Snow Day!

Today we got a lovely visit from Mother Nature… between 12- 13″ of the white stuff. Needless to say.. we got to stay home from work today.. yay! While I didn’t get in any burpees today for the challenge.. I did spend about an hour and a half shoveling snow.. and this was the heavy wet kind.. burned almost 300 cals, so that’s a decent workout. Zeus even found himself outside enjoying the weather a bit…

and here’s a little sampling of our day..


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.. our first MARRIED Valentine’s Day. But we plan on doing the same thing we always do.. fondue dinner! Our first V-Day, I bought Mike a fondue pot and we used it for dinner and dessert. Since fondue pots don’t generally get used a whole lot.. we decided t make it a V-Day tradition. We also don’t think one should fight crowds, endure crazy wait times, and spend the evening with 1000 other couples… so we choose to keep V-Day to ourselves, cozy at home.. with maybe a little champagne involved. I’ll make sure to stick to my eating plan.. which has been going fairly well so far. And I’ll also be sure to squeeze in some more burpees to keep the challenge going! In the meantime.. here’s my progress so far…

Zeus says "you crazy"

Zeus says “you crazy”


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