Dopey Training Weeks 18 and 19

Weeks 18 & 19

Weeks 18 & 19

I guess I could re-title this post “Lack of Dopey Training” but I guess I should stick with what I’ve been doing.

Originally, I had plans to switch these two weeks due to the Across the Bay 10K I was running on Nov 9th when I was scheduled to run 20 miles. Since I knew I wouldn’t want to run an additional 14 miles after the race, I re-arranged some weeks and some mileages to accommodate. What I didn’t expect was that I would be nursing some foot pain that kind of derailed my training a bit.

Week 18

So in week 18 I was supposed to run 45 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday, 8.5 miles on Saturday and 18.5 miles on Sunday. Except I didn’t. I didn’t run at all. All week. And I barely went to the gym. I did make it to two yoga sessions and did one bout on the stationary bike, but that’s about it. I was mainly concerned with staying off my foot until I could have someone look at it.

On Thursday 10/30 I managed to get an appointment with a running PT specialist at a Sports Medicine clinic. She took a look at my foot and manipulated it in several ways. She asked me if I was feeling pain in any particular spot and I said no, I couldn’t really pin-point anything.. it just was sore when I walked and/or ran. I also noticed that my foot felt better after exercising it.. and it really felt good after yoga. She had me walk and jog on a treadmill to watch my gait and couldn’t conclude anything really wrong with my form except that I was pronating and swinging my left heel out more than my right.. but she couldn’t conclude if I was doing that to compensate for the foot soreness, or if I always did that. Honestly, I really couldn’t say either.

At the end of the appointment, she concluded that she didn’t think it was bone related, because I would have greater sense of where the pain was located. She also said a lot of what I was describing was tendon related and was more inclined to think it was tendonitis. She told me to continue resting for another week, possibly getting new shoes with better support, and gave me exercises to do to help strengthen the area. I was so relieved to hear I could probably pick up my training again in another week or so!

Total mileage in Week 18: 0 miles

Total Dopey training Miles: 223.89

Week 18 Activity Report:

Cross training included 2 yoga classes and 1 HIIT workout, and 30 mins of cycling.

Week 17 total exercise time- 3 hrs 7 mins (cross training only time- 1 hr 43 minutes)

Week 18 total exercise time- 2 hrs 46 mins

Week 19

I took the PT’s advice and didn’t run most of the week. I did manage to get in a little more cross training though. The PT said she had no problem with me weightlifting or doing things like squats and lunges, so Monday I went to Bodypump. I wasn’t sure I wanted to return to high impact workouts yet, so I skipped kickboxing class and did some cycling instead.

My foot actually felt a great deal better on Tuesday. I was keeping up with the foot exercises and it seemed to feel better after exercise in general, so I went with it. Tuesday I didn’t get to the gym because my husband wanted to take a walk to our nearby elementary school to vote that evening and we didn’t get back until after yoga would have started. But I did manage to get in a HIIT workout that morning.

Wednesday I had an appointment with the fitness staff to get trained on and re-input into the Fitlinxx system for the new weight machines our gym got about 2 weeks ago. I did one 20 and one 25 minute session on the Arc Trainer around my appointment to make up for my lack of training on Tuesday. Again, the foot felt good- a little off (for lack of a better term) but no soreness or pain.

Thursday I made it to yoga, then decided to test my luck on the Treadmill. I had not run since the MCM 10K on 10/26, and I had another 10K coming up on Sunday. My goal with this was to test the water and see how my foot felt with running again. I also had ordered and was trying out new shoes with a higher level of support, so I wanted to see if that made a difference. I ran 2:1’s on the treadmill, carefully paying attention to how my foot feels. I made it through the whole 45 minutes without feeling pain. (Though it did feel tired.) The shoes felt good too..a little stiff, but otherwise not uncomfortable.

I was still on the fence at this point as whether or not to run the 10K on Sunday. My husband talked me into it, though, but I was really leaning towards going anyways. I signed up for this race a year in advance and it had always been something I wanted to do. They did not allow deferrals. I decided that I would walk if necessary, but to go and enjoy the experience- and I did! I ended up running the race doing my 4:1 intervals and had no soreness in my foot (although it did have that tired feeling to it.) I’m glad I ran the race, as it was a beautiful day and a pretty amazing race- look for a race recap soon!

sneak peak of last Sunday's 10K!

sneak peak of last Sunday’s 10K!

Total mileage in Week 19: 9.9 miles

Total Dopey training Miles: 233.79

Week 19 Activity Report:


Cross training included 1 Bodypump class, 1 yoga classes, 45 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes of cycling and 4 HIIT workouts.

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