Dopey Training Weeks 4 & 5

Before I get into my summary of weeks 4 & 5, I am excited to announce that we were able to book our resort for Disney Marathon Weekend last week! I had been waiting and waiting to be able to book. Disney hadn’t been letting their bookings go beyond December 2014 on their website. I saw another friend post that she reserved her room last week and discovered that I was able to too.

When we first looked into it my husband and I had zeroed in on a value level resort. In previous years, we had stayed at Disney’s Coronado Springs resort. This is a moderate level resort, however half our room was paid by Team in Training. Since we are staying a full week, we determined that it was too expensive to stay at a moderate resort. I had stayed at an All Star resort before (Disney has three All Star resorts, Sports, Music, and Movies, which are value classification) and I had no complaints. There are two other value resorts on Disney property; Pop Century, and Art of Animation. I had heard reviews that art of Animation was a great resort.. and it’s Disney’s newest, only being open for 2 years. These two are a little pricier than the All Star resorts, but only by $20-$30/ night. I was keen on staying at All Star Music, but my husband ultimately preferred Art of Animation. He is only running 1 of the four races and doesn’t plan on spectating all of them. So this means a lot of downtime for him.. and he wanted pools. AoA has three pools to choose from, vs. only 2 at Music. So we ended up booking AoA! Yay!


Anyways, on to my training recaps. Last week was a crazy busy week at work, so I’m going to update weeks 4 and 5 together.

Training schedule is filling up!

Training schedule is filling up!


Week 4:

On Tues July 22, I completed my 45 minutes on the treadmill, running 4:1 intervals. There was nothing special about that run. On Thursday, I stepped it up a little and decided to build in some speed. I have a podcast from Motiontrax that takes you through a speedwork program and it’s my go-to for a nice hard treadmill workout. I hadn’t done this workout since before I was injured, so I took it easy on the speed. (no crazy 8+ mph sprints that I used to do!) The first time out, I wanted something hard, but not too hard. The program is as follows:

4 minutes walking warmup (3.5 mpH)

2 min jog (I did 5.5 mph for this, typically I would have done 6.3 or 6.5)
2 min run (I did 6.5 mph, typically I would have done 6.8- 7 mph)

1 min walk (3.5)
2 min Jog (5.5)
3 min run (6.5)

1 min walk
2 min Jog
4 min run

1 min walk
2 min jog
5 min run

1 min walk (although I tend to take 2-3 minutes here.. I did only do 1 min this time)

1 min jog (usually I do 6 mph, but I only did 5 this time)
1 min sprint (I did 7.5 here.. typically I do 8+ mph)

Repeat 5 times for a total of 6 intervals

walk 2 min cool down

The intervals may not look like much.. but this is a killer workout. It usually gives me over 4 miles on the treadmill, and I walk out the rest of the 45 minutes.

Sunday 7/27 I finally got to meet back up with Dawn and run with her! She and Randi were running 14 miles that day (they are training for Marine Corp Marathon in October.) Since I only needed 5.5 miles, I met them at the local trail as they were finishing up their 10 mile loop. We then headed back out on the street to do an extra 4.5 miles. I had never run that short of a distance on our street course, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew that one of the TNT ladies we see frequently will turn on a road to give her 5 miles, so we headed in that direction. In the end, it only gave us 4.6 miles, so I told the girls that I was going to head down the trail to get in my extra mile. Dawn offered to come with me, but Randi was done for the day. She headed out to IHOP to reserve us a table for breakfast (I’ve so missed post long run breakfasts with my girls!) After a quick mile, we headed out to IHOP. I had a delicious veggie omelet and the girls both got pancakes. Love that post running food!

Total miles run in Week 4:  13.75

Week 5:

Tuesday July 29, running didn’t happen. I made a date with my nephew to Facetime with him. We talked until around 7 (which is what time my yoga class starts, so I was already missing that.) I considered running outside. It was cool enough, but overcast, gray and depressing looking. Plus, I was comfy on the sofa with my husband and the urge to be lazy got to me. I did do a Bodyrock workout that morning, so I decided to take it easy. Wednesday was an absolutely gorgeous day. Bright and sunny, and low humidity. My husband was out golfing after he got off work. I decided that it would be a crime to miss such a beautiful day at the end of July to run outside- so that’s what I did. I ran intervals in/around my neighborhood and got in a strong 4.35 mi run. Thursday I hit the gym, making it to yoga, then hitting the treadmill. This week, I decided to do hill intervals. Again, I have a Motiontrax podcast workout that I use:

4 min walking warm up (3.5 mph)

5 min run, moderate intensity, 0 incline (I ran at 6.0)

Back to walking, 1 min @ 0 incline

Set treadmill to 1 incline and jog. Increase incline every 2 minutes until you reach 5 incline. (I jogged at 6 for incline1 & 2, 5.5 for incline 3 & 4, then 5 for incline 5)

Recovery walk for 1 minute @ 3.5 mph.

Now, the workout continues on in the same format for 2 more cycles. According to the podcast, the incline remains at 5 for the walk rest interval, and you continue increasing the incline and jogging each interval. However, I haven’t done this in a while, so I elected to do 3 repeats of the 1st interval. At the first walk/rest interval, I lowered the incline back to zero and started over when the work interval came back. If you were to continue to follow the workout strictly, you would end up at an incline of 15. While I’ve gotten there before.. I need to build back up to that. I left this workout feeling worked, but strong.

Sunday, I met up with the girls again for my long run. They were running 15 miles, but I only needed 3. I elected to do the same 4.6 mile loop, without the extra mile. This time I was the one who headed out to IHOP to reserve the table while the girls finished their last half mile. Everything always tastes better after a run 🙂

Total miles run in Week 4: 12.88.

Total Dopey Challenge Miles so far: 52.54

On to week 6!

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