Half Way There!!!

It’s hard to believe, not only that it’s now November, but also I’m half way to my marathon!

October 31 brought Recommitment! This is the day we completely and totally commit to our events! We sign on the dotted line, and commit to raising the required minimum funds for our event. While the Disney events are probably the best anyone could ever run… they are also one of the most expensive! The minimum fundraising requirement for the Disney event is $3,250. Although I have set my personal goal to $5,000, I MUST raise at least the minimum. By signing my recommitment forms, I have agreed to be charged for the balance of the minimum after the deadline.. and with a little more than a month left until my fundraising deadline… you can see why I’m freaking out a bit.

I’ve been working HARD though! So far I’ve:

*Sent out 35 letters to family, friends, and previous donors to request donations (and I am ever gratefull to each and every one!)

*Held a Bondi Band fundraiser… ONGOING!!! please check out my post HERE if interested! These headbands are stylish, fun, and 56% of every one sold goes to the LLS 🙂 OH, and I’ve decided to hold a SALE in November… buy 3, get the 4th free! 🙂

Folds down over the ears for those cold & windy days

*Selling Entertainment Coupon Books- ONGOING! Not getting a whole lot of interest, but if you are interested in saving money from now until November 2013, check out the details HERE!

Save $$ and lives at the same time!

*Held a fundraiser at the Greene Turtle- We got 10% of the day’s checks for anyone who came with our flyer.. and of course were were there promoting our other goods 🙂

*Worked concessions at 4 different Raven’s games- This was by far the most work.. and so far we’ve been able to raise almost $230! With 4 games to go.. this has turned out to be pretty good.

I bleed purple ❤

*Held a Virtual 5K and 50/50 raffle fundraiser- really didn’t have a lot of participation for this, but still managed to raise $32 for the fundraiser.

ribbons for leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma awareness

*Went to the LLS Halloween party, a fundraiser to benefit the winter teammembers- they were able to raise about $30 per person for this one.. not much, but it’s something!

*Held a Tastefully Simple & Thirty One party- Thanks mostly in part by my own holiday shopping, but also thanks in part to my wonderful guests.. I’ve managed to raise an estimated $300 for the LLS. Guess what everyone’s getting for Christmas?!!!! (PS- still collecting orders for Tastefully Simple until Sat 11/10! Message me if interested!)

*Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser- Holding this TONIGHT! 20% of sales for checks with our voucher goes to the LLS! We’re also going to be on-site tonight selling Bondi Bands, Entertainment Books, and raffle tickets for a football signed by Raven’s Linebacker Terrell Suggs 🙂

Whew… this is like a second job! Lol.. but I love that I can do it for charity! (I just wish I could be a little less stressed!)

had to bring this one back lol!

So with all that’s going on, I have raised a conservative $1,600.. HALF of where I need to be! Guess I have some more work to do!!

Funding is not the only thing reaching the half way point… last Saturday I ran 13 miles! (Just a half marathon… NBD.) Half way there!!! OMG. Friday, I will be running the most miles I’ve ever done- I’m hitting 14! EEEKKK!!! Not sure how to take that… I’m scared and excited all at once!

Oh and one more note…

I was voting last night at our local elementary school, when on the wall of the gym, I saw this…

a little blurry… but really?

Looking at the middle poster… you should not strike with your heel when you run.. it causes all kinds of pains and injuries. AND, you want to be as upright as possible, shoulders back and head up. Way to teach bad form.. I think I may need to write a letter :-p

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