Motivational Monday: Bad Days

Bad day [weekend] of eating and no exercise getting you down? Feeling like a failure? Thinking your setback has doomed your progress and you  should just give up now? Don’t!

We all have setbacks in the quest for our goals.. but it’s important to remember why we started those goals to begin with, and how bad we still want them. Would you quit your job after one bad day? Would you leave your significant other because you had one fight? Would you get rid of your car after it breaks down once? NO! We take care of what needs to be done.. righting the wrong, fixing the problem, and moving forward.

The same applies to health and fitness goals. Accept the mistakes, survey the damage, make an action plan to recuperate and continue moving forward. How else does anyone get to where they want to be? You got this.. just might take a little longer than you wanted.

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