Run For Your Turkey!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I started off mine with our local Turkey Trot. I ran this with my husband.. this was his 2nd Turkey Trot and his 4th ever 5K. The weather was sunny.. but a very cold 20 something degrees. When we found out it was going to be so cold.. we took advantage of our Amazon Prime membership and bought ourselves some cold-weather gear. I’m no stranger to cold weather running.. I trained for my first half and my first full marathon in the fall/winter time. I actually prefer running in the cold vs the heat.. you can warm up after a while when it’s cold.. heat and humidity is unbearable and you can’t really escape from it. But Mike doesn’t really run as often.. and usually only under the best weather conditions. So he wanted some extra warmth. We got Turtle Fur neck warmers, new Polar fleece hats (I didn’t own a hat.. so figured it might come in handy) and I bought him some Asics gloves (he wanted to wear his snow gloves.. um… no.) and a pants base-layer.

race bibs!

race bibs!

we were really cold!

we were really cold!

So we got there early (because I thought the race was at 8.. turned out it was 8:30.. oops) and stood around in the cold a while. Once the race started..the feeling came back to my toes and felt much better. I kept running ahead and at one point he says “I thought you were running this with me.” Sigh.. yeah, ok. We only stopped to walk twice.. and we managed to come in under 35 mines- 34:50, an new PR for him!

After we got home and showered.. we started dinner. We were hosting only my dad.. but that didn’t stop us from making way more food than necessary. I prepared our 14 lb turkey with Italian spices and olive oil, and stuffed it with garlic, pearl onions and half an orange. I mixed brown sugar and orange juice and placed it in the bottom of the roasting pan, and basted every half hour or so. The recipe I used is HERE.

makin' the turkey

makin’ the turkey



I also roasted garlic for the mashed potatoes and onions for the peas and carrots, made cheddar garlic biscuits (Recipe HERE), and made spiced wine cranberry sauce (recipe HERE– I used all brown sugar, since I didn’t have molasses.. and just substituted that for the white sugar. Make sure you use real maple syrup.. not the synthetic kind.) Mike, who told me he only eats cranberry sauce from a can.. couldn’t rave enough about the stuff.. definitely the best I have ever made.


roasted garlic and onions


cranberry sauce

I made homemade mashed potatoes: boil potatoes (I used small redskin potatoes, unpeeled) in chicken stock. Once cooked, do not drain- but mash them into the remaining chicken stock. I added the roasted garlic, a cup of reduced fat sour cream and chives. Made for a pastier mashed potatoes than desired.. but it tasted really good!

fantastic meal

fantastic meal

peas and carots and Mike's stuffing

peas and carrots and Mike’s stuffing

Mike made his stuffing with Italian sausage.. pretty self explanatory. and we also had some peas and carrots- which I cooked in a pot until tender, then added about a tablespoon of Land O Lakes Light Butter with Olive Oil, some garlic powder, and the roasted pear onions from earlier- pretty simple too.

happy Thanksgiving!

happy Thanksgiving!

We had dinner, (even made Zeus a plate.. took him all of 2 minutes to wolf it down,) cleaned up, then showed my dad some professional wedding photos he hadn’t seen yet, some photos from the honeymoon (Bahamas!) and parts of our wedding video. A very successful.. albeit small Thanksgiving day. I am now a proud 3 year veteran of the turkey.. and I didn’t even have to chase it down 😉

Happy Thanksgiving!

thankful pug


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