Marching Out

March came in like a Lion.. but definitely not out like a lamb. We started the month with cold temperatures and ended with howling winds and even some snow! After this winter, I definitely was glad to see March.. as it brings the promise of Spring and warmer temperatures. While my front garden had some emerging growth.. we were pretty disappointed at the weather in general.

BUT.. life besides that goes on.. and last month I ran my first half marathon since April 2013 (and PR’d! Recap HERE), a 5K I’ve never done before (recap HERE), saw a friend get married, talked with a celebrity, and hung out with these guys:


snuggle pug

snuggle pug

In March, Fitfluential was holding a 100 mile challenge. I knew that typically I don’t hit that, so I didn’t really sign up for the challenge. Running RnR USA last month took a lot out of me… and I really didn’t run too much more after that. I was having some pain in various places in my right leg, and I didn’t want to push myself knowing that I had my next race coming up the first weekend in April. So I backed off, and my mileage for the month suffered a little. I did manage to rack up a total of 68.33 miles in March, bringing my YTD total to 203.45 🙂

March running stats

March running stats


Due to my carb loading for RnR and the wonderful food and drink I had at the wedding.. I’ve only managed to net a 1 lb weight loss this month.. This kind of sucks, but does bring me to a total of 4 lbs. lost. Hoping to regain my momentum and focus in April.

Coming up in April, I have a couple races. I did the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Miler last weekend, it was fabulous and I have a recap in the works. I’m also running the Sole of the City 10K in Baltimore City this coming weekend- believe it or not, this will be my first 10K race. I plan on keeping it slow, because I would like to run 12 miles the next day, in preparation for my next half- which is Nike Women’s DC at the end of the month. I’m in the midst of racing season… and after my experience with RnR.. I’m just trying to finish without taking myself out! So, not expecting an PR’s out of these.. except I get my instant PR with Sole of the City.. considering it’s my first.

Let’s see.. my lovely niece Gemma turns 2 today! My darling nephew turns 5 later in the month. My sister and mother in law also have birthdays at the end of April.. but I won’t share their ages 😉 I realized that as of tuesday.. I have exactly 1 month left in my 20’s (YIKES!) 30 doesn’t sound as scary as it used to.. but I still kind of cringe when I think about it. Though it IS really fun to tell people who don’t know me my age.. hee hee.


Cuties! Can’t believe how much they’ve grown since Jan 2013!

I’m also looking forward to something at the end of April.. something BIG. But I won’t share that just yet.. you’ll have to wait it out.

So far April has brought with it beautiful weather and spring has finally sprung! Hopefully this will last and we are done with snow and ice. (You would think right?)

Spring pug

Spring pug

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