Dopey Training Weeks 13 and 14

Weeks 13 and 14

Weeks 13 and 14

Funny how things get away from you when you’re having fun.

Due to a small vacation planned for last weekend (when I was scheduled to run 15 miles) I did some schedule shifting in my training plan. I decided to switch Weeks 13 and 14 to accommodate a lighter training schedule while I was away. It didn’t quite go as planned.. but it served it’s purpose anyways.

Week 13 (aka week 14)

Tuesday and Thursday I ran outside with my husband. We did his 90:90 intervals for the first 30 minutes, then I finished off my extra 15 minutes at a 4:1 interval. Have to say the runs go pretty quick and smoothly this way. Either that, or the longer mileage is making my shorter runs feel easy. On Thursday it was a bit chilly and drizzly. The rain picked up a little while my husband and I were running, so I grabbed my water resistant jacket as I left the house for my last 15.

What it looks like when you train in the rain

What it looks like when you train in the rain

Friday I was scheduled to run 5.5 miles. I ran the first 2 with my husband (as this was his scheduled long run) and then I completed the last 4.5 on my own. I ended up being a little over, with 5.68 miles.

The original schedule had my long run set for 15 miles. I downgraded this to 14 miles to accommodate the lack of a cut back week. Week 12’s long run was 13 miles and without a cut back week, I didn’t want to jump 2 miles for the following week. Dawn had texted and said she had just gotten off of work at 4am, so she wouldn’t be running. Randi and Aaron said they would meet me for 14 after they had done 10. When I got to the trail parking lot, I had to wait a few minutes for them. I saw Aaron running up the street behind me, but he was alone. When he got to my car he said that Randi had pretty severe knee pain and would not be able to run anymore. When she caught up, her and Aaron apologized, but decided it was best if they went home. Bummer. I do not like to run the streets of our town alone. We have some pretty narrow roads we have to travel down.. some with very little shoulder, and we even have to cross the highway twice. Running passed businesses and intersections are a bit dangerous too, due to drivers not paying attention and trying to pull out into traffic without looking. We also run in some low profile areas, and I’d rather not give anyone looking for a crime of opportunity a chance. So this left me with two choices.. go home and try to run local neighborhoods for 14 miles or… run the trail. Twice.

Ah the Ma and Pa trail.. a bit of nature in the suburbs.. and home to some seriously wicked hills. To run the trail once is to suck all the energy out of you.. to run it twice.. well now you’ve jumped on the crazy train. It’s ironic though that this was not my first time running the trail twice… I had done it once before in my 2013 Disney marathon training- my first ever 14 miler. Back then, I also was faced with the challenge of running by myself for 14 miles. I chose the trail because it’s pretty safe, lots of (pedestrian) traffic, and was pretty much 7 miles even end to end. I remember getting back from my first lap thinking.. “I could just get in my car and go home right now..” but I forced myself to turn around before I changed my mind. By mile 10 I was in tears.

This time around, it was different. I felt stronger, although I had to really push my mental barriers out of the way the whole time. I finished the first lap and felt ok.. a little tired, but definitely not as bad as in 2012. When I got to 10 miles, I was fatigued, but knew I could push 3 more. I was ready to be done, but there were no tears. I kept calm and focused on keeping things slow and steady. I really welcomed my walk breaks.. and even rested for 5 mins or so around mile 10.5 (the end of the trail before heading back.) When I finished, I didn’t feel like collapsing.. although I really enjoyed sitting down!

Elevation chart for Ma and Pa trail (ran twice)

Elevation chart for Ma and Pa trail (ran twice)

So this experience was much better than the last. I wanted to compare my Garmin running stats with the one from my last 14 miler on the trail. The results made me laugh.

14 mile trail run comparison

14 mile trail run comparison

My time/pace was pretty much the same for both runs. Am I consistent or what!? I think what made all the difference between the two runs and how I felt, is the interval training. The first year, I did not run intervals (though I’m pretty sure I did have unscheduled walk breaks here and there). This just goes to show how the intervals work on making your perceived effort- and thus, your run, a little easier.

Dopey Week 13 (14) long run

Dopey Week 13 (14) long run

Total mileage in Week 13: 27.69 miles (5 hrs 27 minutes of running!)

Total Dopey training Miles: 181.43

Week 13 Activity Report:

Cross training included 2 kickboxing class, 1 Bodypump class, 1 weight machine circuit (2 sets),  and 4 HIIT workouts

Week 12 total exercise time- 8 hrs 47 mins (cross training only time- 4 hrs 24 minutes)

Week 13 total exercise time- 9 hrs 43 mins (cross training only time- 4 hrs 16 minutes)

Week 14 (aka Week 13)

I took Monday as a rest day, as running those hills at the trail for 14 miles kinda wore out the legs, and I didn’t want to kill them in a kickboxing or Bodypump class.

My husband decided to run early in the day before I got home on Tuesday, so I ended up going to the gym for the first time in a while. I finally made it to a yoga class, then set myself up on the treadmill. I ran my 10:2 intervals.. but man I really wasn’t feeling the run. I don’t know if it’s because I hadn’t been on the treadmill a while, or if it’s because my body was still recovering from all the extra running the week before, or if it was the longer intervals.. but my legs felt like lead. I stuck it out, but decreased my speed a little for the last interval. I finished feeling pretty drained.

Made it again to the gym on Wednesday and got through kickboxing and 2 sets in my weight machine circuit. Thursday, I ended up taking off half a day at work. We were leaving for our trip early Friday morning and I needed to get a bunch of stuff done before we left. I picked up a few things at Walmart, took Zeus to the vet to have his stitches out, then dropped him off at my mom’s so she could watch him over the weekend. hen i went home to do some laundry and pack. By the time we finished it was a little late to run or go to the gym, plus I was really tired from all the running around. So.. I skipped it.

Vacation was wonderful. I won’t go into a lot of detail, because I plan to write a post about it, but it was pretty great. There was a lot to do at the resort we stayed at.. including paddle boats on the lake, tennis, table tennis, a nature trail, billiards, and even just walking around. Being in the Poconos.. the place was pretty hilly. We had to huff it back up a pretty large hill just to get back to our room in most cases, so we were pretty much active the whole time. But I never ended up running. BOO me, I know. I felt a little sick on Saturday and Sunday morning. Plus we had other events we wanted to see/do, so we never really got around to it. Meh, call it a bye-week.. it happens sometimes!

Total mileage in Week 14: 4.40 miles (50 minutes of running!)

Total Dopey training Miles: 185.83

Week 14 Activity Report:

Cross training included 1 kickboxing class, 1 weight machine circuit (2 sets), 1 yoga class and 5 HIIT workouts. (And I know Sunday is left off the calender here.. but nothing happened and I didn’t feel like pasting the extra day.)


Week 14 total exercise time- 4 hrs 19 mins (cross training only time- 3 hrs 29 minutes)

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