Motivational Monday: Don’t Wait.

I chose this one for this week’s Motivational Monday because as we draw closer to the new year… there will be millions of resolutions being made. Sadly.. most of us start resolutions and never see them through. I’m the kinda person that doesn’t like to quit.. but I too have had many a New Year’s resolution that went to the wayside. BUT it doesn’t have to be like that. Quitting smoking? Want to lose weight? Need to re-organize? Want to go back to school? Save or make more money? Why wait until the 1st of the year? Why not start today!? Every day is a new chance we have to get things right. Take the steps to make them happen. There is no magic date that means we can start working towards our goals.. if there’s something you want.. go get it. No more excuses.. no more “tomorrow I will.” Tomorrow is today.

My journey into the world of fitness was not a New Year’s resolution- it was a ME resolution. I was tired of feeling bad about myself.. tired of feeling weak and self conscious all the time. Tired of lacking confidence. I saw how exercise had transformed my mother at the time.. and I knew I could do it too. When I first started going to the gym, I sometimes found myself lacking in motivation. Some days I had talked myself out of going. Some days I had to talk myself INTO going. One day I came across the revelation that.. this would never be easy. I would always struggle.. I would always sweat, I would always be sore, I would always feel uncomfortable. Somehow with that notion.. I was able to say “Yesterday is today. I survived. Tomorrow is today. Every day the same. Every day, I live through it. I can do this.”

These thoughts helped me keep going.. and I learned how to feel a workout with a new outlook. Sweating is no longer uncomfortable for me. How I look or who’s looking at me is not even a concern. I’m no longer out of breath, I control my breath. Being sore is temporary.. and it means I’m getting stronger. It got to the point that I no longer had to convince myself to go to the gym.. it was just something I did.. like brushing my teeth or taking a shower. It was taking care of myself.

Don’t wait until the time is right.. the time will never be right. If you want it.. go for it.. and do whatever you can until you get it. As Nike says..

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