Dopey Training Week 15


Meant to post this last week, but life got a little busy and I never got around to it. For reference sake, Week 15 was two weeks ago, I’m currently on week 17 as I post this.

Training is definitely heating up. I’m finding myself starting to sacrifice time for other workouts to make room for the longer miles and the toll it’s been taking on my body.

Monday I missed kickboxing and Bodypump because of our Anniversary Trip. We had to pick up Zeus from my mom’s, do our laundry, go shopping for the week, and get ready for the week ahead.

Tuesday I did make it to yoga, and then jumped on the treadmill. I backed down my intervals from 10:2 to 4:1 to ease up a bit. due to being on vacation, I missed two of the three training runs I was supposed to do, so I wanted to ease back into it. I finished, but I did feel pretty beat by the end of it. I haven’t really run much on the treadmill lately, so maybe that had something to do with it.

Wednesday my husband wanted to run and really wanted me to go too. I agreed, but for some reason, I only ran the 30 minutes with him. I really don’t remember the reason I never finished the last 15 minutes. I think maybe I wanted to take it easy because I knew I had two long runs coming up over the weekend, so I didn’t want to push it. Or maybe it was dark and/or raining. I really can’t remember.

Friday I had to work, but planned on doing 6 miles after. My husband ended up getting off early and caught me before I went out, so he wanted to join me. I did 2 miles with him, then ran my usual 4 mi route on my own. I finished feeling a little fatigued and was not looking forward to my 16 mi long run scheduled for the next day. Somehow I had a feeling it would be miserable.

Saturday morning I woke up and my legs felt worked. Great. As I was in my closet digging out some running clothes, I looked at my phone and noticed that Dawn had texted me letting me know she didn’t get off work until 4am (it was 6 am when I got the msg) so she wouldn’t be able to run. I walked out of the closet, turned off the light and jumped back into bed. About 5 minutes later I heard the rain.. pouring. I was really glad I wasn’t going to be miserable.. hurting.. and in the rain. Even though I’m supposed to run back to back long runs to get used to running on fatigued legs.. I’m really glad it worked out that way.

Sunday I did get to meet up with Dawn, and she brought her boyfriend Tony. (Randi and Aaron were away for the weekend.) The weather was much better- cool but bright and sunny. Dawn and I ran our 8 mile loop while Tony waited in the car.. then Tony joined us for the second 8 miles. I felt pretty good for the first loop. I hadn’t seen Dawn in 2 weeks, so we were talking and catching up.. made the time go really fast. I started feeling the fatigue in the second 8 miles, as one would expect. The last 4 miles or so were a push. When we finished, my knees were not liking me very much. But it was a normal soreness, and it’s all part of the process. 16 miles in the books!

Week 15 Long Run

Week 15 Long Run

Total mileage in Week 15: 28.49 miles (5 hrs 37 mins of running!)

Total Dopey training Miles: 214.32

Week 15 Activity Report:

Cross training included, 1 yoga class and 3 HIIT workouts.

Week 14 total exercise time- 4 hrs 19 mins (cross training only time- 3 hrs 29 minutes)

Week 15 total exercise time- 7  hrs 5 mins (cross training only time- 1 hr 28 minutes)


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