Dopey Training Weeks 10 & 11

Time kind of got away from me last week, and I didn’t get a chance to write up week 10 until I was almost finished with week 11.. So I figured I combine the two. In week 9, I was having some pain in my right foot and took it easy. But in week 10, it felt better and I was able to run on it.

Week 10

Monday was Labor day and the gym was closed at noon. I decided not to go and rested instead. My husband and I spent a nice lazy day relaxing and spending time with each other… something we don’t get to do too often. Tuesday I was (or thought I was!) late for yoga class, so I went straight to the treadmill. I ran my usual 10:2 intervals for my first midweek run.. and really didn’t have any complications. I did find by the end of my 45 minutes, I was feeling it in my hips and quads a bit.. no idea what that was about.. but it subsided the next day. No biggie.

Wednesday I went to kickboxing class. Our usual instructor wasn’t there.. but I had worked out with the sub a couple times and I knew she was alright. She has a very different style than our usual instructor… one that’s more drill oriented. She likes to make up segments and then link them together to form one big sequence by the end. At first she did some warm up stuff and it seemed like it would be a lighter workout.. but by the end I was slowing down! she really had us working. A check of my Garmin at the end of class showed I burned 340 calories.. a typical kickboxing class gives me between 250 and 300.. so I got a really good workout! I then hit the weight machines to get in my strength training.

Thursday I got to yoga (on time!) and then hit the treadmill. Since I hadn’t run my neighborhood course (the hilly one) for a while I decided to do hill intervals using my Motiontrax episode. I used speeds 6.0 for incline 1-3, backed off to 5.6 for incline 4 and 5.3 for incline 5. I did three repeats of this instead of continuing to increase my incline like the episode says. (For my original description of this Motiontrax episode, go HERE and scroll down to Week 5.) Looking back at the last time I did this workout in week 5, I’m pretty pleased with my speed improvements running on the inclines. Good stuff.

I did my long run on Sunday morning with my partners in crime. My MCM buddies ran 10 miles before meeting up with me. I ran 1 mile by myself, then we ran an additional 10 miles for a total of 11. I give my friends tremendous credit.. they did 20 miles! For Randi and Aaron, this was their first ever 20 miler. It was tough but they got through it. so proud of them.. they are going to rock Marine Corp! As for me.. by the end of 11, I was feeling it in my hips and my knees pretty good, but overall it was a really good run. The weather was amazing. We lucked out great, because the past week had been summer with a vengeance. 90 degree days with very high humidity. Sunday was a breath of fresh air.. it was almost hard to have a bad run!

Week 10 long run

Week 10 long run

Total mileage in Week 10: 19.41 miles (3 hrs 43 minutes of running!)

Total Dopey training Miles: 119.68

Week 10 Activity Report:


Week 10 total exercise time- 6 hrs 32 mins (cross training only time- 2 hrs 49 minutes)

Week 11

In week 11, I wanted to up my cross training a bit. I had been slacking with my HIIT training due to various reasons and I wanted to incorporate that back into my routine. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. Short, but intense workouts using a work interval and a brief rest interval. This method of training is highly efficient in burning body fat and building strength due to the combination of resistance training and cardio elements. Basically.. it’s one of the best methods out there for efficient and functional exercise. for those who want a reference.. Crossfit is basically HIIT on steroids. I don’t do Crossfit myself… (too expensive for me.. and do I really need another fitness routine? lol) but the results from such a program speaks for itself.

I may not do Crossfit (and great for you if you do!) but I have been using and their sister site The Daily HIIT for a while. I love that they put out free workouts all the time, do challenge programs frequently, and are an all around positive fitness community. The workouts average from 12- 20 minutes.. but you can repeat videos or do several for a longer workout. I like to squeeze one in in the morning before work. It leaves me just sweaty enough without needing a full shower, and leaves me feeling great all morning.

