Dopey Training Week 17


Training last week kinda sucked. In my BRF race recap post.. I described the foot pain I was experiencing when the half was over… yeah that kinda lingered.. in the same foot that was hurt in April. Not. Cool.

It’s hard to describe the pain.. in fact pain might not be the most accurate word.. more like dull achyness and discomfort. Early in the week I could press on an area on the top, mid foot, and I could pin-point the area. After a couple days, I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. Rest and ice helped a lot.. needless to say, I only ran one day last week.. for 15 minutes.

I took Sunday-Wednesday completely off. Other than needing to be up and about or on my foot for my job, I tried to stay off it. Thursday I felt nothing.. maybe a little “discomfort” if I stood too long, but nothing that indicated that whatever was wrong was healing fine. I did go to the gym and do my yoga class.. weight bearing in different positions did nothing to aggravate it (unlike last spring, where it was still hurting during yoga.) I decided to try out the Arc Trainer for half an hour, then ran for 15 minutes using my 4:1 intervals. Felt good… no discomfort in my running shoes (unlike the spring, when I felt pain when I put my shoes on) and not really fatigued/weak after. OK. Friday I did a HIIT interval workout.. no issue.

I decided I would continue with my plans to run the Marine Corp Marathon 10K. I figured it’s a shorter, flatter run, and given that my pain was gone, I could see how it went. Well long story short, the pain came back. I felt some discomfort (but not pain) in my foot by mile 2, and around mile 3 I was feeling mild pain creeping in, getting stronger with every one of my intervals. It didn’t get to the point of being unbearable though.. I continued with my intervals, though I was definitely keeping it slow and paid attention to it the whole time. Somewhere around mile 4 the pain seemed to dissipate a bit, but it was back for miles 5 and 6. After the race, I got some ice for it and sat down to rest. I iced and massaged it a bit and it felt better after that, although it was still sore when I walked around on it.

MCM10K- Week 17 long run

MCM10K- Week 17 long run

SO.. there I am with that. I have a questionable foot and 10 weeks to Disney. I can take a few weeks off if necessary, but my training will take a hit. I hope it doesn’t need more than 4 weeks, because then I’ll be out of Dopey- as there is no way to prepare for a marathon when I’ve only run up to 17 miles and took weeks off before- let alone 4 consecutive races. My mind is not in a great place right now, but I’m trying to stay positive and not think about the next steps until they come. I do have a doctor appointment at the local running center tomorrow, so we’ll see what we can find. It has been feeling better over time, but it’s still there… which sucks because last week, the pain was gone by Wednesday. Positive vibes are appreciated.

Total mileage in Week 17: 7.63 miles (1 hr 24 min of running!)

Total Dopey training Miles: 249.40

Week 17 Activity Report:

Cross training included 1 yoga class and 1 HIIT workout, and 30 mins on the arc trainer.

W17 activity

Week 17 total exercise time- 3 hrs 7 mins (cross training only time- 1 hr 43 minutes)

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