A Quick update on my FitFluential burpee challenge:


I started out doing 32 burpees per day.. but I have a habit of not working out over the weekend. I do my long runs on Saturday or Sunday.. and who wants to do burpees after running 10 miles? Not, me obviously. So I skipped 3 days. To catch up, I started incorporating them between rounds of my HIIT workouts I do in the morning before work.. which seems to be a good idea as I’m able to do much more than 32 burpees in one session. Which brings me to my next topic of conversation today..

I’m currently doing the Catching Fire 30 Day Challenge from If you don’t know BodyRock, it’s a website that posts free HIIT workouts daily. HIIT- or High Intensity Interval Training, is said to be one of the best forms of exercise out there (other than running, of course) The premise is that you have work intervals that last anywhere between 20-50 seconds, followed by “rest” invervals which usually last 5-10 seconds. The workouts incorporate a series of weighted and non weighted body weight exercises and includes the use of plyometrics. We’re talking pushups, squats, lunges, high knees, mountain climbers, tricep dips, ab exercises, BURPEES. On the work intervals, you go as hard as you can for the length of time, resting in between. The workouts can be one long list of different exercises, groups of exercises for rounds of time, or a small list of moves that you repeat for several rounds.

I completed the last BodyRock 30 Day Challenge in about 3 months. It took that long because I broke the daily workouts into segments, due to their abnormally long length. (A Typical BodyRock workout lasts 12-18 mins.. these were 45 mins- 1 hour long.. and I couldn’t do the whole thing before work.) This second challenge is shorter, but I’m still taking my time with it. Today I did Day 8. The first challenge upped the calorie burn by adding rounds of skipping (with a jump rope) in between rounds of exercises. Since the new challenge is keeping the workouts shorter, I’ve been adding the skipping back in. Only now that I’m doing the burpee challenge, I add the burpees in, around the skipping, around the exercises. Makes for one sweaty workout!

As part of the Catching Fire Challenge, BodyRock is selling their eBook, an eating companion to go along with the challenge. BodyRock boasts a clean eating program.. which I endorse, although I find it’s not always possible to stick to. The new eBook takes it further to include a gluten-free, Paleo type diet.. which is where I draw the line. #1- gluten free has it’s benefits… for people with gluten sensitivities and Celiac disease. It is not a nutritional lifestyle for the masses to lose weight on. In fact, there’s no true nutritional benefit to being on a gluten free diet (other than the groups of people who truly need it) and I feel like companies have taken this thing way too far in promoting it as the newest weight loss thing. #2- I don’t believe in the Paleo diet. Do I think it promotes weight loss, yes I do.. I was on Atkins once and lost 35 pounds eating meat, bacon, chicken, peanut butter and cheese. It is not sustainable in the long term. There are health benefits for being on the diet.. but there are also health detriments too. I believe in a healthy, well balanced diet that is calorie controlled and for the MOST part, non processed. So I chose not to subscribe to the fad diets, and am doing my own thing.

Problem is.. my own thing has it’s issues. I like to eat.. and eat a lot. I eat mostly healthy food.. but I also eat way too much. So I’ve challenged myself to stick to a reasonable eating plan.. in hopes to shed a few lbs for racing season.

Speaking of racing season.. I have some races coming up soon! I signed up with my friends Dawn and Randi to run in the Rock N Roll USA half in D.C. on 3/15. I wasn’t originally planning on it.. but I was talked into it. I ran this race last year and encountered some major issues.. this year RnR sent out an email addressing all their shortcomings, and listing the changes they are applying this year. So there you have it RnR.. here’s your second chance.

I also would like to sign up for the new B3 series that Charm City Run, a local running store and race management group is hosting. The series consists of 3 races throughout the year.. and upon completion gives you a medal and a special premium. I have never run any of these races before, and they are wildly popular, so I would like to give it a try. the first is the Kelly’s Shamrock 5K, held in downtown Baltimore.. a huge race with a cap of 5000 participants.. and pretty much always sells out. I’ve convinced my husband to go with me.. so I’m hoping it’s not sold out yet as I plan on signing up tomorrow. The race is on 3/16.. yes the day after RnR!

I’m also racing in the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler and Nike Women’s D.C. half in April, as well as the Sole of the City 10K.. which is the second of the 3 races for the B3.

think I'd rather just sleep...

think I’d rather just sleep…


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