Motivational Monday: Talked Myself Into It

Sometimes, you have to talk yourself into it. I’ve been cutting back a little lately due to my back to back half marathons and account of my sore foot. The week between the two races, I didn’t exercise at all. I enjoyed being lazy.. but it also felt very strange to not be going to the gym. I had to keep reminding myself that I had to rest my foot.. else the next half would be really hard to get through. BUT.. a body in motion tends to stay in motion..and a body at rest, well you know how it goes. I skipped a couple of morning workouts.. skipped a couple of evening workouts (however.. I was still recovering from the second race those first few days.) and ended up hardly getting enough exercise for the week.

This week I plan to bounce back. But this morning I struggled to follow through on the commitment I made to myself. The winning thought that led to the decision to do my workout, was thinking about the times I skipped them.. and how sluggish I felt during the day.. and how I felt behind the game exercise wise for the week. My morning workouts range from 12 minutes to 30 minutes- and are HIIT workouts (high intensity interval training.) On average I burn only 100 calories per workout (but lots of strength building body weight movements.. which burns less calories than cardio movements.) Added up, that’s 500 calories/week. That’s a pretty good chunk!

Since I’ve been leaning towards skipping my morning workouts a lot more lately..(and having lost a little bit of muscle mass.. as this is my go-to strength training) I wanted to commit to doing them 5 days/wk again. Skipping one would just make me feel a little down that I couldn’t follow through on my commitment.

So next time you struggle on keeping your routine or feel like you want to be a little lazy on a given day.. remind yourself how great you feel when you do it, how bad you feel if you don’t.. and talk yourself into making the better choice 🙂

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