 milers over the weekend!) I highly recommend this stuff.. it’s pretty amazing.

Total mileage in Week 20: 33.75 miles (7 hrs, 12 minutes of running!)

Total Dopey training Miles: 267.54

Week 20 Activity Report:


Week 20: Total workout time: 10 hrs 41 minutes. Cross training workout time: 3 hrs 29 minutes.

Cross training included 1 kickboxing class, 1 yoga class, 1 weight machine circuit (3 sets), and 3 HIIT workouts.

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