Life Just Got A Heck Of A Lot Busier

Merry Christmas and happy (almost!) New Year!

I started writing this blog mid December… and life got in the way. Football games… holiday parties.. Christmas… marathon training… and now- WEDDING PLANNING.

Yes.. yes my friends… my wonderful boyfriend, Mike, popped the question 🙂

 My last entry was right before Thanksgiving, and when I think back on that, I think “wow… I never even saw it coming!”

I was SO surprised! We never talked about getting married… I wasn’t even sure Mike would EVER want to get married. We didn’t look at rings (or any jewelry for that matter) or talk about that in our future or anything. So you can imagine how surreal and astounding the whole moment was.

Thanksgiving came and went… and while I can’t say that it was uneventful (Mike WOULD lose a filling on a long holiday weekend. ugh) It was just us too, very quiet and simple. We ran in our local Turkey Trot (Mike PR’d in 35:42!) We  made our own little dinner, ate it, and spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching TV.. a thing we rarely ever get to do anymore.

We had decided to go to a few stores on Black Friday (I NEVER shop on Black Friday) to pick out our holiday gifts for each other, and then Mike suggested we go to our local trail for a walk, since it was a unseasonably warm day. I go to the trail all the time to run, but rarely do we spend recreational time together out there anymore.. so I thought it would be nice, since we had a nice leisurely holiday weekend to spend some much needed time together.

So we get out on the trail and we’re walking along. We’re not talking too much, but running through my mind was… “this is nice… just like our first date.” and “wow.. it’s so much faster to run rather than walk” (lol) We get about 1.4 miles along and Mike wants to rest on a bench. I was thinking “but it’s not that far from the end.. we can rest at the end?” but my legs were kind of tired, so I didn’t oppose to sitting down a little.

We’re sitting there… and Mike’s talking about the weather.. and how this was like our first date. I smile and say “yeah” and then he starts saying stuff about being happy since we met… and I smile and say “yeah.” He tells me he loves me.. and I smile and say aww.. me too. Then the next thing I know he’s pulling a box out of his pocket and getting down on his knee, asking me to marry him… HOLY!

I think I kinda looked around, thinking “is this a prank?” I believe the words OH MY GOD and HOLY CRAP came out a few times… and then I had to remind myself that I was supposed to say yes! lol I was definately a deer in the headlights.. and it still took a couple of days to set in!

The ring… well it’s amazing. I never really like solitaires.. I like symmetry, and always wanted a three stone ring. But honestly, I wouldn’t give my ring up for anything. It’s perfect. (and so shiny.. especially in bathrooms… I’m easily distracted.) Mike had done ALL the research on diamonds.. and had the ring made when I was visiting my sister in Florida. He told me he had been thinking of proposing since our 4 yr anniversary, which blew my mind because he never once hinted at it. Then all week before Thanksgiving, while I was at the gym, he was planning how to propose. From arranging a meeting with my dad, to calling my mom, who was vacationing in FL, to trying on outfits that would hide the ring, (all while I was at the gym!!) he arranged it all. and I love just how absolutely perfect it all was.

my beautiful ring

my beautiful ring

Now it’s only been a month, and we’ve been wedding planning like crazy! We have a wedding venue and a date (Oct 5th!) We’ve looked at everything from venues to limos, to flowers, to cakes.. and we are so excited about everything! We are still trying to figure out how to incorporate the pug… but I’m pretty sure he’ll just show up in pictures.

how cute is this guy?

how cute is this guy?

I’m really looking forward to the next few months. This is all so new and overwhelming to us.. but exciting too! I want to soak in the full experience as we plan our steps into our lives together 🙂 But first… I still have to run a marathon!

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