Motivational…. Tuesday: Dream Big

Yesterday was Monday, and I missed my Motivational Monday post.. so I’m making up for it today. Yesterday also happened to be Martin Luther King Jr day.. so I thought this week’s motivation could take a page out of his book..

Dr. King Jr. was an amazing humanitarian, leader, and civil rights activist. Search his name on Pinterest, and you will find all kinds of amazing quotes pertaining to equal rights, humanity, leadership, peace, and love for mankind. He was truly the embodiment of an American- exercising his right to freedom, to justice, and to basic human rights. Unfortunately, the hate for his race meant a lot of what he said fel on deaf and hateful ears. Never forget what America was founded on.. never forget that every citizen, every human has the same, basic rights. It is not right to judge someone based on their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or anything else that makes someone different. We get so wrapped up in judgement everyday that we forget that the people we judge are human. like you, like me. We are all built with the same instincts, the same emotions, the same basic needs. Think about how you would feel being in their shoes.. it’s hard to see that sometimes.

I chose these quotes today because they can also translate to goals- fitness, running, professional, academic, anything. They are strong words that can spark an image of insurmountable adversity, perseverance, and accomplishment. Take them with you today, tomorrow, always.. and remember to always push through your comfort zone to the other side. Work hard, don’t give up, and dream big.

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