Motivational Monday: Proud, Strong, Energized

When I tell people I run.. I’m often hit with.. “I hate running” or “I don’t know how you do it” or “you’re crazy, running sucks!” My response is usually along the lines of “me too”, “I just do”, and “yes.. it does!”

I have to admit.. I don’t always love running. My first few miles are always bad. I feel slow.. I know I have a long way to go.. I don’t like the weather.. I’d rather be in bed. I hit the middle miles and I feel pretty good. Air in my lungs.. watching the world go by.. experiencing places on foot most people just drive by without a second thought. It’s the best feeling. About 10 minutes later I’m back to “this sucks… why do I do this again?” Happens. Every. Time.

So why DO I keep doing it? Because being done is the most amazing feeling ever. The sense of accomplishment.. the runners high (which in my case is just a self satisfied, all around good feeling,) and quite frankly, a sense of relief.. because I don’t have to run again for a whole week from now. (Specifically applies to the weekend long run.)

It’s that sense of being proud, feeling strong, and being energized (yes.. surprisingly, you have more energy after running/working out than you had when you started!) that keeps me coming back for more. I’m addicted to these feelings.. and no matter how much I hate the act of running at various times.. there’s no better feeling than being DONE!


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