Motivational Monday: Control It!

You know how it goes. You’re focused all week. You track your food and exercise. You plan your meals, you adjust for indulgences. You’re going great! Then the weekend hits. There’s a party. You’re hungry so you nibble on a few chips. you try a little dip. You have a burger.. those beans look good. Ooohh.. cake. Can’t let the brownies go to waste.

Yup. You’re derailed.

BUT it’s ok! You slipped up. Not the end of the world. Just make sure you keep logging (as best you can) and keep moving forward. I don’t believe in cheat days really.. because cheat days lead to other cheat days.. leads to “I can eat whatever I want” days.. leads to your pants not fitting.. and I hate that. BUT I do believe that in the moment, you can let loose a little. have a [small] piece of cake. Just take responsibility for it. Write it down. Log your points. Total your calories. Keep track! Once you learn to monitor the damage, you can adjust your other foods to accommodate the splurges.

Weekends are hard for me. I find tracking helps a lot because it keeps me accountable and helps me make better choices. I know that weekend eating is a big nemesis of mine. Being home more, cooking (and eating!) larger portions, boredom eating, and indulgence opportunities (cake and brownies at a party= party in my mouth.) Being aware of my weaknesses though, help me stave them off (HELP is emphasized.. it’s not a cure all.)

I did eat the cake and brownie.. but I also am aware that I did so. Being honest and accountable with myself allows me to bounce back and move on from it.. instead of taking the route a lot of people get stuck in and saying “well I’ve already ruined things.. who cares.” Self control isn’t always about will power and eating perfectly. That’s not sustainable. Self control is knowing that mistakes can and will happen, that it’s ok, and that you get back to healthy eating again asap. This doesn’t mean, skip your next meal.. or eat nothing but beets for the next 3 days, it means go back to eating lots of whole foods, fruits and veggies, lean protein, and whole grains.. normal meals. Just like you would anyways. And maybe step up the exercise a little. Go an extra day, do 10 extra minutes.. burn and extra 100 calories here and there, it will help you recover and give you more confidence in your eating plan.

Moral of the story: Don’t let weekends ruin your progress. If you make mistakes in the moment, be accountable, and take self control back. This doesn’t have to ruin you if you don’t let it.

Keep on Keeping on!

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