Verb (used with object) 1. to renovate, redo, or revise: We’ve decided to revamp the entire show.

Noun act or instance of restructuring, reordering, or revising something; overhaul: a revamp of the nation’s foreign policy.


Why hello my friends, it’s been a long time. A CRAZY long time. An [I-think-she-abandoned-her-blog] long time. Well, I did.. and I didn’t. Between getting through my next few races, planning a wedding, dealing with a little family drama (what family doesn’t have drama?), I generally felt I needed to focus my energies elsewhere. The longer I went without blogging.. the easier it was to not do it. Plus, I felt that I was no longer on a journey to 26.2 (I really did it!) and that my steam of this blog escaped and disappeared. However, I feel like I’ve had moments in time.. where I say to myself- “I would love to blog about that!” So why didn’t I? I felt like the purpose of this blog was to chronicle my TNT mission, to raise awareness for the necessity of cancer research, and to honor my grandmother, who sadly passed of her leukemia back in January.Since all that is in the past..  I decided my blog needs a revamp. I need a place to share my running conquests, my adventures into marriage, my love for all things pug, and my life discoveries. So without further ado.. I re-introduce to you, Purple Running Pug.

I’ve added a couple of pages at the top of this blog.. Who is the Purple Running Pug is an overview of where PRP started.. and where I intend to go with it. Races and Recaps  is a list of all my races I’ve done so far.. with links back to recaps, where appropriate. It also lists races I want to do in the near future, as well as my race bucket list. If anyone has a great race you think I would like.. I’d love to hear about it! I also intend to include other pages as time goes on.. recipes.. crafty things.. etc.

So excited to be back!

So excited to be back!


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