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OK, so I’m writing a second blog today (well, I sort of wrote most of my last blog earlier in the month and never finished it.. so technically, this is the only one I’m writing today.. but whatever) because I havent been posting updates on my training lately. (SORRY!)

First- Fundraising updates!

So I’m pretty sure I’ve met my minimum. I have over $3,000 in my account with some outstanding football game money and a restaurant fundraiser my team arranged for Dawn and I. I’ve also had a couple people ask if they could still donate- which they CAN.. my page will be accepting donations until February (13th? I think?) My minimum for this race is $3,250 and I believe I’ve exceeded that. (yay!) Up to the minimum amount, TNT donates 75% of what’s raised to the LLS (which means they get $2,437.50, guaranteed just from ME alone.. from this ONE event. How awesome is that?) The other 25% goes to TNT for operation costs (as a non-profit group, they do not profit off my participation whatsoever.) Anything I raise OVER my minimum, the LLS gets 100% of the money. WHOO! I can’t wait to find out what the event fundraising total is for this NATIONWIDE event. Last year, it was 3.1 MILLION 🙂

my personal goal was 5k, my minimum is $3250.

my personal goal was 5k, my minimum is $3250.

Second- Honored patient updates!

My grandmother, I’m sorry to say, is declining. For a while, things were looking up for her, but as of recent, the family had a meeting after speaking with doctors, and decided to discontinue her chemotherapy. She is comfortable, in her own home, with hospice care and surrounded by family. She was not given a specific timeline for her decline, but there is a noticable deterioration. The leukemia is affecting her brain, as conversations are becoming harder, and she seems to be confused about where she is. I’m saddened by all of this.. but I know it’s what God has written for her, and I am comforted by that. I know when the time comes, she will be set free from all of this, and that everything will be alright.. it’s my crutch for me to lean on, and it will carry my through, always.

My grandmother Angela and I in 2010- we were on a cruise to celebrate her 75th birthday

My grandmother Angela and I in 2010- we were on a cruise to celebrate her 75th birthday

Third- Training updates!

I made it through 16 miles… although I had a minor melt down around mile 14 or so when I had to stop to walk. I don’t know what happened, but I had to walk up a steep incline because I couldn’t lift my legs high enough to run up it. My teammates kept running, which was fine. Actually I was glad they did because I starting sobbing! It seems funny now.. but as soon as I stopped, all this emotion just came out and I panicked. (“I can’t even run 16! How am I going to run 26!?!?”) lol Marathoning.. is a huge mental game! Training pushes yourself not only physically.. but mentally as well! I am learning this lesson well.

I made it through 18 miles… in the pouring rain. I don’t do rain. At least I thought I didn’t. Physically, I have to say, 18 miles wasn’t bad. I didn’t feel what I felt on 16.. I pushed through my wall. That run was probably the most miserable running experience I’ve ever had. I was soaked. I looked and felt like I jumped into a pool with all my clothes on, and then ran for 18 miles. My shoes were squishing with every step. I had to go to the bathroom… but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get my pants back up! We eventually did stop around 16 miles, as we could not hold it anymore. We trapsed into a supermarket restroom.. looking like drowned rats. It was bad.. but I guess we were lucky the temperature was mild and the wind was calm. It could have been 35 degrees.. but I think it was in the 50’s, else, it would have been unbarable!

I made it through 20 miles!!! 10 miles out… 10 miles back… 20! Not gonna lie.. it hurt. We did 10, rested a little.. made it to 16, rested a little… then rested at 18, and then… there was mile 19. I was hurting… limping a little… willing myself to continue.. stumbling forward. I finished. I made sure it said 20.0 on my watch.. and my knee has not been the same since.

I have self diagnosed myself with runners knee- an injury to the cartillege under the knee cap which can occur from a misaligned knee cap- caused by overuse and muscle weakness. Damn it. After 20 miles, my knee hurt, but it wasn’t unbearable. It hurt on the stairs and ached a little in general.. but I didn’t think anything of it- just that I needed to recover from my long run, per usual. After taking a rest day, I worked out as normal. I did my HITT workout, I did my kickboxing workout, all was fine. (knee felt a little weak, but not really hurting.) I got on the treadmill to do my easy run.. I couldn’t run for 30 seconds. Shooting pain behind my knee cap. I slowed to a walk, and walked for 45 minutes- walking causes no pain.

I decided to stay off it- no impact. I went to my yoga class and got on the elliptical. Then I spent the next two days resting completely. No gym, no HITT. Nothing. The pain subsidded a little. I had been feeling pain in the morning when I got up and if I had been sitting at work for too long.. this dull pain had faded and my knee felt stronger. (I even did a little trot down the hallway at work and was pain free.) I went to the gym that Friday and tried to see if I could run. One minute into running and I had to walk. This sucks. I finished off with a 30 min walk and 30 mins on the elliptical.

Last week, Mike and I were in New York visiting his family for Christmas. I made it a point to get out and get some mileage in, as I was forced to skip my 16 mile long run that weekend. Monday we went out.. and I ran a little. But I didn’t even make a mile before I had to walk in pain. After that, we did several walk/jog intervals totalling to almost 3 miles. I was ready to cry. How am I supposed to run a marathon!? I’ve been working so hard on this since JUNE. And a few weeks before my race, I’m injured and can’t run. Wednesday, we went out again… this time I made it 2 miles without feeling pain. The whole effort was walk/jog (as Mike can’t sustain running miles at a time) but I was feeling encouraged that things are getting better at least. Friday was the best- made it 4 miles run/walking without pain. The last half mile was hard.. but it was definately getting better. I’ve been icing it after every run, and I really think it’s helping. I’ve also been wearing a knee brace, which keeps the joint warm and supports the knee.. I think that helps too.

Yesterday I was scheduled to run 13 miles. I was determined to try, but was not above bowing out. Not even a mile into it, I had to walk. Jogged a little more… walked. Jogged a little more, walked. By two miles, my coach had decided that I was only going to do 6. I agreed. I discovered a few things.. uphill feels GREAT! I feel strong and completely pain free. Down hill though… brings it right back. And it doesn’t like cambered surfaces too much either- so I tried to keep to the sidewalk- even though it’s a harder surface to run on. After 3 miles, I was achy, but I really didn’t need to stop and walk again. It felt great to be out there! I could have pushed 8 miles.. but I’m glad I didn’t.

Today, my knee feels a little weak, and going downstairs hurts a little. My plan is to stick to the elliptical as much as I can. I need to do a mock “long run” on the elliptical- basically do an elliptical session that’s as long as it would take me to run 13 miles (that’s like… 2.5 hours.. yuck) But I need to keep up my conditioning… I have a marathon in less than two weeks! I’m also resuming my HITT training and strength training to try and strengthen my leg muscles.

I’ve decided that I’m going to participate in the marathon, regardless of my injury (unless of course I injure it worse.) I intened and expect to run/walk and I have confidence that I can finish at the very least. Time is out the window.. I’ve worked too hard not to participate. I’m a little nervous but I’m doing all I can to nurse this injury and heal.

So those are my updates. I’ll try to post again before we leave for Florida.. it’s SO close!!!

what do you MEAN you can't run!?!?!

what do you MEAN you can’t run!?!?!

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