Frederick Running Festival 2014- Twilight 5K Recap

Happy National Running Day!! I’ve been dragging my feet on this one for a little while. Not for any particular reason.. but it’s time I got it out there!

This was my second Frederick Running Festival I’ve done. As in 2012, I participated in the Nut Job challenge. What’s a Nut Job challenge you ask? Participants who complete both the Twilight 5K run on Saturday evening and the Frederick Half marathon on Sunday morning, earned a special 3rd medal for being a Nut Job. Appropriate eh? And seeing as how this was my second half marathon weekend in a row (the first being the Nike half the week previous), on a hurt foot no less, I think I’d qualify. (OK- I qualified for different reasons, but I still wanted the extra bling ;))

Saturday afternoon, I met Randi after she was off of work and we drove out to Frederick together. We checked into the fairgounds first to pick up our race packets. The last time I ran Frederick, I was not very impressed by it’s expo. Of course, keep in mind, that it had been only my second half marathon at the time, and I was coming from a Disney race.

We found the place ok and checked in to get our bibs. Once armed with those, we went to get our shirts. In 2012, we got a unisex tech T for the 5K, and a full zip jacket upon finishing the half. This year, we got a women’s cut tech T for the 5K, and also was able to pick up the half premium before the race- a nice BornFit long sleeve tech shirt (with thumb holes!) I thought they did a great job with the premiums.. LOVE how more and more races offer women’s cut nowadays!

We got lunch, then headed over to our hotel for a few hours, then made our way back to the fair grounds for the 5K. It wasn’t until we were lined up for the 5K that I noticed the sky.. rain clouds were starting to build in the distance, and the wind picked up a little bit. By the time we were getting ready to start, the clouds were looked really ominous.. and we could see rain falling in the distance. Maybe a minute after we started, the wind kicked up, and the rain started falling. I was worried about my phone, as I was holding it to take pictures and didn’t really have any good protection for it in the event of a deluge- luckily, it never really got to that point. While the runners were all getting windswept, the rain remained relatively light.. not enough to cause any damage. I took a lot of pictures of the weather along the way, so I could show my meteorologist husband when I got home the next day.


quick pre-race selfie


at the starting line… sky looking pretty ominous



Looking behind us after the start… rain is chasing us!


coming around the track, the wind kicked up and rain started falling


amazing pics of the rain falling in the background.. and the pack leaders whizzing by


tried to catch a pic of Randi as she was running back!


The legendary Sid Busch, a local runner who runs his races for fallen heroes. He always carries that flag.


Caught up to Sid after the turn around point.. skies starting to clear


skies clearing.. huffing it up the hill


amazing considering how threatening it looked 10 mins prior


heading back into the fairgrounds



At the finish! They had to take down the arch due to the weather.


Did better than I thought I would considering my foot hurt like hell


Quick post race selfie… the wind was blowing at my back, which is why my hair’s kinda crazy.


Wouldn’t you know it.. a rainbow at the end of the race


post race celebration

After the race, we headed back to the hotel and take showers. Later that evening we found ourselves a Cracker Barrel and ate some pancakes for dinner. Back at the hotel, I iced and taped my foot. It was hurting from the 5K and I knew the half would be a challenge. All I had to do was run 13.1 miles and I could rest it for a couple of weeks. Easy right? Stay tuned for my FRF half recap to find out how it all went down!


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