Dopey Training Weeks 7 & 8.. and More Foot Issues!?


Continuing along on the road to the Dopey Challenge.. I give you Weeks 7 and 8.

Week 7:

This week was a cut back week. I had my two 45 minute runs on Tuesday and Wednesday, and my shorter 3 mile run on Saturday. Tuesday I managed 4.33 miles on the treadmill. As with in week 6, I changed my intervals from 4:1 to 10:2. This week though, I felt really strong, and only had to push on my last 10 minute interval. I ended up going a little over time, and finished in 48 minutes. (Not that it does it really matters but it’s nice to report overtime than under-time ;))

run 140812

Thursday was one of those days that it was beautiful outside. In the past I would ignore the nice days and just do my thing at the gym. however.. I’m starting to find myself feeling silly when I’m on the treadmill on a beautiful day. So I’ve been taking advantage of running outside more, especially those rare days in the summer when the weather is conducive. I ran 4:1 intervals, as the route I go is rather hilly and challenging. Managed 4.27 miles in 46 minutes.. not bad!

run 140814

Sunday Dawn was off of work. I met up with my friends around 8:30 for a 3- 4 miler. They had just finished running 12 miles (I think) and I was catching up w/ them to finish the last 3-4. Randi’s husband Aaron was with them this time. Aaron is one of those natural runners. Very low body fat percentage, tall, lanky. It’s not beyond him to run a half on a whim without training at all. (Although Randi reports he is a beast at the gym. He just doesn’t specifically run regularly) However, marathon training is a bit different.. and a place he has never gone. So, he has started attending our long runs, when possible.

I stuck with the 4:1 intervals to keep it easy. It must have worked because when we were finished, I felt like I hadn’t gone very far. I had, in fact, run for 46 minutes and 3.86 miles, but it really didn’t feel like it. I love it when runs end that way 🙂

long run 140817

a little humid, but not bad temperature wise

a little humid, but not bad temperature wise

Week 7 Cross Training: Cardio Kickboxing (Mon & Wed, 45 min), BodyPump class (Mon, 60 min), Yoga (Tues, 60 min), Weight Machine Circuit (Wed, 66 min), HIIT (Tue, 12 min)

Total Week 7 Fitness Minutes (including running): 428 (7 hrs ~8 min)

Total Mileage for Week 7: 12.46

Week 8:

Week 8 started off fine.. and ended not so fine.

On Sunday 8/17, my brother in law came down from NY to golf with my husband. Monday I ended up skipping the gym to go to dinner with them, but Tuesday I made it to the gym to run. I got in 4.33 miles and 48 minutes running 10:2 intervals. No real issues, but I did have a nagging little ache across the top of my right knee. Nothing to be concerned over, I chalked it up to the aches and pains you sometimes get on the road to training. It cleared up the next day.

treadmill 140819

Thursday I hit the treadmill to do my speed workout. I described my speed workout in my recap of Week 4. Since I had been running outside the past couple of weeks, I counted them as hill workouts (since the route I go is pretty hilly) I hadn’t done any speed workouts since Week 4, So I got my Motiontrax on. I am pleased to report that not only was I able to increase my speed for the intervals, but I felt pretty strong when I was finished. I managed to do a 3.5 walk, 6.0 moderate jog, and 6.8 run. (See my recap of Week 4 for workout structure.) For the sprint portion of it, I managed to Jog at 5.5 (for recovery) and sprint at 7.5. So it wasn’t a huge jump in speed, but I’m glad I’m progressing well and feel like I can increase it a bit more next time. Total workout gave me 4.26 miles in 45 minutes.

 TSI 140821

I met up with Dawn, Randi and Aaron on Sunday for my long run. I needed 9 miles this week, and somehow, Randi convinced the rest of the group to run 18. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and I was really glad we ran Sunday and not in the yucky gray, humid and warmer Saturday. Nope Sunday was blue skies, low 70’s, and low humidity with a breeze. Great weather always makes long runs that much more bearable. We ran 4:1 intervals, and the majority of the time I felt great. My legs started fatiguing around mile 6, but nothing too terrible. Dawn and Randi were really pushing hard though and lagged behind a bit at times. Aaron somehow managed to be the energizer bunny and sprinted up even the later hills. Somewhere between miles 7 and 9.. I can’t really pin point it.. I started to feel a dull ache in my foot. Not the recently healed foot.. the other foot. My right foot. It wasn’t terrible, but I knew I was reaching my limit. It felt like I was pronating more on the inside of my right foot.. not sure if it was because of the shoe, or because I was reacting to whatever was going on with the foot.. but I knew I was struggling. I finished my 9 (9.03 to be exact) in 104 minutes and walked it off.


Check that temperature! In August no less!

Check that temperature! In August no less!

When I got home though.. especially as I had my shoes off and was moving around, the familiar dull ache on the top/side of my foot was present. At this point.. I’m so nervous about it. It’s all I could think about all evening Sunday and pretty much ever since. It’s not as strong as the pain I felt before in my left foot.. but it’s in the same general area and it’s a similar feeling. I plan on backing off completely in week 9. No Running. No high impact exercise. Seated strength training, cycling, and possibly swimming. And ice.. lots of ice. I had it taped up on Monday, and in compression socks. Yesterday it felt better, and I went to yoga and did 45 minutes on the Arc Trainer. I felt it a little during my workouts yesterday, and now I feel no pain but it still feels off.  My plan is to let it rest this week (rest, as in, no high impact and no running) and re-evaluate next week. I really can’t afford another 6-8 weeks off.. not while I’m training for Dopey. (Not to mention, I’m signed up to run 16 miles at the Baltimore Running Festival in mid October!)

My question to throw out there is… anyone ever deal with back to back stress reactions/fractures? How about on opposite feet? Anyone ever have experience with their shoes being the cause of the injuries? It seems like this model of shoe (which I’ve worn several generations of now) has been causing me issues ever since the newest release came out. Would inserts or orthotics help? I do have the number to a local Sports Clinic with a Running Center that I will call if this seems to linger a bit.. but anyone ever have these issues? (Better yet… has anyone worn the Brooks Ravenna 5’s and had feet issues?) I can’t even say it’s overuse, because I’ve been super conservative on my training schedule. Hoping this will all blow over in a couple of days, but it really has me worried as I continue in my training. If I’m dealing with this now, how am I supposed to run 15, 18, 26 miles!?

Week 8 Cross Training: Cardio Kickboxing (Wed, 45 min), Weight Machine Circuit (Wed, 60 min), HIIT (Wed & Thurs, 12 min each)

Total Week 8 Fitness Minutes (including running): 325 (5 hrs ~25 min)

Total Mileage for Week 8: 17.62


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