I wanted to start the Bodyrock 5 day Abs and Butt challenge they just put out, but ended up not having enough time Monday morning. I DID manage to get to kickboxing and Bodypump class for the first time in a while on a Monday, so that was a win. The instructor for kickboxing was the same sub from the previous Wednesday. Once again, she kicked my butt.. and I walked away with a 300+ calorie burn. As for Bodypump, I hadn’t been for 3 weeks.. and it showed. I had to reduce my weight for some of the tracks, and I had a feeling I was going to be sore for the next few days. I hate when I skip Body Pump.

Tuesday I managed to do day 1 of the Bodyrock Abs and Butt Challenge. It felt really good to do a HIIT workout again. (I hadn’t done one in two weeks!) In the video they used a bunch of new equipment. I have done these videos enough to know how to modify something for my equipment and my living room. I have a few things they use, like an Equilizer and a sandbag… but the girl in the video was using a Bosu ball. We have them in the gym and I’ve used them before.. but the video made me realize.. I want one! Looked it up on amazon and saw that they were around $120 there… hmm– might have to get one in the near future. Later that day I made it to yoga and realized that the schedule had changed! There is now a beginner yoga class before the level III/IV class I take, which pushed my class time back 15 minutes. (So I really wasn’t late the week before.. it hadn’t even started yet!) after yoga, I hit the treadmill, killing 4.45 miles doing 10:2 intervals.

Wednesday I managed to do day 2 of the Bodyrock challenge.. but I was sooo sore. (I knew it Bodypump!) I was struggling to decide weather or not I should go to the gym that evening and decided to attend the kickboxing class, but forgo the weight circuit. I got to the gym to find out that the class had been cancelled. So Wednesday ended up being a partial rest day anyways 🙂

Thursday I felt much better after my evening of rest. I did D3 of the Bodyrock challenge in the morning, but I ended up talking to my husband about some important stuff going on at his work, so I ditched Thursday evening’s yoga and run, promising myself I would run Friday evening after work.

Friday completed day 4 of the Bodyrock Challenge, and I made good on my promise to squeeze in my run. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I was really glad I ended up not doing it the day before. I wasn’t doing my long run until Sunday anyways, so I felt like I could shift the running day.

Sunday I met up with the group, this time in the evening. Dawn’s schedule changes from day to evening shift every month and right now she’s on early.. thus we have to run late. She also works most weekends, so there was no getting around it. Lucky for me, I only needed 3-4 miles… so I was finished by the time the sun went down. The other 3 needed to run 20. I got a quick glimpse into my future coming in the next couple of months and I’m not looking forward to running in the dark.

Week 11 Long Run

Week 11 Long Run

Total mileage in Week 10: 12.57 miles (2 hrs 23 minutes of running!)

Total Dopey training Miles: 132.25

Week 10 Activity Report:


Week 11 total exercise time- 6 hrs 35 mins (cross training only time- 4 hrs 11 minutes)


2 thoughts on “Dopey Training Weeks 10 & 11

  1. Someone recently sent me a link to your post; “Mission Moment: Most beautiful Story Ever Told”. Thank you so much for such kind words. Kati would be embarrassed by such attention, she would often say that “honored teammate” was not a description of who she was, but how she felt about being associated with the Team. In a speech once she said “I know it sounds strange but I feel sort of blessed having leukemia because I am constantly surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things”. Kati was speaking about you and everyone like you. Thank you for all you do, and if there is ever anything I can do to help let me know.

    • Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Really, I just want to spread the awareness and hope that maybe, even for just one person,something will click. I think it’s important to put a face to the name of such a devastating disease as cancer. It keeps the ones we lose close to our hearts and helps them live forever by not giving up on others who are still fighting. I’m not running with TNT this year, but the LLS is a charity close to my heart and I continue to support them when I can. I believe you have to be the change you want to see in the world.. and I’m tired of seeing so many families going through this. Thanks again for stopping by!

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