Motivational Monday: Winter

It’s been cold…REALLY cold this past week. We’re talking highs in the teens, lows on the single digits. When it’s this cold out.. it is SO hard to go out and get workouts done. So you can understand how I felt when my friend texted me to meet up for our long run on Saturday.

My husband, the meteorologiest, let me know that there would be a low of 11 overnight on Friday, snow expected late morning on Saturday, and not likely to warm up before Monday. I was stuck. I really don’t like to wimp out on my runs.. but I don’t like the cold either. But being the reckless crazy runner I am, I consented to meet up at 8 am.

4 miles into our run, my numb legs were not warming up.. and starting to hurt. So we made the decision to cut our 10 mile run down to 9.. and then 7 miles. Around mile 5 it started to snow. Which, sounds like fun.. but when snow blows in your face and starts accumulating on the roads (already a little sketchy from last week’s 8 inch snowfall) it’s not so pleasing. We finished with super runny noses, numb limbs and extremities, and snow covered clothing, but we got something in at least. We took this selfie to document how nuts we really are, running in 20 degree weather and a snowfall.

runners be crazy

runners be crazy

SO, I thought today’s Motivational Monday should have a wintery theme. No, I don’t recommend you abandon all common sense and go out into the snow and cold.. but you definitely don’t have to let that stop you from reaching your goals. I found this article from Eat Spin Run Repeat that lists 7 ways to stay motivated during the winter season. My favorite motivation for a cold Saturday morning long run.. knowing that I’ll feel amazing after.. knowing that I have a whole week before I have to do it again.. and knowing that I’ll have hot coffee waiting for me at home… and maybe a snugly pug!

Stay Warm, my friends!

Stay Warm, my friends!


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