Dopey Training Week 16 (Plus I Love Lucy, and a Baltimore Running Festival Preview)


I started off the week with a rest day on Monday. After running 16 the day before (Week 15 long run) my knees were weak. I couldn’t fathom subjecting them to a high impact cardio class followed by a bunch of weighted squats and lunges (Bodypump).

Tuesday, I did my morning HIIT workout, but I didn’t have time to run as scheduled. My dad was traveling for work and was out of town. He had tickets to see the I Love Lucy Live on Stage show downtown on the 14th, but wouldn’t be able to go- so he gave the tickets my my husband and I. The show was pretty good.. not the best thing I’ve ever seen.. but a good 2 hours of entertainment and a nice date night with my husband. The show was presented as if we were in the studio audience of the taping of an I Love Lucy show in the 1950’s. There were commercials and references to old technology and 1950’s current events. There was even some audience participation. As for the main characters, the four actors did a great job imitating the persona of the original legends. At first, I was a little distracted by Lucy’s accent (felt a little southern to me) and both Lucy and Ricky seemed a little on the skinny side. But they played of the most famous lines and gestures.. there was some Lucy Crying, sneering, and singing.. there was a little Babaloo and some “splainin to do,” and of course there was classic Ethyl and Fred bickering. All in all, it was a good night and worth it. I do have to say, however, that although we were not the youngest in the house… we were definitely in the minority. I would say about 20% of the audience was under 50.. and probably an additional 15% under 65. Yeah.


Wednesday, I wanted to run. I wouldn’t have time to run twice this week like I was scheduled. I had to run 7 on Friday, and 17 on Saturday, so I figured 1 weekday run would be ok. I did my Motiontrax speed interval session- with speeds of 3.5 (walking), 6.0 (jogging), 6.5 (running), and 7.5 (sprinting, with a 6.0 recovery). I felt strong, yet wiped at the end.. right where I should be for a mid week workout.

Thursday, I went to yoga and then I did 3 sets on the weight machine circuit. Felt pretty good about that.

Friday I was off. I needed to run 7 miles, so I headed out around 8 am and hit up the trail. I decided to run the trail based on the fact that it was a 7 mile out and back course, and also for a little change of scenery. Since I was running my longer long run the next day.. I cut back the intervals to 2:1 and kept it easy. I finished in 1:22 and felt pretty good, despite the difficult terrain. I felt better than I felt after 6 the week before, so I was encouraged that my run(s) the next day would not kill me completely.

Saturday, I was scheduled to run 17 miles. This week was special though because I was participating in two races at the Baltimore Running Festival. I won’t give too much away on that, as I’m writing a post about it, but let’s just say, it started off good, and was a pretty big struggle at the end. I technically only ran 16 miles between the 5k and half marathon races, but we did a lot of walking around, which I’m counting as mile 17. I ran the 5k with my husband, and we finished in 36:21 (running 3:1 intervals). Randi, Aaron, Dawn, Tony and I all ran in the half, and I finished that in 2:25 (ran 4:1 intervals). By the end I was wiped. My feet were throbbing and I was hobbling. My knees felt like they were bleeding from the inside (don’t worry.. they’re ok.) I was beat up. I had my post race beer and snacks and sat in a chair for about an hour enjoying the post race festival. It was great.


BRF sneak peak… race day outfit!



BRF half marathon

BRF half marathon

Total mileage in Week 16: 27.45 miles (5 hrs 18 min of running!)

Total Dopey training Miles: 241.77

Week 16 Activity Report:

Cross training included, 1 weight machine circuit (3 sets), 1 yoga class and 3 HIIT workouts.

W16 activity

Week 16 total exercise time- 7 hrs 24 mins (cross training only time- 2 hrs 6 minutes)

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