Motivational Monday: Make The Right Choice!

Just a quick Motivational Monday post for you..

As I’ve kinda mentioned before.. I’ve been on an eating plan to try and shed a few excess pounds. I’ve been mildly sucessful so far.. but it’s only been a few weeks. Sometimes when I’m really hungry, I tend to throw caution to the wind and eat whatever is in front of me at the time. Sometimes, I’m craving some serious sweets.. and I have to remind myself that I gotta keep it under control. Splurging a little is ok.. as long as it’s built into the plan. But sometimes it’s hard to keep your eye on the prize when that plate of cookies looks oh so delicous. This week, my motivation is focusing on food! They say 80% of weight loss is the food.. so next time you are thinking abou that piece of cake (or second piece!) remember…

And while that exercise is only 20%.. you still need to get it in.. so go kill it!

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