Dopey Training Week 3

Hard to believe that July is almost over and that I’m in week four of training already. I’m still in the early stages of training, which means all my runs are still under an hour long. Sometimes I catch myself struggling with the thought of running 3-4 hour 15, 18, 20+ mile runs.. but one step at a time. I need to focus on building my base and keeping myself healthy and strong.

Week 3

Week 3

On Tuesday 7/15, I had a pretty uneventful 45 minute run on the treadmill. I stuck to 4:1 intervals.. eventually I want to wean my way off these intervals for my mid week runs since they are comparably short. I also want to start building in speed and hill intervals to the mix. I think I will schedule an easy run for Tuesdays, and then a speed or hill session on Thursdays, alternating the workout by weeks. (i.e. 1 week, speed, the next week, hills.. and so on.)

Thursday 7/17 my husband wanted to run with me- we had some crazy storms come through the area on Monday and Tuesday, which resulted in a fabulous break in the weather.

Thursday's weather according to Garmin

Thursday’s weather according to Garmin

My husband hadn’t run since our last 5K together in March.. and knew he would be out of shape. I set my watch for 2:1 intervals, but he still really struggled. Our neighborhood is pretty hilly too and it took a lot out of him. Our neighborhood loop finds ourselves passing our house around mile 2, so I convinced him to cut his run to 2 miles. At first he maintained that he wasn’t going to quit, but soon after he realized he wouldn’t make it another mile and didn’t want to push an injury. So I gave him the key and he went home. (2 miles is really fantastic though.. I think he did great!)

At that point, I was about 28 minutes into my run, and I knew one more mile wouldn’t give me 45 minutes. So I decided to bypass our neighborhood 3rd mile loop and head out to the library down the street. An out and back run to the library is about 2 miles. I knew that would bring me to at least 45 minutes. So I set my watch to 4:1 intervals and took off. I made it home again and finished my run in 53 minutes- longer than was necessary, but felt great. I had a nagging pain in my left glute for some reason that stuck around for a little while, but I didn’t feel it at all on my “long” run Saturday.

I made plans to meet up with Randi Saturday morning for my “long” run. I was only supposed to run 3 miles, but I decided to run 4. One reason being that Randi lives about 45 minutes from the trail we meet up at, and I wanted to make it worth her while driving all that way. The other reason is the trail leg we run is approximately 4 miles long, So I figured we’d run to the end and back.

The weather on Saturday wasn’t the best- overcast and around 70 degrees. But the humidity was high.. which makes it hard to breathe and stay cool. I didn’t bring my runner’s towel I usually carry in the summer because it wasn’t so hot, but I did sweat like crazy and it wasn’t evaporating so I kind of regretted that decision.

weather on Satuday

weather on Saturday

While it was great to see Randi and catch up with her… I realized that I was severely lacking in the speed department. I did my best to keep up with her.. but a couple of times I lagged a little behind. I was also given a strong dose of why I don’t run the trail too often… the HILLS. Brutal. I’m glad we were only doing 4 miles because I was definitely glad to be done at the end of it. My Garmin recorded 3.77 mi.. which is a little off, but not anything I was concerned about. I’ve been running the area now for 3 years and I know the approximate distance for all our routes. We finished in a little over 43 minutes- my fastest 4 miles (or 3.77) since returning to running. But I also didn’t walk in the beginning. We did keep 4:1 intervals though- which Randi had never done before, but ended up liking the approach. I also found out that Randi and her husband decided to go to Disney with us and run the Goofy Challenge. (Dopey is sold out, and Randi wasn’t sure if her husband’s work schedule would allow them to travel in January. She missed out in signing up for Dopey, but Goofy is still open.) The Goofy Challenge is running the half and the full marathons- still a ridiculous and amazing accomplishment. I’m so excited they get to come with us! And Randi is a Disney World virgin… can’t wait to show her all the cool, amazing things Disney World has to offer.

After our run, we took a walk down the street to the local farmer’s market. It’s held every Saturday in the summer from 7- 12. I had never been, so I thought it would be cool to check it out. While it was no where near the scale of the one my husband and I went to in NYC.. I had no idea how many local farmers in the area came out to participate. There was lots of produce, eggs, fresh meats, homemade items like jams, vinegars and soap, ice cream, baked goods, and honey. I bought some blueberries and blackberries, 4 honey sticks, 2 chocolate chip cookies (my husband’s request) and a loaf of bread. The bread was my favorite- the bakery uses their own stone ground flour, sweetens their products with honey, and use no preservatives or artificial products. I bought a 5 seed loaf. It tasted amazing! The only downside to it- pricy. I paid $5.50 for a load of bread. might not be able to buy it every week, but I would buy from them again.

I love how there were dogs everywhere!

I love how there were dogs everywhere!

Don't know why it looks so foggy, it wasn't

Don’t know why it looks so foggy, it wasn’t



It was really cool that so many people brought their dogs along. I even saw 2 pugs! One I got to meet- her name was Hazel, and another I saw as I was leaving. Might have to bring Zeus next time!

I wanna go for a ride!

I wanna go for a ride!

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