Still Chugging Along

In the aftermath of my marathon, I have been struggling with my knee. Sometimes it hurts.. sometimes it doesn’t. I did see a doctor at the end of January. He did x-rays and an MRI. Basically, nothing’s wrong with me. This is both good and bad news. Good news because that means that I didn’t damage any tissue or bone/cartilage. Bad because I still have no idea why I’m having pain. The doctor said it’s because I’m female- that when females hit puberty, the hips widen and cause the knee to track differently. That doesn’t explain however, why I’ve been able to run pain-free through three half marathons, several 5K’s a 10 mile race, and train up to 20 miles for a marathon, pain-free. When I asked him that, he just shrugged.

He prescribed me a knee brace- this thing is huge! It has metal hinges in it.. that make a lovely squeeky noise when I run. Dawn jokingly tells me that she hears birds so it must mean spring is coming. Lol, nice thought.. too bad it’s just my brace. All joking aside, I think it does help a little.

I have two half marathons coming up soon. Rock N’ Roll Nation’s Capital March 16th, and Nike Women’s D.C. April 28th. I’ve been training with the brace- so at least I’ve been able to run. I’ve been running 4 mins on, 1 min off.. it helps me get a little further without pain. The knee is touch and go.. I can usually get 4-5 miles before I start to feel the knee. I ran 8 miles with only a little pain.. but on my 10 miler, I was feeling my knee at 4 miles. This past week I ran 12 miles (well- 11.5) and right around mile 9 I got really bad pain.. similar to what I felt at Disney. I had to walk for a while (which really kinda sucked.. cause it was a crisp 40 degrees outside, breezy, and I was wet from sweating.) Every so often I would try to jog, but then the pain would come back after a minute or two and I had to walk again.

The pain is strange- it’s kind of like a cramp, starting at the soft tissue below my knee cap, and kind of radiates around it. As it intensified, I felt it creep around to the back of the knee right above my calf. It’s like a nerve pain- like you would hit your funny bone and you get that resonating nerve pain. I don’t know how it comes on/what the cause is.. but it sucks.

I’m confident I can complete the two races.. and If I have to walk more at the end, that’s fine.. I’ll still finish. I’m kinda bummed though. I have runner envy- I see all these runners, pushing through their workouts.. powering up the hills, feeling strong. My running approach needs to be easy due to my knee. But I still miss how good it feels to push through a hill or an interval workout.. to run free without the brace. I guess I should be grateful I can run at all.. but it still brings me down a little. I’m looking forward to the end of April when I can be done with racing for a while and recover.

In the meantime… plenty of headway on the wedding front! Pinterest has become my black hole. It’s THE source for wedding porn :-p (No.. I don’t mean naked porn.. just tons and tons wedding stuff- from pretty, simple, elegant, expensive, cheap and everything in between.) I’ve found so many DIY ideas there.. I can’t wait to delve into them! My DIY list right now includes (but is not limited to)

Invitations & calligraphy, centerpieces, programs, flower cones (for tossing flower petals), a card box, favors, guest book, table numbers, thank you signs/cards, and a master seating chart display.

So far.. I’ve managed to make a centerpiece prototype and our card box.. wanna see??

Our cardbox.. the card I have there now is our save the date.. will be a different card for the reception.

Our card box.. the card I have there now is our save the date.. will be a different card for the reception.

Had a little help on that… ok there were four of us working on it.. but It turned out great! Now just to protect it from dust for the next 7 months.



The centerpiece I made myself.. I just had to find the right flowers. since there is a metal piece that prevents the lantern from standing on its own, I got a styrofoam ring and pinned some leftover black fabric from the card box to it to make a stand. I have it sitting on the black and white fabric.. the table linens I picked out are not this pattern, but are white with black scrolls, so it gives the same effect. LOVE the way it turned out 🙂

So far.. we have booked a venue and set a date, selected a menu (tasting next Monday!) and scoped out a rehearsal dinner place, booked a limo (party bus!!!), booked an officiant and drafted our ceremony, booked a cake, blocked a hotel, booked photos, videographer, and a DJ, picked out processional music and our first dance song, selected bridal party, picked out bridesmaid dresses (with an appointment next month to try them on), ordered my wedding ring (yay!!), bought my wedding dress, veil, headpiece, and shoes (yay yay!!), bought cake server set and toasting flutes, bought sand ceremony kit, contacted a decorating company (however, design still pending), ordered and sent out the save-the-date cards, created a wedding website.

I’m going to make a flower appointment sometime this week for the end of next month.. Mike’s mom will be coming down and I’d like to include her on that. We also still need to finalize the decoration company thing.. I’m waiting for the tasting at the venue (they put on a mock wedding reception with all kinds of different decorations to showcase the venue.. so we can ask questions and see some ideas first.) Another thing we are struggling on is guest transportation from/to the hotel to/from the venue. We would only need it for two hours, but we can’t seem to find a company that doesn’t schedule 3 hour blocks of time (resulting in a $600- $900 bill.) Mom’s dresses and men’s attire still have to be chosen.. and all the DIY projects, of course need to be assembled.. but it’s still kinda early for that. I also found an awesome hair & make-up company that I really hope I can book.. but I’ve been having a little trouble contacting them. I will give them a call in April I think to set up a trial.

All that said- we’ve done a lot! It’s been fun, and a little stressful.. but I’m so excited about all of it! It’s a little daunting, all these little details, but I know in the end everything will be great (even if it’s not perfect) cause it’s us 🙂

Zeus is excited too!

Zeus is excited too!


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