7 Weeks and Counting!

Happy almost Thanksgiving everyone! It’s been a while since my last post.. but my life has been kinda hectic.

Two weekends ago, I flew down to Orlando to visit with my sister, 3 year old nephew and 7 month old niece. It had been since last January when I went down for my half since I’ve seen them.. and my very first time meeting my niece Gemma. My nephew Trenton is speaking so well now and really developing a little personality. (He LOVES the iPhone.. the iPad, cameras, the TV, Netflicks.. especially all at once.) Gemma is a cute as a button.. and enjoys bouncing around. She’s not quite crawling- more of wiggling accross the floor. But I suspect she may be able to stand soon.. and she’s cutting some itty bitty teeth. We spent the weekend going to the park, and visiting Disney. Trenton of course was the photographer.. he took pictures of me, Gemma, and of course, himself. And he absolutely LOVED my picture and Video of Zeus.

Summary of FL Trip: Gemma, Trenton, me (Trenton took it!), The Epcot Ball, and Mia, my sister’s pug 🙂

Only 7 more weeks until my first ever marathon! AHHHH! Last weekend, I ran my longest distance ever.. I hit the big 16! It wasn’t easy.. but I have some pretty awesome teammates that helped me get through it. Next Saturday, I’ll taper for a week- only 12-13 miles, before we bump right up to 18. OMG. Freaking out.

Last Sunday, my teammate Dawn and I fundraised at the Greene Turtle again.. we sold raffle tickets for a signed football (from one of the Ravens players) and I sold Entertainment books and Bondi Bands. We made almost $3oo off the football! It was a good night.. but long. Since the game (Ravens Vs Steelers) was late, not as many people came out as we had hoped. But we still made out pretty good. Next week, our TNT teammates are holding another fundraiser for us (yay!) at the Greene Turtle.. I’m hoping we can get a good 50/50 raffle going!

I sent out emails to people on my contacts list, letting everyone know that the deadline to donate is December 19th. I can’t BELIEVE how fast time has been flying! Currently, my fundraising page says I have $1,339.00.. although that’s a little off- as I have some outstanding funds that should put me somewhere around the $2000 mark.. but that STILL leaves me $1,250 in the hole! (I have to raise AT LEASET $3,250 or I will be charged the balance.) This is a really hard pill to swallow, simply because I’ve just been working so hard trying to get my message out there, hosting fundriasers, working Ravens games, doing every little thing I can to get there. It’s a little frustrating- on top of running every weekend (and throughout the week too.. lets not forget, I’m at the gym 3-4 days a week… and 7 miles on a treadmill is not a walk in the park. Actually it kinda sucks.)

BUT enough about that.. Tomorrow’s a holiday- time to relax a bit (although I DO have like 200 pages of a manual to read for a training class I’m taking at work.. with a pre-course assignment.. sigh) My BF and I are running in the YMCA Turkey Trot tomorrow morning! I’m so excited- as this was my very FIRST race ever last year. THIS year, I’m running with my BF Mike. This is his 2nd ever 5k/race. We won’t be going very fast.. but I’m doing it with him, for him 🙂 Then we get to come home and make Thanksgiving dinner- just for the two of us. Mike’s family lives in NY and my family is not having a big dinner (my Grandmother’s not doing very well right now 😦 but that’s another story) So, yesterday I braved the crowds and bought everything for Thanksgiving dinner. (yes.. I was one of THOSE. But I didn’t know til last minute!) This will be my second year making a turkey.. hope it turns out good! We are also having stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry relish, peas & carrots.. and for dessert- Apple pie for Mike… Pumpkin pie for me 😀 and Zeus gets all the leftovers! (Just kidding… but he can lick the plates ;))

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


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