Dopey Training Week 9

Week 9

Week 9

Last week was a little nerve wracking. Due to the discomfort I had been feeling in my right foot.. I cut back on my usual workout routine. My mid week runs were done on the Arc Trainer (elliptical) but I did do my long run, since it was a cut back week.

Monday, my foot was still sore. I did go to the gym, but I nixed my usual kickboxing and Bodypump classes and elected to do the seated weight machines. I usually do the weight machine circuit once a week (to get my two strength training sessions in) but they are not my favorite. I know that they are not as efficient for strength training as free weights (we use a bar with various weight combos in Bodypump) or HIIT bodyweight/resistance training.. but since I didn’t want to add pressure to my foot.. seated machines would have to do. After the weight circuit, I found myself an Espresso bike. if you are not familiar with these.. they are kinda neat. They have a screen on them and you choose your level and scenario. Then the bike is programmed to ride whatever scenario is chosen. There are many different courses to choose from all with varying distances and difficulties. I don’t usually do the Espresso bike (I would rather use the recumbent cycles due to a better/more comfortable seat) but I was craving something different. I managed to rack up 7.5 miles in about half an hour just playing with different courses (under the easy level.. I’m not a seasoned bike rider, so easy is my starting place) Overall I enjoyed it.. though I’ll reserve it for when I can’t do my normal stuff.

Espresso bike

Espresso bike

Tuesday, my foot wasn’t really hurting. I had some discomfort so to say, but I can’t really call it pain. I did yoga class and besides a couple of twinges here and there, my foot felt alright. I decided to try out the Arc in lieu of running. I chose an “Interval” setting to mix things up. A typical Arc trainer workout for me is 30 minutes with 4 minutes easy intervals, 1 minute sprint interval. Again I decided to try something new and play with the interval workouts. I set it to level 1 (not knowing what I was getting into) and it was surprisingly easy. The machine varied in resistance between 15 and 20 (I usually use resistance 30 in my workouts.) this made for an easy pace 45 minute workout that wasn’t too bad. Mileage came out to just over 2 and the calorie burn was about right. The foot felt ok on the Arc trainer.. There was some discomfort, no real pain, and I didn’t have to stop to get off before my workout was over, and no lingering effects afterwards.

Arc Trainer

Arc Trainer

Wednesday I decided to take a rest day. I headed over to our local running store to have them look at my shoes and see if there was maybe a reason for all the foot issues. They said my shoes looked fine, but they could tell I might benefit from some added support. The had mew try on some SuperFeet inserts the store carried and I was able to settle on the Berry insoles. Since they did not have my size in stock, (they had to get them from a different store location) I gave them my contact info so they could let me know when they came in. I got a call on Thursday and decided to stop in and pick them up before hitting the gym.

SuperFeet Berry insoles

SuperFeet Berry insoles

I picked up the insoles from the store, thinking I would try them out. I soon realized that I had to trim them, so I didn’t get to use them that night at the gym. I did a round of the weight machine circuit, then hit the Arc trainer again. This time I did level 2 for the intervals. The workout was much the same as before, some foot discomfort, no real pain. I wore my new shoes I bought from amazon to break them in a little and see if they made any difference for my foot. The shoes are the same brand and model as my other ones.. and while the older pair only have about 120 miles on them.. I wanted to cycle a second pair of shoes in so that I end up with two pairs for Dopey. That way I could alternate shoes and not worry too much about hot spots or rain soaking them and not having enough dry time.

My new Ravenna 5's (B-pair)

My new Ravenna 5’s (B-pair)

I met up with my friends on Saturday for our long run. The girls and Aaron had planned a 16 mile run, so I met them for the last 4. Poor Randi ended up getting sick and needed to stop about a half mile in, so she and Aaron left. Dawn and I ran our 3-4 mile course, and although I felt a mild discomfort pretty much the whole run, there was no pain. Took that to be a good sign. When I was normal walking, I felt nothing, but a little discomfort while running. I ran 4:1’s though and kept it slow. It was a cloudy morning, warmer than it had been, and fairly humid. I think not running all week had an effect, because it really wasn’t a fantastic run.. I just wanted to be finished and have breakfast already. Managed 3.75 miles in under 44  minutes.

Week 9 long run

Week 9 long run

I wore both my new shoes and the new insoles. Compared to the sock liner of the brand new shoe, the insoles felt rather stiff.. but they felt good while running.. so we’ll see how they do after a while. thinking about getting a second pair of insoles for my other shoes so I don’t have to keep switching them from shoe to shoe. I was also told that they should last through two pairs of shoes before needing to be replaced, so a second pair means these are the ones I’m taking to Disney with me.

Total [running] mileage in Week 9: 3.75 miles

Total Dopey training Miles: 100.27

aug 25-30

Week 9 activity report: Total running time: 43 minutes. Total cross training time: 296 min (4 hrs 56 min)



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