King Crab Crushed

I decided to see a doctor about my foot. I have been abstaining from running for more than two weeks now, and the foot is still hurting. However, I had been continuing my HIIT workouts, cardio kick boxing class, Bodypump class, yoga, and working in some cycling, rowing and elliptical here and there. (So.. yeah not exactly resting :-p)

I noticed though that the pain would be a dull ache that came on gradually and got worse the more I walked on it. I looked up stress fracture and got a little concerned. So I decided to call a doctor. I was hoping with enough rest, it would just heal and I could run again.. but I haven’t really be resting, and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t broken and I was causing more damage walking around on it.

I looked up podiatrists from my insurance website and found a guy close to where I live. I used sick leave and left work early for my appointment. But when I got to the address (that I got from the insurance website) the office was dark and locked. Um… ok? I thought maybe they had accidentally made an appointment with a different office location, so I tried calling the number- and got the message that the office was closed. At this point I was really frustrated.. “who schedules appointments when the office is closed?!?!?” I called my husband, not knowing what else to do.. and he suggested walking to a nearby office to see if they knew anything. I found an office a little ways down and asked the receptionist who told me that she knew he used to be there, but wasn’t sure if he had moved or not because she hasn’t seen him in a while. W.T.H. She looked him up for me and found another address for him about 10 minutes away, and another phone number (the one I had WAS in the system as his). I tried calling the phone number, but it was for a different doctor. OK. So I set off for the other office location.

When I got there, the sign said Podiatrist.. so at least I had the right specialization! I walked in and asked the receptionist if it was the Dr.’s office.. and she said “well.. he’s not here. He’s usually here on Tuesdays, but he’s out of town. (Who the heck schedules an appointment for an out of town Dr.?) She confirmed that the phone number I had was his scheduling line, and told me she would check with the other Dr. in the office if he could squeeze me in today (by this time, it was well after 2 and my appointment was supposed to be at 1:30, so I was grateful that they wanted to help.) She spoke to the Dr and sent me to get x-rays. I returned and waited a little while, but I was able to be seen (yay!)

So he reviewed my x-rays and said he didn’t see a fracture, but that it could also be a stress reaction, and that I wouldn’t see that on an x-ray. He then started putting pressure on specific points on my foot, asking for when I felt pain and discomfort. Then he started bending and twisting the foot to see if it would trigger the pain. I wasn’t really feeling the pain I felt while he was doing any of that. Then he asked me where I felt it and I showed him the spot. He put pressure down the foot until he was able to pin point the location. He said that most likely it was a ganglion cyst that was pressing on the tendon sheath that was causing the pain. That the cyst was harmless and is caused by repeated trauma to the area (i.e. running). He prescribed me a week of corticosteroid pills followed by a 30 day NSAID pack to help with the inflammation and told me that I need to rest and ice it for it to heal. I asked when I might attempt to run again and he said to give it at least 4 weeks. Yikes.

SO… this means no aerobics classes, no HIIT workouts, and minimal walking. I didn’t ask about Bodypump or yoga, but I think I’ll abstain from those as well so not to put too much weight on the foot. I think I might go back to the weight machines at the gym, just to maintain my muscle mass. He also said I could swim as long as I don’t push off, and I can cycle as long as I use the heel of my foot to push so that I don’t put pressure on the hurt part of the foot. Basically, I got to do all the exercises I never do lol (which may be good for a change.)

So yeah, I’m a little down about it, but I want my foot to heal in time for Dopey training, which starts in July. I had to deferthe Baltimore 10 Miler- my first ever deferral! I was supposed to run this in June, but I will have not run for 6 weeks at that point, and I don’t want to re-hurt myself. What kinda sucks about that is- I’m now not eligible to complete the King Crab Challenge (a challenge where participants finish the Frederick half, the Baltimore 10 miler, and the Baltimore half or full in Oct.) HOWEVER- I’m still set for the MD Double (Frederick half and Baltimore half or full.) Oh well.. guess maybe I’ll try it again next year.

I also have to drop out of the Bel Air Town Run- a 5K my husband has run with me for the past 3 years. Guess I’ll still pick up my packet and get my shirt.. but I’m a little sad about this too.

SO looks like spring racing season is over for me. The next race I have is in August- the Charles Street 12 Miler. And of course Dopey training starts July 1st. Lucky for me, that training starts off slow (first long run is only 3 miles.) So I’ll be able to build back up again.. provided I’m healed- which is a fear of mine.. That I’ll just never heal! But I guess all runners feel like that when they’re sidelined.

Now that I’ve depressed everyone.. I’ll leave you with a little Throwback Thursday picture of Zeus.. cause who doesn’t love a pug puppy?

Zeus the day I got him.. 9 weeks old

Zeus the day I got him.. 9 weeks old



3 thoughts on “King Crab Crushed

  1. Thanks! I did swim the other day.. I found it a little boring. But maybe I can look up some swim workouts.. I find I need structure/a goal to keep me going. As for cycling.. It hurts.. places lol (guess until I get used to it)

  2. Sorry to hear about your injury! I hope it heals as fast as possible. When I was out of action I turned to swimming too and found the equivalent of the Couch to 5K but for swimming. It was called something like 0 to 1600 in 6 weeks.

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