That Time I Used To Run

Sigh. I haven’t written anything in a while… I’ve had some things going on keeping me busy, but I’ve also been struggling with motivation due to my foot. I guess what I’m trying to say is.. I’ve lost my mojo 😦


Can’t help but think of Austin Powers when I say that

After the Frederick Running Festival in May, I saw a podiatrist for my foot. He diagnosed it as a ganglion cyst.. but I’m not sure I’m buying the diagnosis. There’s no lump on my foot. I did x-rays to rule out a stress fracture, but nothing showed up that indicated that as the problem. (Although stress fractures can be hard to see on x-ray.. and sometimes can only be identified after it starts healing.) The Dr. prescribed me me a corticosteroid and a non steroidal anti inflammatory, and told me to rest for 4 weeks. The corticosteroid worked wonders. Didn’t feel a single ounce of pain in my foot all week. I felt like I could run again! but I didn’t. I kept things low key and rested as he told me. I’m still on the anti inflammatory.. but I’m not sure if it’s doing anything at all. I’m now on week 5 and I’m still feeling pain somewhat. It’s a dull, achy sort of pain.. kinda like my muscles (tendons?) are overworked and tired. Not all the time.. but when I wear certain shoes, or during/after some exercising. Other times, the foot feels fine, and I feel like I’m being over-cautious by not stepping up my exercise.

Resting has not been the easiest thing for me. I want to run so bad! We’ve had some absolutely gorgeous weekend mornings that I just knew would be perfect for a nice run. But alas, I have to watch everyone else running around the neighborhood while I feel like a slacker sitting on the sidelines. I know I’m injured.. but I can’t help my psychology at the moment. I miss my running friends too. I haven’t seen Randi or Dawn in a month now, and my other running friends post stuff all the time… sigh.

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to fit some exercise in here and there, but I haven’t been super consistent. I skip days at the gym. I feel like.. “well I’m not going to get as good a workout as I usually do, so why even bother.” I know doing something is better than nothing.. but I hate that I don’t even break a sweat sometimes. I’ve been doing some weight lifting on the stationary exercise machines at the gym (which I hate because they isolate muscles, so you are not getting a functional workout.) I wanted to try and keep some muscle mass, and the machines allow me to be off my feet for the most part. I’ve also been swimming. I found this website 100 Swimming Workouts which outlines 10 beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts, as well as open water training. It’s a great site and definitely gave me some direction. I’m improving, though I do need to work on it some more. I’ve also used the recumbent bike and row machine a little. Last week I returned to yoga.. it doesn’t seem to bother my foot too much.. and last night I tried Bodypump for the first time in 4 weeks.

Although it sounds like a lot, I’ve only been going to the gym 2-3 days /week (vs. the 5 that I’m used to.) I don’t want to do too much back to back.. and it’s hard when you can’t vary what you’re doing because you’re limited with what you can do. I wanted to try and step things up.. but it looks like the foot isn’t done healing yet. I’m so anxious! And despite it all.. I’m losing muscle mass.. I feel softer and my clothes don’t fit as well 😦

I’m at a stand still and I’m not sure what to do from here. Should I go get a second opinion from another Dr? Will it even matter at this point, or is he only going to tell me to keep resting it? Meanwhile.. I’m signed up for the Charles Street 12 miler on Aug 9.. and I have to start training soon (like, next week) if I want to do it. Since I haven’t run in 6 weeks, and not much cardio in 4 weeks, I’ll need time to build back up again. And then Dopey training starts July 1st. Should I defer the 12 miler and see what happens by July 1st? Should I just start training and take care to rest the foot in between running days? There’s really no getting out of Dopey.. come hell or high water (and barring a broken leg.. and maybe not even then ;-p) I don’t think the challenge is deferrable, and it was SUPER expensive.


Yup.. pretty much how I feel Zeus

So May and the first half of June hasn’t been the most active time for me.. but I’ve been keeping busy. I ran a 5K and half in early May..



I turned 30..


cupcakes from my awesome coworkers

I got to go to 2 weddings..


My cousin’s wedding on 5/10


My brother-in-law’s wedding on 5/31


My husband and I at his brother’s wedding


Two sets of Mr & Mrs Padovani

I got to go to a graduation dinner…

My husband's cousin graduated college! From the school I went to no less!

My husband’s cousin graduated college! From the school I went to no less!

We had a yardsale..


forgive the finger on the right side of the pic

I went to the driving range…



Don’t let me fool you.. I have great set up, but an awful swing


My husband, being awesome as usual

I got to cook some pretty good food..


chocolate protein pancakes


spaghetti squash “lasagna” with sweet potato biscuits


the mix was a wedding gift from my future (now actual) SIL.. a nice stormy afternoon project

I got some yard work done….Planted my vegetable garden…


sweeping up the extra seed

sweeping up the extra seed

as of today... tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, cucumber, red and green peppers

As of today… tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, cucumber, red and green peppers

I got to hang out with this guy…


I mean, who wouldn’t want to?

6 thoughts on “That Time I Used To Run

    • Thanks! And yeah, sounds like you’re stuck in a rut. It’s ok.. it happens.. you need to find something to get you excited again! Any running clubs near you? Running friends make all the difference!

  1. This is the worst part of being injured – feeling like it’ll last forever. What might be useful is finding a doctor who appreciates how important running is to you and is on board with you getting back on your feet ASAP. At least you’re having fun outside of the injury!

    • Thanks.. I did actually think of that. the Dr I saw did kinda understand where I was coming from.. said “I know all about your kind” LOL I don’t really mind taking the time to let it heal.. I just wish I know how long it will be. And then I worry about being misdiagnosed and now it won’t heal right (or EVER!) It’s so-so right now.. doesn’t truly “hurt” but at the same time, I know it’s not healed yet. Seems to have been stuck like this for the past 2 weeks. I’ll look into a sports medicine facility if It’s still not improving after next week I think.

      • I’m a little in the same boat. Got a diagnosis and was told it was safe to run but I’m not getting any better and I’m starting to freak out. I think I might need a second opinion. Boo for injuries!

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