Runners Be Crazy

I’ve said it before.. and I stand by what I’ve said!

In earlier posts.. I’ve mentioned asking Suze Orman for something I wanted to buy (and got Approved!), and earlier this month, I said I would talk about something big happening in late April.Well that something happened yesterday.



So, according to the title of this post.. as a runner, I should be crazy too? Well I’m not. I’m completely Dopey. Because yesterday I signed up for the Dopey Challenge at the 2015 Disney Marathon Weekend!

yup.. I'm Dopey

yup.. I’m Dopey

For those who are unfamiliar with RunDisney, they are a division of Disney that plans and hosts several running event throughout the year at the Disney resorts in California and Florida. Events include Marathon Weekend, Princess Half Marathon, Tinkerbell Half, Expedition Everest (part scavenger hunt, part 5K), Disneyland Half, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 miler, Wine and Dine Half (held during Disney’s wine and Dine Festival) and the new Avenger’s Super Heroes Half. Marathon weekend is by far the biggest event RunDisney hosts- with 4 feature races, 2 challenges, kids races, a huge race expo, pasta dinner parties, and a cool down party at it’s conclusion. I’ve been to two Marathon Weekends.. this will be my third.

2012 Disney Half Marathon finisher!

2012 Disney Half Marathon finisher!

2013 Disney Marathon finisher!

2013 Disney Marathon finisher!

If you have never run a RunDisney race (what are you waiting for!?!?), know that these are the best races around. In true Disney style, these races come with top notch courses, entertainment, volunteers, and support- and every mile truely is magic. Big beautiful mile markers greet you at every mile, and there is always something to see or look at- characters along the way, local bands and various school groups, DJs, hot air balloons, entertainers, and of course, the parks! (YES.. you run through the parks.. no ticket required!) The downside… EXPENSIVE. My first two Marathon Weekends were done through Team in Training. I raised money for charity and they paid for most of my trip. This year, my husband and I are paying for everything.. and as you know.. a Disney vacation is not cheap.

So I mentioned that there are 4 races at Disney Marathon Weekend- they are the Family Fun Run 5K, the Walt Disney World 10K, Walt Disney World Half Marathon and the Walt Disney World Marathon. These races are held on consecutive days, starting on Thursday morning and culminating on Sunday Morning with the Marathon. I also mentioned two challenges- the first is the Goofy Challenge. By completing the half marathon and the full marathon, you earn a third medal for completing the Goofy Challenge. This year is the 10th anniversary of Goofy- commemorated by a special medal, which was unveiled last week.

Goofy Challenge 2015 10th anniversary medal

Goofy Challenge 2015 10th anniversary medal

The second challenge is really Dopey- and that’s why they called it that. The Dopey Challenge medal is awarded to those who complete ALL FOUR feature races during Marathon Weekend. Yup- all of them. Consecutively. In 4 days. Dopey challengers also earn each race’s individual medals AND the Goofy medal- that’s a total of 6 pieces of bling! This year is the second running of the Dopey Challenge.. and after reading several reviews and submitting to peer pressure [Randi and Dawn].. I wanted in!

2014 Marathon Weekend medals

2014 Marathon Weekend medals

Yesterday, at 12:00 pm EST, registration for the 2015 Disney Marathon Weekend came online.. and promptly crashed. About 10 minutes later, I was able to click the link to register, filled out all the information, and clicked submit. Gulp. What the heck did I just do!? I went back to the main RunDisney page and was shocked to see, that in the 30 minutes of registration being opened.. the Dopey challenge and the 10K were already 60% full! By 1 pm, Dopey was 80% full.

My husband wasn’t sure yet if he wanted to run the 10K. He’s been on the fence because he’s never run further than a 5k, but the 5k in Disney is an un-timed fun run.. and the 10K gets a real medal, not just a plastic medallion. So I told him that I would keep an eye on the registration for him, but that he would need to decide before the price goes up in late June. To my complete surprise.. the 10K was selling out just as fast as Dopey! I’m not sure if it was because Disney was limiting the field capacity (because there were numerous complaints from the inaugural 2014 10K that the course was very crowded) or because the 10K is an easier distance that a lot more people feel they can complete.. but either way, I told my husband to make a decision quick- and I ended up registering him.

By 2:45, Dopey and the 10K had sold out. The Half was 60% full, and the 5K was 80% full. The marathon hit 50% later in the afternoon. Just the sheer fact that Dopey sold out in less than 3 hours- that at least 7,000 runners were willing to pay an exuberant amount of money (yes, my bank account bled yesterday and I died a little bit inside) to run 4 races on consecutive days.. is insane. The first few minutes when the website crashed and the Facebook page blew up with comments from panicked people who wanted to register (my favorite post “oh the humanity!“) was hysterical. (And yet, I was one of those panicking people [what if I can’t get in!])

Today, the numbers are updated

Capacity as of 12:42 today

Capacity as of 3:15 pm today

Notice that the Goofy Challenge isn’t even on the list yet- they don’t show up until they reach at least 50% capacity. It’s kind of strange considering it’s an anniversary year. But I’m pretty sure that time is limited on this, and anyone who wants to sign up should do so soon.

I’m really excited to be signed up for this. (and a little scared!) July 1st kicks off training.. so tune in for updates 🙂

PS- a HUGE congratulations to Meb Keflezighi for winning the Boston Marathon on Monday. 1st American to do so since 1983! What an accomplishment and thanks for bringing it home!

Way to go Meb!

Way to go Meb!

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