My First 10K- Sole of The City Recap

I’m a little late to the party with this.. but I’ve been busy and wanted to get a couple other posts out there. Two weekends ago, I ran my first 10K race- The Sole of the City in downtown Baltimore.

Sole of The City 10K Course

Sole of The City 10K Course

This was the 3rd running of this event, and this year, proceeds in part went to benefit the The Erika Brannock Fund, a charity set up to help a local woman who was injured during the bombing of the 2013 Boston Marathon. Erika herself was there at the start of the race, and gave a beautiful, inspirational speech to the runners before we set off.

I ran this race with my friend Randi and her husband Aaron. It started at McHenry Row– a cute little living and shopping area with apartments, offices, bars, restaurants, boutiques, and of course Charm City Run. (A local running store that also happened to produce the race.) We found parking in a lot near the Domino Sugar factory and made our way over to McHenry Row. When we got there- I made right for Charm City Run to pick up my race packet. The premium that we got was a fabulous Under Armour Qualifier 1/4 zip shirt with the Charm City Run logo on the front, and the Sole of the City logo on the back. It is very smooth and very comfortable.. and really sleek looking. I’m pretty sure it’s the best premium I own to date.1468746_10101415629030055_2793503956018173188_n

After packet pick up, we found a nice sunny spot to sit and watch all the runners assembling in the square. It was a gorgeous day.. a little cold in the shade, but nice and warm in the sun. After waiting a little while and making a quick potty break, we headed over to the starting line. I took a quick selfie with Randi, listened to the pre-race speeches and the national anthem, and soon set off down the street. The start was a little confusing, as it wasn’t where the arch was, but a little ways around the corner. I started my watch a little early, so I knew my time was off. I wasn’t running this race for time though (I needed to run 12 miles the next day) so it didn’t bother me too much.


The course took us down the same streets we ran in the Shamrock 5K. It continued past Power Plant Live on Market Street and headed into Little Italy. Caught some really cool pictures along the way.

running along Covington St., Key Hwy, and Light St.

Running along Covington St., Key Hwy, and Light St.

Running along E Pratt St.. LOVE the Old Bay garage.. and the mural on the side of the building is really cool

Running along E Pratt St.. LOVE the Old Bay garage.. and the mural on the side of the building is really cool

We ran our way though some neighborhood areas, both nice and kind of shabby. I love that on the side of one of the shabby buildings, someone painted a beautiful mural.. really felt like it lifted up the area. We ran down near Fell’s Point, past the marina, and right past the Under Armour headquarters. Love me some UA.


Heading back, we got glimpses of Piers 5 and 6.. great entertainment and restaurant area. The views of the harbor were really spectacular. It was my first time running on the Promenade in the Inner Harbor.. kind of strange, but being a Baltimore girl, fairly nostalgic.


Pier 6


Running behind and in front of Power Plant and the Aquarium

We passed the Aquarium, the World Trade building, the Constellation, Harbor Place and Light Street Pavilions, and the visitors center. The Maryland Science Center marked mile 5.


World Trade Center, S.S. Constellation, Harborplace Pavilion

The National Aquarium across the harbor, mile 5 at the Science Center, cobblestones, and Federal Hill

The National Aquarium across the harbor, mile 5 at the Science Center, and Federal Hill

Continuing on past Rash Field and taking a side street back to Key highway was interesting.. cobblestones are very hard to run on.. especially up hill. Eventually I found myself at mile 6, and running towards the big American flag at the firehouse where the finish line was. I crossed the finish in 1:02, which was much better than I was thinking I’d do.



My splits for Sole of the city- remember I started my watch before the start line

My splits for Sole of the City- remember I started my watch before the start line

I took a finish line selfie, grabbed a water bottle, and headed for the food. (I was starving!) The bananas were not ripe enough, so I passed them by and found another table FULL of wraps, provided by the local restaurant The Greene Turtle. I grabbed two and saw that there was no line at the beer truck. I grabbed a beer and to my surprise, no one was tracking who was taking stuff or even carding anyone for the beer. Thought that was interesting. I made my way back to the meeting spot Randi Arron and I picked out before the race and found them sitting on a bench. I joined them and drank my beer and ate my wrap. The turkey one I grabbed was very good.. the veggie one was only lettuce, tomato, and onion, so I tossed it. The beer was excellent.

After resting, I headed back over to Charm City Run. I wanted to buy new shoes, and they were running a sale for runners. I’d been running in my old shoes since October, and while they had just under 300 miles on them, I found my knees were hurting more and I would get random muscle pains in my legs. So time for new shoes. I chose to stick with my Brooks Ravenna’s, and upgraded from my 4’s to the 5’s. I’m sad to see my purple and yellow go though.. but my new ones are pink 🙂


My next race will be this weekend- the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC! I’m real excited for this- It’s the second running and the second time I’m doing it. I’ve been having pain on the top of my foot though that has me a little worried. I’d putting Biofreeze on it, and it felt better.. but ran 3 miles last night and it hurts again. I think it’s tendonitis, because when I press on the area, I don’t feel pain, but I feel it when I run, less when I walk.. but it’s there. Icing big time and resting it as much as I can. Next weekend I’m running another 5K and a half.. and I’m really concerned at this point. (Too late to defer, and too expensive to skip.) Hopefully I can manage and get though them. After this, I don’t have another race until June, so plenty of time to heal.


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