A friend of mine posted this news video on her Facebook page. The woman interviewed in the video is not someone I personally know.. but someone who I have supported  as an honored patient through Team in Training. She has battled her leukemia for the past 5 years and every treatment has failed. Now she is taking part in new research that would use her own immune system to fight her cancer. This is only a reminder of why it is so very necessary to give to these causes. This woman, who is only in her mid 20’s, is someone’s daughter. Someone who may never get married or have children, or even know what it’s like to be happy and healthy again. This thought brings tears to my eyes, and I don’t even really know her. This could be me.. my sisters.. my parents.. my friends.. my husband.. or even future children and grandchildren. This could be anyone.

If you ever have the opportunity to support cancer research.. please do. Walk in a walk, run/hike/bike or do a triathlon with Team in Training, or give to a friend who is. We need more research like this in the world- that gives hope to patients, families, friends and even people who are only watching a news story. Cancer doesn’t discriminate.






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