Happy July everyone!

Today’s July 1st and we are making our way though the second half of the year already!

First- I would like to mention that TODAY kicks off the first day of training for the Dopey Challenge at the 2015 Disney Marathon Weekend! Yup.. from now until January 2015, I’ll be training for a 5k, 10k, half and full. Unfortunately for me.. I’m still resting my foot, so I will not be running this week. This is ok- because the training plan starts off slow, with 2- 45 min runs this week and a 3 mile long run on Saturday. Of all the times to skip runs.. the very beginning is the time to do it. However, I’m hoping to get to it as soon as possible, because training gets longer from there.. and I can’t afford to get too far behind.

Training with the Galloway Method, courtesy of RunDisney

Training with the Galloway Method, courtesy of RunDisney

week 1

My foot right now is OK. I still feel a little discomfort/soreness here and there, so I know it’s not 100%. But I do feel like it’s getting better. I’m taking it week by week at this point. I’ve been strength training and doing yoga, as well as  swimming and cycling. Last week it was feeling a little sore in one of the yoga classes, so I backed off. This week, I’m doing nothing but swimming, and trying to stay off it as much as possible. I might try a walk at the end of the week.. but I’m playing everything by ear.

I’m electing to defer my race in august, the Charles Street 12 Miler. I’m disappointed, because this means I’m out of yet another challenge. the Charles Street 12 is the last leg of the B3 challenge. I already ran the Shamrock 5K and the Sole of the City 10K. If you recall, I also deferred the Baltimore 10 miler, which took me out of the King Crab Challenge. Sigh. I know there will always be other opportunities. I just do not have time to train for 12 miles, needing to start from the beginning. And I REALLY don’t want to hurt myself. Disney is the most important out of all of them. That is the one(s) I have to get through no matter what.

I still plan on participating in the Baltimore Running Festival. I was signed up to run the half, but I just recently signed up to run the 5K as well. Before you tell me I’m nuts, there were several reasons for this. 1- the 5k starts an hour and a half before the half.. plenty of time to do both! 2- My husband and I missed our annual 5K that we do together, the Bel air Town Run, due to my injury and his brother’s wedding. I got him to sign up with me, so I get to run it with him! 3- I’m scheduled to run 17 miles that day as part of my training for Dopey.. so all I’l have to do is run an extra mile to get my training in. The races will be slow, run/walk efforts, and the focus will be on training rather than racing. At the end, I’ll still have my Maryland Double medal- so that’s one challenge I’ll get to keep!

hills don't scare me!

MD Double finisher, 2012

In other news, the HIIT site that I frequent, Bodyrock.TV and it’s sister site, The Daily HIIT, posted a challenge for the month of July. It’s called the Jiggle Free July Challenge. While I’m not particularly fond of the word “jiggle” (just sounds gross doesn’t it?) I thought it might be a good idea to incorporate these short mini toning workouts in every day. I already try to get in a morning HIIT workout 4-5 days/ week (except, I’m skipping this week in an effort to give my foot a break) and I figure, a nice little bonus round every day would give me that much more of an edge as I’m trying to get back to my fitness level after this long break.


 Anyways, I’m looking forward to this month. My husband and I are doing a stay-cation here in Baltimore on the 4th- we rented a room at the Residence Inn downtown and plan to go down for the day, and stay late to watch the fireworks and enjoy the nightlife. We don’t go out much like that, and I’ve actually never been to the Inner Harbor for holiday fireworks before. Our hotel serves a complimentary hot breakfast to their guests, so we even get to have a nice relaxing morning on Saturday. Since our Disney trip is going to be a big vacation, and we have another smaller trip to the Poconos planned for our 1 year anniversary in October, we are not really planning any real vacations over the summer. It’s nice to get away from the everyday, even if it’s in your own hometown.

I’m also looking forward to having some of my husband’s friends come visit from NY, although we don’t have dates nailed down yet, but always a good time when people come down. Our veggies are finally growing.. and we should have a good crop emerging this month. And I’m def looking forward to running again! July is shaping up to be a good month already!

Maybe I'll just take a nap instead

Zeus is excited…





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