Easter Fun


Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend! Mine was pretty busy, but ended well.

Friday my husband and I were off work, so we took advantage and did our shopping for the week. After we were done, I went to get my hair cut! I haven’t had a hair cut since before our wedding.. and even then I only had it trimmed. I haven’t had it a shorter length since probably 2012.. so it’s been a while and definitely overdue. Sorry, I don’t have a picture right now, but it’s slightly longer than shoulder length. It’s really strange and I’m still getting used to it! (But it takes all of 10 minutes to straighten it now.. which is pretty darn awesome.) After the hair cut, I stopped by the Dollar Store and Walmart and put together this pretty sweet basket my husband (and me!):

yep.. that's a cookies and cream bunny.. and the ears of course were for Zeus ;)

yep.. that’s a cookies and cream bunny.. and the ears of course were for Zeus 😉

On a side note- I’ve been munching on candy all weekend.. which I never do.. and I’m paying the price. (My scale did not make me happy today!) But yeah, those peanut butter (and Robin’s Eggs!) gems of joy were heaven.

I came home from my errands and my husband was working downstairs on a project, so I decided to do a workout. I love Bodyrock.tv‘s HIIT workouts.. they are my go-to for when I need something to do at home other than running. Basically you do 30-50 seconds work for each exercise, then 10 seconds of rest. The workouts can be anywhere from 12 minutes to an hour. I chose to do Day 3 of their 30 Day Real Time Challenge. It worked me for 53 minutes and I felt better when I was done (after eating all the candy.) We hit up Noodles and Company for dinner. I opted for the Med with chicken salad. My expectations were pretty low, but surprisingly, the salad was excellent. I’m definitely would get it again.

Saturday I spent the entire day cleaning the house. I cleaned out a bunch of wedding stuff that has been sitting on our dining room table for probably more than a year. I priced everything out to sell at our community yard sale in May. I cleaned all the kitchen surfaces, vacuumed and dusted the living room, kitchen and upstairs, mopped the kitchen floor, cleaned all three bathrooms, vacuumed all the pug fur off the sofa and loveseat, then spot cleaned them with the steam cleaner, Furminated Zeus and gave him a bath, as well as washed his bed and blankets. I was exhausted. My husband spent the day working on his project in the basement, so we both were too tired to make dinner at 7:30 at night. So we ordered Chinese. I had the hot and sour soup and Hunan shrimp, he opted for the egg roll and cashew chicken. We both had a beer. It was fabulous.

Sunday we had a nice breakfast, then I got to work on my bunny cake. When I was young, my grandmother made a bunny cake every year for Easter. Since my sister’s birthday is April 20th, we usually sang happy birthday to her with it. My grandmother passed away from breast cancer in 2001, and the family no longer gathers for Easter. SO since Easter happened to fall on my sister’s birthday this year, I made her a bunny cake.





My sister lives in FL and couldn’t even taste it.. but she was there in spirit

As you can see.. it’s pretty easy to do. To make the colored coconut, all you do is add 1 drop of food dye to a Ziplock bag of coconut and shake until the color is evenly distributed. The cake I used was white, but you could make a chocolate cake if you wished. I also used a whipped cream frosting.. but regular frosting or butter cream would work too. This guy tasted super good!

I also wanted to dye Easter eggs. No, I have no children. Yes I’m almost 30.

Used a Neon dye kit

Used a neon dye kit



I saw a pin on Pinterest where someone had dyed their deviled eggs for Easter. I thought it was really cool looking and decided to try it. I found a YouTube video explaining how one person did it. He describes using 1 drop of food coloring in 3/4 cup water for each. For the secondary colors (purple and orange) I used 1.5 cups of water and 1 drop of each primary color to make the secondary.


I cut the hard boiled eggs in half and set aside the yolks. I then added the halves to the cups with colored water. I let them soak for about an hour, gently mixing every 10 minutes.


In the meantime, I mixed the yolks with mayo, mustard, and a little Old Bay (have to put my Maryland spin on it!) I added enough of each until the consistency was thick but smooth.


After the eggs were done dying, I took them out and put them on a paper towel to dry. I then put the yolk mixture in a sandwich bag and cut off a corner. I piped the yolk mixture into each egg until I used all of it. Note that I noticed the orange eggs came out more like pink, and the green eggs came out more like blue. In the future, I would recommend maybe skipping these colors. Maybe try yellow?


don’t know why I don’t have a picture of the final product

I spent the rest of the day preparing dinner for my mom and her boyfriend. I made chicken parm (recipe from Cooking Classy), balsamic glazed carrots (recipe from Jamie Cooks it Up), a rice and quinoa dish with cranberries and almonds (Suddenly Salad), beer bread (Tastefully Simple), a salad, and my mom brought us green beans with mushrooms and onions. It was a fantastic holiday meal.


on our dining room table I cleared off 😉


ate half the chicken before I remembered to take a picture

We ended the evening with a slideshow of pictures from my mom’s cruise last month, and of course bunny cake 🙂 It was a great end to a great weekend.

even Zeus enjoyed it!

even Zeus enjoyed it!

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