Motivational Monday: Get It DONE!

I am SO guilty of this. Do you ever miss part of a workout and then think.. eh.. not worth doing the rest? Or did you ever take too long to do something and figure.. well I already missed that class.. might as well stay home. Yep. I have.. I do it more than I like. While a rest day is nice every once in a while.. I’m definately guilty of slacking when I shouldn’t. Last week I did this a couple of times.. and this week I’m seeing the consequences of that. BUT, if anything.. it brought me back to the mentality I need to be in to get going.. and I’m going to run with that.

Never mind if you think a half hour on the treadmill isn’t worth it. Never mind if you could only get in some yoga and didn’t do your regular intense workout. Things come up.. life happens.. but the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do… so get it DONE!

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