Dopey Challenge Training: Week 12


I highlighted week 12 on my schedule. Why you might ask.. lots happening in week 12. For one, an extra running day was added. (well, the schedule says walk, but since I don’t plan on completely walking any of my races, I plan to run/walk as I do on my other training runs.) The other reason week 12 is special? This is the week my husband starts his training for the 10K. (His longest race ever!)

Bodyrock started a new challenge this week called HIIT Max. I believe it’s a 30 day challenge, but not 100% positive on that. The workouts this week were a list of 12 exercises, performed with 30 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. In between exercise intervals, we had a cardio element that would be repeated every other interval, again for 30 seconds- for a total of about 16 minutes. The workouts are designed to be cumulative, building on the previous day’s. By Friday, you do all 5 workouts from the week. Ain’t nobody got time for that.. so I’ve just been doing the one workout they put out daily. This week, I am proud to say I completed all 5 days of workouts (I usually end up skipping a day) so yay me! I’ve been slacking on my morning workouts over the past few weeks and it feels good to get back to them and smash ’em out!

Monday came and went and I made it to both kickboxing and Bodypump. Our usual instructor was back from her emergency leave and it felt great to get back to the usual. I struggled a little in Bodypump and had to lower some of my weights, but not too bad. I was beat by the end of it.

Tuesday I got a lovely surprise in my inbox when I got to work. It seems the Garrison is FINALLY shutting down one of our old laboratory buildings, and our whole branch was called to assist with the clean up of my supervisor’s 7 labs. We’re talking 30+ years of lab junk.. in 7 rooms. Dirty, dusty, mysterious at times, lab JUNK. Lucky me.. I came to work wearing dress pants and wedges. While my shoes were not inherently uncomfortable.. standing and walking in them all day was a bit painful by quitting time. I came home and sat down on my couch.. and did not get up again. SO I skipped my first run since starting Dopey training. A little disappointed in missing it, but at the same time, my legs and feet were screaming at me.

Wednesday, I made sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes to work, and did end up going to kickboxing. I was a little sore from three days worth of my morning HIIT training and from Bodypump, so I cut down my weight circuit from 3 sets to 2.

Thursday was a beautiful day and I ran outside with my husband. He did his first run (well, he walked it) on Monday so this was the first time running with him in a few months. We played with the intervals a bit, but we narrowed them down to 90:90. He seems to be able to keep up with that time and it does challenge him a little at the end. After 30 minutes he was finished (his mid-weeks are only 30 mins) I set my watch back to 4:1 and I ran an additional 15 mins to make my 45. Finished with a strong 3.67 miles and felt good.

Friday, I was off of work. My husband wanted to go golfing, and wanted me to go with him. I would have except I had a bunch of errands to run and a few things to do to prepare for his birthday over the weekend. So I did my thing and came home in time for lunch. After lunch I ran my scheduled 4 miles on my usual route. It was a beautiful day; bright and sunny, low humidity, and a really nice breeze. I even got to wear a tank top I hadn’t been able to wear for a while. (Yay progress!)

Saturday started with a 1.5 mile (warm up?) run with my husband, his first long run of his training. (He did great by the way, but still can’t figure out why or how I do this all the time lol) After we were done, I headed out to meet my friends to finish my 13 miles. They were running 22, so they did 10 and met me for 12. Around mile 6, I was really feeling fatigue in my legs. It was also a little humid out (albeit, cool) so there’s that. And I was positively starving by our 3rd mile (WTH is up with that? I had a whole bowl of cereal  and a banana for breakfast!?) I felt for my friends, who had been running 16+ at that point.. but man, I was struggling. We walked a couple run intervals, not gonna lie. Two miles out from the end, I started keeping the run up though.. because I was so tired and so hungry that I just wanted to be finished with the whole thing. I think by the last half mile I was chanting “Almost done! Almost done! Pancakes! Almost done!” By the time we finished, we had run 12.29, giving me a total of 13.79 miles. I felt bad that I was complaining- after all, my friends had 10 miles on me! But I was really feeling it. Some runs are just like that I guess. I’m pretty certain that the fatigue came from the two previous days of running- so I got my first taste of Dopey. Yikes… Why did I sign up for this again?



And yes… I did get my post long run pancakes 🙂

Total mileage in Week 12: 21.49 miles (4 hrs 22 minutes of running!)

Total Dopey training Miles: 153.74

Week 12 Activity Report:


Week 12 total exercise time- 8 hrs 47 mins (cross training only time- 4 hrs 24 minutes)

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