Disney Marathon Course!!

Disney Marathon Course!!

This is it! In just two days, I leave for Orlando! In 6 days I run the 20th Anniversary Disney World Marathon! (I think :-/)

So.. I’ve been having trouble with my knee.. and it’s gotten progressively better! BUT yesterday I went for my long run… and yikes! pain is back.. back pretty bad. I’ve seemed to pin point it to a soft spot just to the right of the knee cap. Where I thought it was actually under the knee cap itself- no it seems to radiate outward from that spot. It starts as a dull ache reminiscent of a muscle cramp.. but over time, it gets worse and worse. I made it 6 miles (out of the 10 I’m supposed to be doing) and the pain got to be pretty sharp. The rest of the day it killed me to go down stairs… even today, it’s sore. Ugh!!!

I can NOT drop out of this race. NOT an option. I’ve worked too hard for this, physically, mentally, and financially. PLUS it’s a special race- the 20th anniversary. I can not work this hard and not walk away with a medal. Not happening. But the thought of 26.2 miles… that’s a long way to suffer.

Needless to say.. I’m pretty determined. I can not live with a decision to opt out before I even try. If I have to drop out.. so be it. But to always look back and know I didn’t even try.. I’m not that kind of person. Yes, I know.. I’m thinking with the runner’s side of the brain :-p but I’m willing to give it a go.



That said- here’s my strategy:

1) I’m going to be following a run/walk regeime. 4 min jogging, 1 min walk. I NEED to follow this.. else my knee could wear out too quickly. During yesterday’s run, I started out running 12 mins before I wanted to walk.. then after that the run time decreased and the walk time increased. I believe this is how it’s going to be… but I can get a little further if I take it a little easier.. at least in theory.

2) I’m going to be taking anti-inflammatories.. probably before I run, halfway through, and at the end. I’ve been told, and I’ve read, this helps a great deal.

3) Biofreeze.. or something similar.

4) My local running store carries a runner’s knee strap. I’m going to stop by there today and pick one up. I found the same one they carry on amazon and the reviews are fantastic. I know this isn’t a cure- all and will probably only help to a point.. but it just might be the Band-aid I need to help me finish. http://www.amazon.com/Pro-Tec-Athletics-Patellar-Tendon-Strap/dp/B004AOGA56/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

The discovery of #4 has lifted my spirits tremendously. It gives me hope..  I’ve been all kinds of stressed and worried about my knee.. so much so that I’m actually dreadding the whole thing. But thinking the band might really help- I can see myself making through it. It shines a whole new light on the weekend. I really hope my strategy works. I plan to seek out a sports medicine specialist after the race.. but for now.. I just need to get through it!

I’m accepting the fact that I’ll probably hurt myself more after it’s all over.. and that I’m extending my recovery time. But I know I have to do this.. and if there’s any chance at all that I can actually do it.. I’m going to run with it- pun intended 😉

You're leaving me again!? Hope you bring me back something good!

You’re leaving me again!? Hope you bring me back something good!

PS- one year ago today.. I finished my very first half marathon.. at Disney 🙂

my first ever half!

my first ever half!

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