My New Workplay Bag!

I love new fitness gear and equipment. I’ve collected a lot over the years. I’m super excited to talk about my newest piece- my new Workplay Goddess III gym bag.


I’ve never had a nice gym bag.. never thought I really needed one. I mean, you throw dirty shoes, clothes, wet towels and toiletries in them.. who needs something fancy for that? Well I was browsing a website and was a nice gym bag listed as one of their items. It’s hard to judge a bag by pictures alone, so I decided to look it up on Youtube to see if there were any reviews on the brand. That’s where I found an overview of the Goddess III and fell in love.

Never heard of Workplay? Well if you’re from the US like me, it doesn’t surprise me. Workplay is a British company. They are small and relatively new, but they do have a Facebook Page and a Website. They have a couple different styles of bags, including the Goddess III, precursors Goddess I & II, as well as a hydration pack, backpack style gym bags, a mini gym bag, and a running belt. British huh… that must mean it’s expensive due to import shipping and currency exchange. Yes.. and no. While it’s true.. this bag is not cheap- coming in at £79.99 (That’s about $135) and shipping cost another $20. But, I was able to get a discount code from the website that gave me 15% off. This essentially gave me free shipping and my total order came to $135. Yes, this is still expensive to pay for a bag.. but this bag is well made, unique, and durable. Plus, I use my gym bag pretty much every day.. it’s probably my most used bag other than my purse, the tote I bring to work and my lunch bag. I also like to shower at the gym.. and this bag makes it super easy to carry everything you need in a nice organized manner. For this reason, it makes for a great travel bag as well, and it’s small enough to fit in the overhead compartment of air planes. Based on these reasons, I feel the price tag is reasonable and worth it.



Firstly, the Goddess series bags are made with women in mind, and the III comes in a variety of colors including pink/black, berry/black, purple twilight, and grey/black. All three goddess models are ergonomically designed and feel great on the shoulders. On the Goddess II and III, there is a Velcro pad that helps cushion the shoulder. The bag sits very comfortable and natural on my shoulder and side. Even if I have a heavy bag, it’s easy to carry and feels a lot like a purse or tote bag.


Valuables pouch, front pocket, top pocket and water bottle pocket

The outside of the bag features several pockets including an easy access front pocket (that closes with a magnetic closure and includes a small lanyard for keeping a gym pass or keys attached. There is also a pocket built into the top, which is flat but deep, great for carrying paperwork or small items you kind of want to hide. On the side there is a water bottle pocket with an elastic band to keep the bottle in place. This is one of the features I love, but I feel like the pocket could be bigger. It will fit a 12 oz bottle of water pretty snug, but it’s a little small for my 24 oz bottle. It does fit though.. and I do use the elastic on it just to make sure.

On the inside, there is a fleece-lined valuables pouch. This is pretty cool if you change at the gym or need a place to keep small things from getting scratched. It’s attached to the upper left wall of the bag, so small, delicate things won’t be buried under other larger things at the bottom.

On the back of the bag, there is another, zippered pocket along the outside. This one contains a special pouch that expands out into the interior of the main bag, and its mainly to be used for wet items (towels, bathing suits etc. by separating them this way, you can protect other items in the bag from getting wet. the expandable pouch can just be tucked into one of the interior pouches along the sides inside the main bag.

back zipper pocket and pulled out expandable pouch

back zipper pocket and pulled out expandable pouch

Inside the main bag, there is a printed checklist in case you need to be reminded of what to bring to the gym. The inside of the bag has 5 built-in pockets (two on the front and 3 around the sides) to store loose items. The bag also comes with a detached drawstring laundry bag to put dirty clothes. On the upper right side, there is a coin pocket for people who need to put a coin in a locker, and a D-ring in case you want to store a lock or some keys.


laundry bag, and interior view of side pockets and check list


D-ring and coin pocket

The sides on the outside of the bag also open up for storage. On the right side of the bag, there is a compartment for shoes. A detached drawstring bag is also included to store shoes in so that they do not get the inside of the main bag dirty. The shoe compartment easily fits my Women’s size 9 Brooks running shoes.. and I could also probably get a pair of flip flops in with them as well. If you were to travel with smaller shoes, you might be able to get two pairs in there, depending on your shoe size.

60679_10101629005965965_2956254472113410143_nThe left side compartment is my favorite. This compartment houses a shower/toiletries bag, which also comes with the main bag. The shower bag opens up to reveal two sections and can be hung vertically on a hook. The lower part of the bag is mesh to hold shower items, and can easily fit full size bottles in there. The upper bag has two small interior pockets and a larger pocket that could also hold full size bottle items. The bag comes with a detachable mirror, and the there is also a mesh pocket on the outside of the bag for quick access items. I put my full size hairbrush in the back pocket and it holds it nicely. I think this bonus shower bag really sold the goddess III to me.. as I shower at the gym and usually carry my toiletries in several bags. Not any more!

10547572_10101629005931035_792709905118604012_nWhen I was packing my new bag for the gym, I got everything out of my old bag and put it in the new. I filled it up pretty nicely, but when I went to put my two bath towels and after gym clothes in.. I noticed the center wasn’t that big.. in fact it looked a little smaller than my old bag space wise. I shoved my towels and clothes in and it was then I realized.. I’m done. There was nothing else to put in the bag. The toiletries and shoes were in the side compartments, my kindle and headphones were tucked in an interior pocket, and my lock was resting in the front pouch, and my water bottle was stowed in it’s pouch on the side. Even the gym class schedule was safely tucked into the top document pocket. and I had plenty of room left inside. That was cool.

I’ve been using my bag for almost two weeks now and I love it. The only thing I have to say is that the material is rather stiff as it is still new.. so closing the zippers can be a little difficult at times. I also have a tiny defect in the zipper for the main bag.. but it still zips fully, it just gets hung up sometimes. I think this is a fluke for mine and I don’t hold it to the brand in general. The bags are made of super durable material and I can tell it will last me a long time. The bottom of the bag is rubberized and has four feet attached to keep it off wet surfaces. It it narrow enough to fit in a standard locker, although just barely and I do have to wiggle it in. Shipping took about a week and was no more of a hassle than anything else I would buy online. My bank did hit me up with a foreign trade fee, but it was less than $2.

If you like what you see, but want to see the bag in better context, I have linked the video from Youtube below describing all the features. Workplay did not solicit me for my review of their product; I found the bag, ordered it, liked it, and decided to spread the word. Check em out!




One thought on “My New Workplay Bag!

  1. Wow! What a wonderful detailed review – thank you so much for your honest assessment of our top of the range Goddess III Gym and travel bag. We put a lot of time and effort into trying to design the best ladies gym bag – and are thrilled when people find us from right around the world. Our other bags all have the same level of practical detail in them – so thank you for talking about us. We appreciate it.

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